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  • is there is any way you could leave now we could totally house you! you could stay till monday if you wanted
    if you left at like 4am you get there just in time.
    just jump now and say, "mom were going to utah now!!"
    Well then if it works why do other things? :laugh:

    Cause I'm still losing lol.

    But yeah, everything else helped. Thanks.
    I just need to get better <.<

    Do you have any videos of your Bowser? If you'd like, I'm more than happy to help you.
    I've had the thread up only a couple hours, so the list isn't much yet, but so far it looks like this:



    I can pretty much guarantee that X and his brothers will be coming, they haven't logged on since the thread was made yet though (so that's another 3+)
    Sweet! And I'd love to help! Just tell me what I can do and I'll try my best!

    Also, I already got a couple guys confirmed for that tournament you're running in August.
    Sweet, I'll try and get us down there, nothing planned for that week.

    Also, another VM would be better as I only check my wall when there's a new message.

    And @ the question from your earlier post 'any tourneys in UT over the Summer?' Yes, there will be for sure, but we dont normally plan them until a moth or so before they're gonna happen. I could plan one in advance though to give you more time. We also have a monthly that takes place every third Saturday, so we've got one coming up in a couple weeks on the 19th, another on March 19, April 16, etc.

    And that one on the 19th of Feb in a couple weeks, Idaho's coming down for, so if you want you could come as well. I'd understand if you cant as the short notice and all, but you're welcom to if you'd like :3
    Whats the date? I'm pretty sure we could though. If you give me a link I'll tell everyone about it.
    To give you a range on how long I'll be in Vegas, I'll be coming to Vegas on March 14th and be staying until the 17th. So if you want to get that tournament set up while I'm there, or if you want some matches, it'll be within that range. :)
    So sorry for being late! Today I'm gonna fill out the interview questions. The holidays and all. dkfajhsd
    Awesome, I'll sign up/check that out tomorrow! Plan on seeing my noobish yoshi there, thanks! ;)
    You're from Nevada right? Are you guys doing any tournaments, smashfests, or anything this weekend? I'll be in Las Vegas for Thanksgiving and I'm hoping I can smash with some of you guys. :)
    Your post count is almost equal to the height of Mount Everest in metres.

    Thought you'd like to know :)
    Yes, definitely :p

    ftilt is another one that would be good to test, that thing is pretty safe from my experiences with it.
    Let me just quickly ask, for the frame data (especially the ones that have question marks) did you wait at least 8 seconds or so after stock changes when testing? I ask this b/c stock multipliers are slightly delayed so they don't kick in until several seconds after the stock change.
    You were right btw...Sonic does have the potential to take nationals, look how close he just got. It may not be that far off now.
    Loool, if you use firefox. Download the "Clippings" add-on so it saves you bother having to type it out. That's how I'm using blue text and Slowbro :p

    Maybe they'll interpret :093: as 93%

    Small HOR drama keeping me awake.

    The only difference is, is that the white part will show. Just load up Brawl, puase the game and zoom in on Sonic's eye and you'll notice the white part is actually there.

    Suuuure, I'll post an in-game snapshot later though (sleepy times now). :tired:

    You're pretty inconsistent with your Haunters lol. :laugh:

    I can colour it darker, but it's gonna end up being black again at this rate lol.

    But it ain't Reisen. It's Sonikku!!
    With Reisen's gear

    What now? :O

    How's this?

    Yeah, the white part is already there in Sonic's texture by default. It's just that it's on a seperate texture file from Sonic's eye so I'm unable to show it.

    I was thinking something like a white pupil if it looked good, but until I see what it looks like (if it can be even done), I'm not sure if it's something I'll want or not.

    (Wouldn't look right imo but it's up to you)

    Regular red is what I use. The light red is what all the endless Shadow textures people that keep on repeating to make use. I think in-game, Brawl makes them a lil' bit darker than what you see here.

    Like this?


    Here's Sonic's eyes (lol). (The "New" just means the new way that Sonic's eyes are portrayed, like, in Sonic 4. His pupils seem much larger now)


    Brighter Green

    New Green


    Lighter Red

    New Red

    I think I'm nearly done. Just little tid bits to do now.

    WIP 08
    WIP 08 with crescent

    Last questions!

    - You never mentioned whether to change Sonic's eye colour. I'm guessing you want it to stay green as it is. Or, you may want it a brighter green?
    - How's the crescent?
    - Anything else that needs to be added?

    That works! And ohh... Not sure how I'm gonna do that (I thought it would be a font lol), I'll try anyway.

    Bear in mind, the name is gonna have to fit in a 32x32 or 128x64 canvas <.<

    If the text description isn't clear, do you want me to post an image of my signature to give you a better idea?
    Yeah, that'd be great lol.

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