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  • Yep, make a new one.
    I asked another admin and I'm almost positive we can't actually move individual post order around. Or if we could, someone disabled it because it causes a lot of problems.

    Let me know when you're finished creating it and transferring data.
    We can delete posts and un-delete them. I don't think we can switch them around.
    what I can do is spread the data out through the first 5 or 6 posts and just edit into them.
    I'm not really sure we can move individual posts around.
    i.......copied/pasted a rant from a ranting program and got reported.
    i already had 4 points so adding 2 points got me banned.

    You should be like me and get on aim when you get on the computer, thus I dont have to **** bricks while bothering to get you on it.

    Uhm, the thread they were talking of was a spam thread this why I put "discussion" like so. They are not allowed.
    My AIM is KinzertheBrawler, althoguh I'm never on.

    My Friend Code is 1504-5383-1123.

    I clean out my FC list every often, if you want a permanent spot please notify me anyway, I go through TONS of challengers, I cannot remember everybody's name/AIM name/FC/etc.

    I have my own story building up in the Creative Minds section of this forum, it's the Legend of Lucario, please go read it and tell everybody about it...even go ahead tell everybody why you didn't like it, maybe it will get them curious as to why you thought it sucked and they will read it. XD

    I officially have over 1,000 posts as some time ago, can you say Sparta reference?

    I will be updating this post with whatever is necessary.
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