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Liquid Gen
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  • Can I get you to be my Bowser coach?

    None of the other Bowser players ever respond to me...

    I don't mean like a full-time ordeal, I just wanna brawl and get critiqued every now and then.
    I don't mind if you load them up. I think our matches were excellent! If anything, upload them!

    I usually don't go on online chats a lot (other then smashboards).
    I'm pretty sure I have an MSN but I never go on it :p
    Hey! Thanks! I like the Bowser boards a lot - EVERY Topic seems so informative and handy, there isn't much random stuff going on - pure hardcore strategies everywhere, I love it. BUT I'm not a mod for the bowser boards, I don't have power there.
    you should read my blog about the sticky situation =p rofl....

    Anyways, once I'm ungrounded you'll see me around more.
    read my blog, first page of the blog forums.

    not the one saying play me, that was a false alarm.. the one saying 'grounded' lol
    Why? I'm at my friends house and then were leaving to another friends house to go maylay and brawlz.
    Personally I've never tried Skype but I'd like to experiment with it now if you don't mind. It'll probably take me a few minutes.
    I'm so sorry about that, Falco's really lame.

    I heard Stephen is planning on another one, despite it supposedly being detrimental to his budget. He must have had a hella time lol

    I'd offer to play but I lost my copy of Brawl at Stephens that night, and he hasn't been able to find it since. GG
    also man do u think that my rolls are too predictable?? because i seen that u had punishes it a lot
    how did u like my bowser.....i have been playing him for only a week so be harsh if u want and please tell me my mistakes so that i can correct them...LOL I THINK I MIGHT GO INTO A TOURNY. cuz no one knows how to v.s bowser XD
    ok well i am goin online right now and i will be adding you so i am just putting u as liquid gen alright peace lets do this shiznit NOW!!
    hey bud send me 1 also . if u want get my msn nasiranis28@hotmail.com , or my brawl code 2449-4605-7950 my name is Nasir bu the thing is that it is my brothers wii so my name will be ayaz. leave me ur brawl code. and thanx good luck XD

    Snake Broom, Sonic Broom, and now the Bowser Broom....

    I wonder if I can get into 10-15+ Brooms if I can become a Broom.


    My answers yes, might as well... I think of things WAY outside the box, people think I'm insane, say its useless, then get owned by it when I use it.


    I plan on making a Random Broom as well. Because I'm that ****ing awesome.
    I hate dittos.

    Especially ones like Snake/Bowser/Falco..

    I only like Falcon and Meta Knight dittos. lol
    She is unnegotiable, and I've told her about the variety and "I really don't give a crap about my appearence" stuff.

    She just doesn't listen, lol
    Well... I normally put up with it, but I have like... half-a-closet full of crap I never wear because of her failing.

    We also order by website, and when she "lets me pick my own stuff" it takes like 6-7 hours longer (no joke) because she keeps telling me to check other places for something I may like more.

    I mean, when I find a pair of pants, it's black, they fit, and aren't extra baggy. So I buy like 3 of the same pants (because I could give a **** about "variety") and she gets all naggy because "I didn't even bother to check "x" store" or something like that.

    It's like.... seriously..... I found my pants in 3 minutes, and you're going to drag the search out for hours because you want me to have variety?

    I can't wait til I'm 18, have like 10 black undershirts, 2 black sweatshirts, and a week or two worth of black pants that aren't Levi's, and aren't baggy.

    Everytime she see's me, I'll be in the same outfit but different clothes. Because I can care less.

    Clothes are clothes, they keep you from having to go outside in the cold, in the nude. I don't believe in the whole "clothes are for looks" BS. I just buy clothes that aren't ugly as **** (black. that simple) and fit me, and I'm happy.

    But she manages to mess it up somehow....my Dad was even easier, he'd give me $100 and say "go buy whatever you like" and no matter what I picked, he'd never say anything. Unless there was an almost -exactly- the same item, for cheaper. Then he'd point it out.

    My moms just difficult.
    moms *****ing, like always, so I had to go.

    Apparently I got clothes she ordered for me in the mail, I had to get the door. (when I taunted "Good Game" and left... lol)

    Then she opened it, and *****ed at me to get downstairs to try everything on.

    Of course, she fails at shopping for me (easiest thing in the world, I have 3 "limits")

    1. It must be -all- black. It can have designs, but the main color may not be anything but black. (and she bought me an -all grey- sweatshirt that I'll never wear, because I have 3 -all black- sweatshirts that are relatively new... like... seriously, why buy me a 4th sweatshirt, that doesn't follow my limits?

    2. It must not be Levi's (I hate that brand of pants)-- 1 of the 2 pairs of pants she got me were Levi's : | completely ignored my rule, but I'll wear them anyways but I'm tearing them up to shreds and removing all the annoying tags Levi whores its pants with.

    3. It has to fit - I asked for size 12 shoes, and she gave me 11's, and there too small, so she has to return them now.

    Seriously, how can you **** up 3 rules for shopping for me? Every single other person in my family never ****s it up, but she -never fails- to **** it all up. EVER. Every time she shops for me, I GET *****ED AT because I don't want to pick things (its not to hard to get it right **** it), I get *****ed at to get the door when it arrives, then I get *****ed at to try it on, then I get *****ed at if I don't like it...

    She has issues.
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