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Recent content by JPOBS

  1. JPOBS

    The Smash Brothers - Series Discussion

    amazing. especially the music. I had one big problem with it tho Why is there so little footage of actual Mango interviews? Hbox talks during the entire mango segment (the natural). That was dumb imo.
  2. JPOBS

    The King is Back

    Based Mango
  3. JPOBS

    Evo Character Breakdown

    marth is a fraud. #changethetierlist #freefalcon #freeics
  4. JPOBS

    EVO 2013 Melee Info Dump! - FINAL DAY: TOP 8 STARTING AT NOON: http://www.twitch.tv/srkevo1

    there are 97,000 people watching losers bracket. I think we'll be ok
  5. JPOBS

    Evo Fantasy Draft/Results

    Are the brackets already up? where can we find them?
  6. JPOBS

    Evo Fantasy Draft/Results

    Is Kirbykaze not going? if he is, you guys ****ed up letting him slip so far
  7. JPOBS

    Official MBR 2010 NTSC Tier List

    Well mango playing any character makes that character viable (see:mario) But if you think 5th isn't viable, im at a loss
  8. JPOBS

    Official MBR 2010 NTSC Tier List

    how is falcon not viable when there has historically ALWAYS a falcon in top 8? For all intents and purposes, Falcon is equally as viable as fox is according to tournament records (sans mango)
  9. JPOBS

    Who do the big 5 want to avoid as long as possible?

    Is armada going to EVO now?
  10. JPOBS

    Greater Toronto Area Thread - The other other other other other other other other Pokemon Thread

    sup. im gonna be in toronto from tuesday the 25th until the following tuesday, any smashfests or anything going on? preferably during the week i dont really play this game anymore but it would be cool to see some people also, any vids from impulse 2?
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