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  • Awesome! Now that the shoe is done. Just gotta make the suit less fake, lol.

    What colour do you want your name to be during the spindash btw?
    Oh and the soles of shoes. Just the default style but black instead, yeah?

    How are the shoes? I don't know what else I can add right now.

    WIP 05
    WIP 06

    I've mainly been using this as reference.

    I'll make a version with the pin and one without so you can decide then :smash:

    There is one person that managed to work out how to fix that symmetrical issue (he managed to do this with Pikachu's eyes), hasn't posted a guide yet though :|

    I'm quite absent-minded you see, do you think they could just be just a little bit darker?

    1. Cool!
    2. The shoe hasn't been started yet lol >.< I just wanted to know if that brown was okay, or if you wanted it lighter/darker instead
    3. Alrighty
    4. I thought you already knew that if I put the crescent on one side, it would have to appear on the other

    Still lotsa things to do.

    Still a bit to go.

    WIP 03
    WIP 04

    Few questions though
    1. Is the suit colour okay?
    2. Is the shoe colour okay?
    3. What colour do you want his socks to be?
    4. Anything else?

    Usually obscenely strong cider followed by spirits.

    It's not a man thing more than a money saving thing.
    Aw man. Sorry to hear that. What a strange coincidence, or, well, occurrence, that that image is...

    I just found it while browsing zerochan.

    But again, I'm sorry.
    Man you don't even know.

    It's been like a year. ****'s been lulzy on the SWF front, irl I'm too drunk to care.

    How've you been?
    Oooh okay, I asked because I think I've seen a couple lab members pokin' in there since Meno had changed the title Lol. One of them even asked about it haha.
    Another oddity, concerning projectiles and moves that cancel them out. Would it refreshen a move?

    Mario uses Fireball
    Pit uses Up-B
    Pit refreshened a move by cancelling Fireball with Up-B

    I'm going to go ahead and assume "no" because it's not hitting a hurtbox (EG: Character or Pikmin)

    Second idea:

    Does a wind box refreshen moves? Such as using Pit's Up-B to PUSH MARIO away with the wind effect?
    Off to the thread, feel free to help with the research since it's somewhat related to your Sonic pummel research I am assuming.

    It'll be posted in like 10~ minutes after I type it up.
    Was thinking of posting about the grab formula in Brawl Tactical to try and get people to help look into it, and maybe get the SL's attention.

    What do you think?
    GBD sucks.

    Don't go there.

    In the words of Veril, "Reading through GBD is like eating a glass-filled hot pocket."

    In my words, "Reading through GBD is like eating a bowl of nails."
    Lolyeah, that's usually a problem for you freshies. ;P

    It's a subforum in GBD. It's invisible to non-Labbers though.
    Lol, I didn't start obsessing over Miku until about three weeks ago. All I do is search genreic stuff like "Hatsune Miku", then work from there. Also, going to the Vocaloid wiki and finding songs, then google-ing/Youtube-ing them renders good results.
    Lol, my folder isn't that big right now; still got to export a lot of stuff from my phone memory. I'll be sure to give you the folder once it reaches a respectable size though!

    Also, protip: nine times out of ten, my user title is where my avatar is from. Last one was Best Memories, and this one is Impacts. The one before that was Melt. I've yet to find a good Love is War avatar stock image though. Youtube screencaps are crap.
    Also, idk if I'll be able to get you as advanced data for jab2 and jab3 as I did for jab1. I was busy today preparing dinner/homework/etc., and the computer with all my researching resources was taken up anyhow.

    Though I can get you raw data dumps and good enough explanations.
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