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Liquid Gen
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  • I have MSN. It's phiddlesticks_22@hotmail.com

    (don't send me spam mail please I'm perfectly happy with the size of my manhood!!!)
    Hey dude. You should totally get to Waba one Saturday/Sunday to play smash with us. I know it's a bit far out of your way, but Dogy goes every so often (meaning you should hook up with him). I'm really curious to see your Bowser in action
    Hey mate whats up? I'll cut to the chase I hate not knowing thongs and i demand to know what's happening in the bowser backroom! :p I'm probs one of the best Bowser mains in Australia so yeah lemme in pl0x.
    yo dude man i have gotten like super good we gotta play online more. I DROPPED BOWSER :( but yeah man we gotta play more often
    At first I was like, broom? Double-u tee ef? O.o

    Lol, I need to eat and play an FPS so I shall be signing off SWF until... whenever. But yes, I shall keep an eye on the "broom." XD
    I wondered why I never saw you sign on, so I checked our VM convo, and saw that you forgot to add an L to "hotmail". And I just copypasted it into my MSN, so it didn't work lol.
    Yes, I'm European. Nevertheless, I have a screwed sleeping rhythm, so when I went to bed it was 7 PM and now it's almost 2 AM. Haha. But I am back now.

    Haha... I can give you my MSN, but it won't help right now cause I was about to go to sleep.
    I am out in the field right now but I plan to come visit friday night into Saturday and coming back saturday night.

    If this is cool send me a text that its cool and then PM me the address and stuff on here. My number is: 717-385-3417
    Gimme a holler on MSN when you get this. Play this weekend instead? Have recording equiptment?
    Sounds like a good game plan. We can work specific details out closer to the date then.
    Near the air force base right? I can come out there to play if you want on the 28th and the 29th?

    Have more people to play with, etc?
    Probably not, seeing as how I have a lot of homework all of the time, and also do not know when it is or where it is.
    Yeah, I play garbage on wifi. That's why I always do better in IRL tournies.

    In friendlies :p

    Wifi is pretty bad. Especially the fact that stages are chosen on random so I can't get the stage I want to counterpick :p
    Oh I get it...thanks.

    Say, this is kinda a n00b question, but what causes opponents to go into a jump break as opposed to a ground break?

    I'll be on in 5 seconds :p

    Heads-up= my bowser sucks on wifi because I don't play online a lot.
    Thanks for asking, I guess I shouldn't waste this chance...hm...

    I read the thread pertaining to the Ike vs Bowser matchup and I'm trying to make more effective use of the grab releases, but when I practice, Ike can roll away and avoid the next grab. Is it supposed to be inescapable and am I just doing it wrong or what?
    To an extent, yeah...I mean, I wasn't so ignorant as to not read posts on the Bowser boards before I asked you, but I haven't exactly been able to incorporate all of the information on there into my gameplay.
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