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    I am now your Lab mentor.
    SL = Smash Lab, ha ha. One of our main projects right now is gathering character data to release to the boards. Although I don't remember who signed up for Sonic; if no one did I can take it up.

    Yeah, I'll pm you the other data tomorrow, since right now I don't have access to my computer. After I pm you that, I'll be working on frame maps of all the jab permutations to release them to the Sonic boards too.

    And thanks man, but it's not a problem. I'm always happy to help.
    Well, the only reason I pm'd the data to you is because it's soooo much character space. :p

    Also, I've still got to send you jab2 and jab3 data. But sure, feel free to release it publicly. Though again, I might've gotten some data wrong, and the SL is currently working on frame data for all characters, and once Sonic's data is completed and released, some of the data may be different.
    You know what, since this is still breaking the character limit, I'm just going to PM the info to you. :C
    Incoming wall of text. It will be posted in chunks because of the 1,000 character per VM limit. I'll explain everything shortly.
    Well, I can't find my flash drive right now (why did I get such a small one?), so I can't check Sonic's OSA2 data atm. If you really want it I could get it to you later today or some time tomorrow. But I'm assuming that it would in fact count as three hits. AFAIK jabs don't have IASA before RA Bit 16 is set.

    I'm also assuming the same goes for rapid jabs, but then again, rapid jabs are the strangest of jabs. However, I'm leaning towards "every connecting hit is a refresher tally."

    To tell the truth, jabs are a LOT more complex than they seem. I myself am currently pondering ROB's jab1. Freakin flags and whatnot.
    Oh ****. SWFailed and didn't show your message until today. Sorry.

    Anyhow, I believe I read somewhere that to get the most out of some pummels, you have to press A at a suboptimal rate. I.e., don't just mash it as fast as you can. Sort of space the pummels, take is slow.

    Although, I'm not so sure about many pummels it can apply to; I think that thing that I read was posted by Kirk on the Ness boards.

    Edit: Yep, here's the link:http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=195257

    Basically this reiterated what most of us knew about the basics of pummels, but in a nice, condensed thread.
    Now, I'm no pummel expert, so I don't know much either. However, I'm almost certain that RA Bit 16 is what is causing you grief. Bit 16 is a sort of a "flow bit", that's present in a LOT of moves, like jabs. Basically what I know is that if you input an action before the bit is set, it isn't registered/performed/w/e, so you have to input whatever the flow move is after the bit is set. Reading the data, I'm pretty sure RA Bit 16 is set on F15 in this pummel. What might be happening is that the pummel has IASA before the bit is set, which would explain why pummels input before the bit through the IASA are all trippy. The way it works in jabs is almost the same: if the bit is set on F9, and you input jab2 before F9, you won't perform it.

    Bear in mind that I'm not the most knowledgeable on the subject, so feel free to ask others; we're all willing to help.

    Hope I was of any assistance.
    Lunch? Lol.

    Anyhow, pummels....

    Well, first off, here's some pummel data straight from OSA2-

    Asynchronous Timer - Frames=5,00x,
    Special Offensive Collision - 0x260000, 0x2, 0x50, 0x1E0064, 0x0, 5,76x, 3,20x, 1,60x, 0,00x, 0,00x, 1,00x, 1,00x, 0x33830400, 0x0, 0x84FFFC3,
    Synchronous Timer - Frames=1,00x,
    Terminate Collisions
    Asynchronous Timer - Frames=15,00x,
    Bit Variable Set - RA-Bit[16],

    Startup is 5 frames, blah blah blah.
    sry2say, but it's actually just from an album cover.

    Which means that the full size image... isn't much bigger ha ha.

    Plus it's sort of crappy quality.

    But here you go anyhow:

    "Lucario's DTilt is not safe on-block"

    remember that lucarios attacks get safer as his % increases lol, it becomes quite safe on block at hig %'s :)
    Havent forgotten about your texture. Just super slow progress. Here's what I've done so far.

    WIP 01
    WIP 02

    (Don't worry about the suit colour lol)

    Heyy Kinzer, should I answer the interview questions in a format which makes it easier for you to update the OP? lol

    That blue Shadow texture on your new uploaded videos. That was requested to be put on, wasn't it?

    yo kinzer just checkin to see if u got my messages. I also have 2 more vs Tyrant if u dont mind. its up 2 u though. I appreciate all u do homeboy. Glad u had fun in Texas!!! Hey im gonna be in Vegas soon. We should play!!!
    Thanks a bunch. I'm insanely nervous about this tournament. I always choke when I travel far for tournaments.
    I'm pretty sure I'll be all right with the Peach match up. I just have to be more patient and watch for mistakes.

    I have little to no match up experience against Falco, so no idea there.

    I always get hit by Rob's Nair+Bair. Always.

    Ness and Jigglypuff just scare me mentally, since I know jack squat about them.

    Any more in depth or anything would be awesome!
    hey kinzer, can you record some more replays for me plz. if its no trouble btw wwedge wans it in wmv format
    um hello, lucas perfected told me that u can record replays.I want to know if can u record some replays for me
    Sweet stuff man, thanks a ton! =D
    Awesome edits dude!
    Maybe i can use your services again sometime?
    But thanks again!
    It only works if you have both an FC and Wii# in.
    You don't know anyone that has connection you could use?
    If not, sure, i can wait.=)
    Sorry for such long wait, but i can't seem to retrieve my SD Card >.<
    So i was wondering if we could swap Wii#'s and i'll send the replays for you to upload?
    I have yours in already, but if you can't, I'll keep searching.
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