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  • I can play now.

    ToS is ****ing epic, I'm on the final bosses, but need to train like 20 more levels.... rofl so ill brawl now
    Wow, I was off on 2 hours T_T invisible chapter 8.. ftl...on the final 4 bosses though :3 so.... lol

    Brawl you tomorrow ;o

    I am currently 2 hours or so away from beating Tales of Symphonia (2, for the wii).

    When I beat it, have a fangasm, then decide to play Brawl to warmup for my tourney, I'll send you a PM saying I'm ready.

    Click join "social groups" on your main page. Then scroll to the bottom and click "create a social group"
    Just look through the The match-up thread and see the top contributers. Then they'll tell you others to add.
    There isn't one for bowser.

    You could always make one and ask other bowser players to join. It's your choice though :p
    Josh = Shane (the guy that won the tourney).

    I doubt it would really help much, and right now it's divided. If we would've tried to get a crew together before Brawl came out it would have worked well, but the fact that brawl is out divides the players a lot. Honestly, a crew would probably be more fitting for Melee players than Brawl. I can talk to Josh about it though.
    Not officially no. Me, Josh, and Sean are pretty much a crew, but there's not enough of a Smash scene in Middle GA that I know of.

    Ask Josh or DogySamich because they would both know more than me on the subject.
    hey man sup.
    Hey Ill talk to Josh about possibly getting me a ride to Macon for Jan 31st, if he's cool with that then Ill probably post a tourney thread for it. It'll be Melee singles and doubles so yeah, but Im sure some people might come in with a Wii for Brawl.
    Cant wait for Stephen's smash fest.
    lol u have been gone 4 awhile. And u missed last tourny; there were alot of good players there. BTW what did u mean by "online or offline"?
    Oh ok. I remember u now, cuz I really wanted to fight you with Zelda. lol Sorry about the mix-up. Well at least you weren't a stranger that I started taking to out of the blue. lol
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