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  • :laugh:

    @school/work/girls anxiety
    lol, worry about those things as they come along.
    If you're seriously considering college, then don't feel like you have to be all grown up before you get there. It's fine to grow up during college too, lol. Or not grow up, but iz an0ther ca3s l0olz ;D

    @public school
    Generally, if you try to take AP classes, you'll run into less people who treat it like daycare. The people you meet can be the genius types, and the people you meet can be the lazy types. But cherish the experiences and people, regardless of what you do, haha. Regardless of whether or not you don't like it, at least you'll have stories to tell when you meet new people.

    lol, almost the same thing. If you get a job now (or the summer), you may or may not end up working in the food industry. And sometimes, the people in the food industry aren't people who are there just for the summer, but people who are there for other reasons, and it gives you a slightly different outlook/motivation.

    anyway, don't worry unnecessarily about the future, or rather, the possibilities


    i was gonna post it on the thread but i forgot to hit post, lol.
    @__@ You're still pranked? Wtf? Is someone bent on keeping your name pink or something? x.xOr was it the effects of my Egg Blaster?
    Yeah I noticed about the social aspect. I was bored enough to read through some first pages of the SGD thread lol. Guess I joined too late >.<

    Piano playing and a night time drive around is my other past times. (I tend to avoid the latter due to moneyyyyy lol) I miss being a kid. Football (soccer) all day, everyday. Now everyone around me seems so busy with work/college/university. That or they go clubbing/drinking, something I hate doing unless I'm compelled to go >.>

    And alrighty

    (Didn't want to post this in the MU thread since it's not relevant)

    Lol, I thought it was directed at me since you posted not long after I did. I'd love to contribute more to Sonic Boards but problem is, I don't really want to at the same time. All my experience is from wifi and I really do not want to post my match up experience against other characters from wifail. Stuff that happens there might not work offline and I can only assume that I may be right and I don't like spouting off stupid info where it won't help anyone. Pit Drama Boards had a fight about this since some person takes his wifi experience as though it's gold and tells others off. Didn't end well.

    Probably all Sonic Board veterans knows more than me regarding frame data/match up discussions against characters so I don't bother "parroting" what other people say. I also hold back on critiques as people probably won't listen anyway since I'm not a "known"/good player and I have no tournament experience whatsoever.

    My scene is actually starting to pick up again. (After many months/year(s) of silence) But more towards on Melee :/ They hold smashfests with Brawl and such now (There's one this Saturday) and it's too obvious they are just trying to convert people to play Melee instead. I've asked around but end result is "blah blah blah yeah Brawl etc. Maybe you should try Melee". I gave up.

    I don't know why I'm still staying here in SWF. Probably nothing better to do tbh. It's just my clan/friends and the lolzy trolls in Sonic Boards that makes me keep coming back lol.

    On a brighter note, there's a UK National coming up next week and I'm sooooooo tempted to go (despite the 5+ hour train ride and money)! I just hope my college work load isn't much or else I won't make it since it's a 2 day tournament. o.o

    Oh and thanks for texture compliments lol.

    all the ICs are Op4. all the diddy kongs ive sent u thus far have been Truth. my bad i shouldve sent all that sooner!
    good to hear u had a good valentines day. well BDacus after tipper dtilt/ ftilt or bthrow is good game especially mid percents.
    every sonic is me. The game and watch is Paper. The metaknight should be nismo. all other character should be truth. iono if there is a DDD but if there is its Z (not the pikachu player). Theyre all friendlies at our biweekly smashfest at Tony's ( Thruths real name) I also have a vid with Dao best diddy in so cal. We're all friends. We all also chill with MikeHaze and Tyrant so when i can get those vids from Z's wii i can give those to u if ur interested. Alot of vids are just to put my sonic out there and also showcase some options I dont see taken advantage of majority of the time i see sonics play.

