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  • Generally it depends on the height of the grabber.

    If the opponents feet are not touching the ground when grabbed, they will jumpbreak; unless of course, they escape while you're hitting them. Then they will groundbreak.

    Only a few characters can be jump breaked all the time; check Vex's grab release thread.
    There are 3 characters that can not be effectively grab released by a ground break.

    The three are:

    Captain Falcon

    Ike can not be grab released on the ground with a reliable followup. However, Ike can be chaingrabbed through a jump break, to a forward air offstage.

    Though it IS possible to dash grab Ike after a ground break, there is a small window where Ike can break free (though it is very small). You can probably get 1 or 2 more regrabs on him before he finally gets the timing down.

    Since an air break on Ike isn't 100% guaranteed, your better off throwing them unless they have a habit of jump breaking.

    I'm releasing a combo vidya on YT soon. My editor is working on it soon. You can learn from it when it's released, I spose.

    I can't play atm, watcinhg Solitary 3.0 lulz. We could paly tomorrow however.

    Any questions about Bowser/matchups in general you want answered?
    Sure, why not I guess. Im bored lately anyway lol.

    Just before we play, are you used to Bowser's general playstyle/moves?
    Sulking b/c I underestimated my opponent and he was alot better than I thought (I told u abt this b4 but I'm still kinda sad abt it:(, I'm goin to train against level 9s nonstop until I can win em all........then maybe I'll get rid of this feeling..
    He also hates Toon Link, and he's one of your mains. My pwning senses are tingling. ParaKoopa does not know what he has comin'. I was having a dream last night about fighting him... and he... *gulp* backed up his bragging! In a way, I hope he is as good as he says he is. As part of my improving, I need challenges (like you and GXD). It's most likely that he isn't good, which is why he will be in loads of trouble back on proboards...
    Ugh. Look at what ParaKoopa wrote! "Just try to beat my Kirby. You know you can't. What you think is possible is the impossible. My Kirby's got awesomeness. Sorry, but I don't wanna Brawl you because I can't stand cryers." He needs to get Wifi now! After you're give him the main course, I'm giving him seconds.
    Yup. I'm also getting quite used to his fighting style. Although GXD is one of the most challenging opponents yet, some of his moves can be predictable. Mine are too sometimes, which is why I like to switch things up alot. Who really needs a lesson is ParaGoomba. He's taken after me; he uses the kool emoticon to cover things like "My Kirby pwns yours" or somethin' like that. Sometimes, I feel like getting wi-fi for him. lolz
    Thanks. It feels good to try something new other than gloat and brag. Are you guys gonna let me on your proboards yet? Just wondering. I'll try and contact JtM, but it may be hard being that I'm banned from Smash Wiki.
    Yeah. The problem is, there barely are any pros that play online. Sure I beat him alot, but he beats me too. I like your spirit, just like Falco, you respect those who are higher skilled than you. I wish I could say the same for some others. I know you aren't bad, but do you think I am? Do you know of any pros? I could set him up in a match with one. On the other hand, how is your crew? Has everyone agreed to let me on? *gets closer and focuses on you with one eye*
    Yeah sure. I don't use Ganondorf as much as I used to but I'll throw him out still.

    My FC: 3737-9211-9031

    What's yours?
    i havent been on my computer, i didnt want to turn it on yesterday, and ive been doing school shtuff
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