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  • Well I took a lot of my playstyle from mekos, your playstyle resembles Trela's in many ways. :o
    Gratz man. You deserve being on that list and you have for a while. Glad you made it bud. ^_^
    Okay, for my Lucas, when the opponent is at 80 I can usually fish around for the Dtilt lock, especially as Dair is one of Lucas' safer moves. If it's not working, you have to go to other tactics. You get an almost guaranteed kill at 150% with most chars using Dthrow (I think the strongest in the game from memory) and magnet gets lethal around that time as well, considering the angle at which you send your opponent.

    Lucas is one of those characters where being on guard can make most MUs a billion times easier. Keep on the watch for energy-based attacks, for instance, and you'll save yourself a lot of damage whilst making the MU far better for yourself.

    His headbutt I think kills most everyone at like 170 or 180% and his Fair starts murdering at like 200. You know most of this, i'm sure, so i'll get to the important part.

    Lucas is one character where the opponent does not want to mess up against, ever. All his smashes are ridiculous and even his Fsmash can kill at like 120 with ease. If you feel out-ranged, play bait and punish. Getting camped: Moved to a platform, magnet or mix up your approaches. Ftilt is an amazing gtho move, as you noticed.

    I dunno, your Lucas is pretty darn good, IMO. You need someone better than me to really comment on how your individual Lucas could get better. :o
    Yoshi888 would totally dominate my yoshi but I might stand a chance with Ness/Lucas.

    Sure, i'll talk to my brother about it, i'm sure he'd be happy to one time.

    And I think you just need to put some more effort in to your Lucas. I'm totally happy to help you. i don't wanna see you lose Lucas man. It happens too much and you actually have talent with him. Your Lucas taught me how to reverse SH PK fire and why it's useful. :(
    My brother uses Olimar and i've seen a few high-level vids of him (dabuz) so i know a little how he plays.

    MK is just a 'heck of it' character. Not sure who's better out of the two of us tbh.

    Yoshi I SD with way too often and get gimped with too easily to be a competitive secondary/tertiary of mine. That said, I love him as a character so I don't mind using him in friendlies.

    Man, first Nido and now you... i'm scaring away the secondaries and mains of the people I love to verse... D:
    Yea, I found I mostly enjoyed the non-serious matches (yoshi, MK, etc.) in that set more than the serious ones. Ah well. It's a sign of your skill: It takes so much concentration if I want to beat you so I sometimes go @.@ and play auto-pilot for a while. >:-I

    I did enjoy the PK Flash kill immensely. Are you picking up sheik as a secondary? I never see Lucas anymore. :(

    Not to worry man.

    Sorry about those first few games, I was feeling demotivated for some strange reason, you were probably able to tell?
    Darn it ryuka, you keep asking to brawl people and i've been online waiting for you to get back on for like the past hour. :p

    Ya duffer. :D
    Dat green name tag
    What does premium give you anyway?
    Is it worth the price?
    Thanks :D yours too! I like your Lucas I can't B-Stick I have to set my L for special to be able to Zap Jump lol

    Sorry I had to go I started getting a pain :x also you should come hang out in the arena :D
    Lol good games man, for living in Australia and U.S. That connection was great, I think we didn't have one game where one of us SD'd lol
    I'm doing well. Just trying to fix my sleep schedule since college effed it all up.

    How about yourself? ^w^
    You used "I'v" for "I've" and "its" when it should have been "it's"
    Bad grammar or what?
    I've never been to Queensland before. What's the smash scene like over there?
    You used poor grammar and spelling on his wall!!
    Do it right!!
    You make them look not as stupid!!
    You're incredible. The whole Aussie tournament section just up and died (no really, go check, it's all been merged in to one section!).... AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT. :troll:
    Sorry, but I don't. The lag is too overwhelming, so I only play with people in person when I get the chance. Plus I don't really play much of Brawl anymore.
    Who is this person I keep spying on everyone's walls?
    lol hi, very cool profile pic btw.

    Sorry if I was being rude or anything.
    I did, but you should've included leish in there, even if it was half a troll post. :p
    LOL, you did the same thing to Nido that you did to me, except I realized what you were saying when you said 'signles'. :p
    What the hell does that mean?
    Or is it really obvious and I'm derping really hard? Tell me anyway because I'm über confused
    Yea... Some-one i'm really good at teaming with is... *ding ding* that Lucario in BB.

    But i've been playing him a lot recently. My brother, not so much. :p

    Oh you know, you should play him more often. He's on BB a lot more nowadays because i'm on there more often ;)
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