    Also wanted to go over some tatics if ur down haha. I have slowly come to the conclusion that Sonic's DACUS is underrated. its hitbox comes out sooner so it covers more area. Also if it hits a shield in its beginning hitbox frames it does good shield damage and is relatively safe.
    hey u get my youtube message? let me know if u got the files. u goin to Whobo?
    *late reply*
    In college atm >.<

    Lol, pretty much what I wasted my money on. I never bothered with the Disco Room, mushroom icon, green name etc as such.

    You know you want custom titlessssss ;o

    You never know lol.

    If the pink name is bothering ya, just go to forum support and ask. I've had to bother them twice about my custom title lol.

    Why'd you want premmy? :O
    Disco Room? Custom title? Name change?

    Wait, what? Pranks only last a month. You've had that pink name longer than I had premmy lol.

    Either someone else must have pranked you without you knowing or perhaps it "can" be a system glitch.

    Everytime I see that "pranked!", I keep thinking that's was mine from AAAGGGESSS ago lol.

    Anyway, yay Kinzer for goin back to :sonic:

    Hey, its RJ from the Lucario Boards. I am sure that some people from the boards would not mind chipping in for an SD card for you if you would to continue no the project. Come back and post on the boards in your thread about what I am saying here, and look for the results. Flame is already offering, I am sure others will too.
    Have you tried buffered reverse utilt? (on that sonic dthrow tech thingy) that's his fastest move groundwise
    Sorry, I gotta close down for the night D:

    On second thought, I could do this real quick.

    All Scourges must be defeated. And im the only one who can stop em! D:<
    but i still <3 you. XD
    no u. Trolling isn't going to work on me :p

    tl;dr Microphone=Streaming, Don't Need One for Recording
    Well, do you want to stream or record? :p Yes, you do need a computer/laptop.

    For recording, you don't need a microphone, the program that comes w/ the Dazzle has a built in driver to capture audio. For streaming, you need a microphone, as it doesn't recognize the Dazzle's input audio directly from the TV.

    You'd get it to work by plugging in the dazzle to your computer, plug in the Wii to it, and go to ustream, and clicking "Broadcast Now".
    To stream, not only do you have to have a Dazzle (any work, cheap or expensive) but you have to have splitter cables as well...ones that both feed into the dazzle and the TV. The TV I have already has an "output" A/V slots so I can just plug in my dazzle through there without splitter cables, but its likely you'll need them. Oh yeah, get a mic too if you're streaming, dazzle audio doesn't work with ustream.
    Oh i see...I kinda just got the wrong idea. =/
    I told myself instead of getting all down, i'd just play the game. Not only that, but we have to see what we are doing wrong too...man Sonic is complicated...
    A beacon of hope for the west coast you are. n_nb

    why do you come down on yourself so hard kinz? (im not one to talk but w/e <_<) You should just keep a positive mind and ****. I know you can.
    on a side note, someone is remaking MK as well..

    for all we know sonic could end up being the "MYM" top steak tier
    exactly (i think sakurai used sonic the fighters for inspiration...)

    anywho, the specials should be all the mind#@&*ing he should need in how they allways keep the opponent guessing on what he's gonna do...

    and Ill incorperate more attention to his legs/spins as well ;)
    mhm, he's still play agressivley, it's just he'd do it by zipping around at ludicrous speeds.

    HA will most likley be his Fair (faster)

    and the specials delve into shenanigans invloving some of his old-school items, most notably how Nspec will be: Rings.

    (essentially, it's a pseudo counter that sends out a ton of rings, like when sonic is hit in his games, and you can either collect them to regain the % you got hit for, or take advantage of the confusion of all the shinies flying about to mess with your opponent)

    he'd keep Dspec and Uspec...

    Side Spec may involve the power-up boxes giving him random effects (like a shield, speed up, 10 rings) to keep the opponent on his toes whenever they see sonic rolling through one...

    sound allright..?
    you are a bit more in-tune with sonic than I am...

    I am re-mixing Sonic in Make Your Move 7 (as part of our "remix project" to re-do the smash roster), and I was wondering:

    What would you say is his exact style in smash? (im leaning on making him a bit more fine-tuned as a good hit and run character thats a pain in the *** to actually hit)

    Is there anything you would like to see changed about him? (a new move, button imput changed...ect?)
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