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  • tell me about your Melee experience sometime on AIM. I was just looking through some old Melee tourneys and your name popped-up on some Midnight Gaming? You won some big bucks too, lol it surprised me.
    OOH Snap. I'll be happy to give you ZSS pointers if you help out my Peach...particularly on the Diddy Kong match up. If you can talk to me on AIM, my sn is NightwishAVX7
    haha from what I've seen you are nice to everyone, so I hope everyone is nice to you back :)

    They better be... lol
    I usually don't accept friend requests from people I don't know to well, but I'll make an exception this time ;)

    Nice to meet you KOS MOS :)

    I can only assume you're befriending a bunch of the peach mains here? lol
    What an honor to get such a friend request from such a legend! :p

    EDIT: Nevermind, you're handing these requests out like candy.
    Kos-Mos! you said hi to me on the stream :D. epic matches today! you two kept me at the edge of my seat!

    if we are ever at the same tourney, we have to play a few rounds.
    you can beat them though...right? just practice against them, & I'm sure you'll be able to beat them @ some point. Have you seen Rowan vs Nope(Snake): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98jL_Y3piW8
    match takes forever, but Rowan was extremely patient & I'm sure Razor plays similar to Nope. Nope is good cause he wins the OH tournies & went to Cot4. Are you going to genesis?
    KOS-MOS in Sbr? Nice job man, how are you placing in the tournaments in Texas?
    I MIGHT be able to make it to APEX on Sunday. I fail at life, and have to work Saturday, and then perform in a concert that evening.

    If I do make it, I'd love a chance to play you. I'm fine with friendlies if you play them seriously. I'm not one of those guys that has to go around saying "Oh, I beat so and so" so I don't care if other people take the match seriously, I just want to fight you for myself, since I haven't yet played a Peach of great caliber (you, edress, Azen).

    Of course, if YOU would prefer to MM, I have no objections.
    We have to try our hardest to keep an MK and GW out of 1st place in doubles at HOBO 16!
    Hey Kosmos, do you think you can help us at the Peach threads for Peach to win a tourny?
    yeah whenever you get the chance to give me the info, that would be great, I'll wait patiently ^_^
    whats up Kosmos, I saw ur vids & u seem like an extremely smart player. Your peach is really amazing, I had to rewind a couple times because i couldn't believe how much damage u were dealing & were it was coming from ^_^. I really want to become a smart player someday & I need help. How do u observe opponents in matches, or is that not really the secret to winning, but taking ur opportunities & not getting hit? I'm just confused w/ the "mindgame" aspect of smash, or if that is not as important as it seems. If u have anything to add or any kind of advice, I would greatly appreciate it ^_^.
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