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  • And what Luco said, what does "picking up singles" mean?
    I've been playing singles for 2 1/2 years.
    What do you mean by picking up singles? :/

    Also, I just talked to him then, we're gonna get our doubles team back in to shape. Those losses really were a wake-up call.
    Ohh, that's true. Also my bro and I have forgotten to communicate well: We often ended up both magneting or both PKT-ering. :/
    B-sticking Lucas? :confused:

    Usually i'm either beating you or Nido and losing to the other... individually atm i'm going even/positive with you both but it feels like i'm losing because of teams. >.<

    Didn't expect to get destroyed like that, we found it harder to heal than expected.
    There were definitely a few cases there where I shielded before the sphere hit me but the lag didn't allow it. =(

    In any case, GGs, sorry bout the lag, the family's watching NCIS so I may not really be able to play a lot.
    I forgive you, I see why people hate 3 for all because two people inevitably team up whether they intended to or not, or one person camps and leeches
    Hey there man. GGs before ^_^

    I think I go even with wave's marth btw. With our secondaries it's less constant. I think he wins more when it comes to secondaries against my secondary. I did 2 stock his marth as Lucas which was fun though.
    Yeah i'm sorry, my controllers are failing on me, so Bair, SH Uair, basically anything other than the easy way out (Bthrow) was a lot harder to get on you than normal. If I put two in-puts in together close enough my controller looks at the first one and ignores the second completely, that's why sometimes i'd just SH or run at you without doing anything, you know what I mean?

    Also, i'd like you play you off-line as well. You and Nido, in fact we're all a lot better than we started with each other and we're all advancing. :D

    Who needs salt when you've got SUGAR? Sweetness for everyone! :D :D :D
    ~this is the ghost of Nido, here to tell you at least you still have Luco~
    No... I'm f... Fading away...
    I alwa... Always wanted to tell you that I... I... Lov...
    It feels weird talking to you somewhere other than Luco's wall...
    Only me or do you feel that too?
    When I was failing with Luigi the **** wifi gives me finally got to me and I raged irl

    Roasted Jackal with salt
    Yea i'm so sorry I couldn't give you better games, my controllers are failing me (getting new ones for christmas)! Still, I enjoyed the ones we had. ^_^
    I do! I do!!! <3

    Which reminds me, you've stayed with this avatar longer than any I can remember. Is this the one? Or just for christmas? :p
    I'm gonna come back and there's gonna be 6 VMs on my wall again isn't there? :p

    Dis' gon' be good! ^^
    Oh btw:

    About half-way in you start hearing the actual music, this theme is goooood.
    Technically the ROB - Lucario record is 3-2 my favour because of the 3-0 :troll: 1 snake defeat and 2 Lucario defeats
    In the meantime I'll think of the things I'll say if I win

    "Can you refill my salt shaker?"
    You wouldn't like Vic because we have 2 moar ROBs
    one is a pr member I'll look to overthrow >:D
    When I see it next I'm gonna make sure it gets sent to a scrap yard!
    Somebody's mad lol
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