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  • No actually that wasn't it I had a different one. Sorry though I was going to go mario but I didn't want to do dittos haha. Sorry bro :/ .
    LOL. no need to say that.
    I enjoy playing ppl that's really random with their characters alot more.
    (it helps strengthen your mario in character mu's ;D)
    Like tearbear, ninjalink & misty.

    EDIT: If ya haven't been on youtube lately.
    Then as a fellow mario main, i recommend that you should check out
    "How to play mario: advanced menu" Fire! made that tutorial menu for all marios.
    It even help me out tons.
    Just check out the thread on the mario boards.
    I can`t link it from here cuz i'm on wiinet. xD

    Clips are due on august 12th
    Read the FAQ before posting.
    Don't worry about it. I have my bad days as well. :/

    Just keep training & push your limits everytime w/mario.
    And i'll do the same.

    So, are you gonna join dtm4?
    I was just about to end my match so that we could have a go, but had no way to tell you.

    Definitely get AIM. It's awesome ^_^
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