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  • But that's the thing, I honestly don't think of you guys like that.

    Then again, i've been through the outback and met peeps, so I know better already. My sister lives in Scone (horse capital of the world, you might know it?) and I used to live in an indigenous community.
    I was just like 'Hooow-ok!' and walked in. Oh and I was worried i'd bump in to one of the bulls. I always keep my head down when i walk so i usually don't see the showers leading them past me until they're like a metre away from me haha. :p
    (because Vms can't be over 420 chars long...)

    Pointing to one of the entrances I was referring to. I was a bit taken aback at how blunt he was; he wasn't entirely altogether mean or menacing, just so different to what i'm always expecting. I asked him again and he repeated, this time without the swear word (lol, why do I always notice that? :p), "Just go in there." And points.
    For instance:

    Today, I asked a kid how to get in to the cattle judging arena (i'm never sure how to get in as the entrance to the stands is the same entrance they bring the cattle in and out of and I can never tell when they're coming out or going in as I usually can't hear the judges over the sounds of the crowd and the bulls together), explaining all this to him and he responds with "Just ****ing go in there."
    Don't take offense at this but I do find many country kids mildly intimidating. :p

    I mean, I feel like i'm being looked down upon, like 'you city kids know NOTHING!'
    So you used to come down to sydney to show horses?

    Oh my goodness I wish you could come down next year. Seeing you at the easter show would be so freakin' awesome, i'd like introduce you to my friends! :p :D
    Well at least i'm a good 90%-100% certain I WILL see you in RL at some point or another! For a while there i was truly worried that it wouldn't happen. :o

    And the image is cute. Miniature horses are awesome. :D
    Ah, sorry dude, didn't see the message: I was making a super long post that took ages. I have to go to bed early tonight as i'm going to the Easter Show tomorrow (it's early this year :O) for Agriculture class, I may be able to play on the weekend though! :D
    Ahh alright. And yeah, sorry about SV, I think it might be my favourite stage but I do need to expand.

    Anyway, getting beaten up by Nido has taught me I still have a little way to go before I shake my rust off. I'll uhh, keep practicing first. :p
    (Since messages can't be longer than 420 chars...)

    But yip, i'm pretty happy. Gonna play some NSMB.U with my brother in a sec. Oh and I've been running in to our Lucario friend, you should go on and look for him every once in a while. <3
    Hey BC! I'm actually really great! I got a wii-U for my birthday and it's looking like I may be going to BAM this year.

    Please come! I really wanna meet you in RL dude! :(

    Also listening to this, skip to 2:20 if you want the awesome part of it or just listen to the whole thing:

    Naww, I was okay! School's been takin' up a lot of my time recently haha! ;)
    Oh humm....

    That'd be great, thanks! We both main Lucas and his tag is LOL. His secondary would be olimar, whilst mine would be Ness. Erm... see if you can make something out of that? ^_^
    Yea sorry, I didn't mean to steal that stock, that was habit haha. :embarrass:
    You found Yoshi's physics to be like you were underwater? o.o Wow, goes to show just how adjusted to our mains we are :p

    Anyway speak to you tomorrow/later today, night :p
    Wow, that lag at the end X_X I was going to Breverse behind you and wind it up with an Fsmash, but it didn't reverse and you got the Fsmash kill instead >_>

    GG's though BC, getting better all the time. I hate to admit it, but your Lucarios giving me a lot more trouble each time now. You're varying your moves a lot more now from what I can see :)

    I've noticed that you tend to sideB after two jabs, which I was able to spotdodge and punish that on several occasions. It may not be punishable offline, not sure, but just figured I'd point it out. ;)

    Playing as Lucario feels like you're underwater to me x.x When I went back to Yoshi everything was free and fast again :p

    Yeah if you're using tapjump with Yoshi which it looked like you did, it makes life hard for him :( And yeah, Sonic has one of the best recoverys for sure :bee:
    Where did everybody go? I brb'd and when I came back no one was online anymore 0_o
    We'll go blue then since Lucario and Sonic pretty much stay blue regardless of team colours :p Though that doesn't make a difference if you're using textures to fix that lol.
    Are the others on yet?
    If we're still doing teams BC do you wanna go blue or green? I'm completely fine either way.
    You and Nikes should join Luco and I and we play dubs (we're red team)
    I assumed you would team with Nikes because aren't you teaming with him at that LanSmash thing in April?
    BC, interested in doubles at 9 with Nikes and I?
    I'll try and get Luco
    What in the name of hell is that in your avatar?

    It looks familiar though.
    Mm, yea, Ness and Lucas have a few different playstyles you have to watch out for.
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