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  • BC how do I get past a Lucario spamming Ftilt using a "you love the shove" technique?!?!
    Yeah, whenever I get a chance. You'll probably win, as i've been rather busy with holiday activities/school lately and haven't been practicing a lot. :-/
    Wow thanks! No don't worry about paying :L
    Sounds good, I'll try to have it done soon! :)
    I might :bee: I can do one for you, but I've got a couple of sketch requests to finish off first before I'd get to yours. What'd you have in mind?
    You don't, tbh. If they don't understand the matchup you can get away with tricks that net easy stocks. Most of those tricks revolve around fair setups with charizard for cheap kills.

    But really it's a terrible matchup. Do your best to avoid marth's grab with squirtle. Use a lot of ftilt (squirtle) and shellsling bairs if you need to land a hit.

    Don't use ivysaur.

    I could probably explain more if you really want, but it makes more sense just to use a different character for that matchup.
    Sorry i must have forgotten about your message. I don't have the SKTAR SD card on my comp and I am currently in class atm, but you can download the SKTAR SD card here: http://www.4shared.com/zip/LydTw0fT/SKTAR_SD.html

    One of the brstms should be the song you are looking for. I'd check for you but I'm still at class and it would be quite a hassel to download the SD card then somehow find out the brstm when I currently don't have a brstm player atm. Winamp can play brstms but you will need to download something in order to do it. Good luck finding the brstm and I hope to see you at one of the future Apex tournaments!
    Yo BC! I've been down in victoria on a camp for the past week or so, so I haven't been able to respond to anything. :o

    But i'm back now! Hooray!
    Why do you keep getting new wiis?
    Or is it the copy of the game that warrants the new code?
    I'm not THAT bitter and twisted...
    At least Kochie isn't nearly as bad as this ****ing useless sack of ****

    Lux uses AIM... >_>

    But whatever, i'll see what I can do. Is it free to sign up, all of that jazz?
    Well i'm not trying to change the PR's people or anything, just suggesting random stuff respectfully as an outsider. I'd never try to interfere with the PR itself (in terms of who's on it).

    No sympathy at all... :urg:
    Posted it on Nido's wall, you might be interested by this... ;)

    Yep, for 3ds.

    Pokemon 6th gen announcement

    Dtilt lock :troll:
    Lol yeah I started trolling and picking stages like that, 75m and Distant Planet XD
    Nooooooo! D:

    That said, the Ness CPU AI is exceptional. Lucas isn't quite as good but if you haven't versed a CPU in a while (they promote rolling! :mad:), I can see you losing to them. :o
    I did say it's all in good fun, no need to get so defensive :/
    Don't you think that's just slightly going to you head?
    let me know your Steam account name when you've made it and I will add you.
    But... I SDed because PKT1 missed me in the air, I would've lost that match, what are you thinking?
    You must've thought of the SD game 3 I'm a stock down both of us at 130%+ yeah I wouldn't've won that definitely :p
    You were offstage at 90% I was at 7% going for an Uair because you had to UpB back, how is that your control?
    I can blame my cat if I have to
    It was supposed to be an Uair and that's that, yes I'm salty about it.
    GGs even if they were lag infested it's all good fun
    That second Ness v Lucario was mine :mad: stupid controller inputting UpB instead of Uair
    You don't HAVE to use him LOTS but I don't want you to drop him, ya know.

    I mean, tbh in the end it's your choice it's just... I dunno, you're such a cool guy, using Lucario and Lucas and not being afraid of it.

    I dunno, it's hard to explain. I really enjoy the idea of you, Jamwa, Nido, myself, my brother... all getting better at the same time using similar characters.
    Sure did, wanted the name change :p I can't figure out how to get the green name though?
    Honestly, I do not think Lucas is bad

    Because Lucas is fun to use and he takes skill to master, I enjoy B-sticking with Lucas because you can pull off the sickest moves like wave bouncing

    If I stoped using Lucas I would only use my primary main but honestly I will never give Lucas up and oneday I will win a tourney set with him :3
    If I was to quit Lucas it would be from people in my smash scene telling me to give up on lucas, its already happening but I'm ignoring it.

    No I would not, I enjoy using lucas he can win and he is fun to play like I said before.

    Well I feel lucas should at least be in mid tier, he can win sets and people like Mekos have got Lucas into a GF.
    And you say you're gonna stop using him?

    Nah man. I can't let it happen. I'm gonna help you, no matter what it takes, to get better at Lucas. And no, you're not changing my mind, so meahhhh. :p
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