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  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Join the smash lab. Just go into group memberships and send in a request. (unless I'm stupid and missed yours.)
    IMO, combo make a fighter because the ability to start and cleanly chain those attacks is another way that a player's skill is measured. Think Street Fighter 3 where, though the damage has been nerfed by a lot, the addition of wall-hitting and supers that launch added the most combo-oriented Street Fighter ever. Daigo vs Justin, Evo 04, 1 health would then be comparable to 999% (or realistically, somewhere in the 200s). Parrying (Powershielding) all hits of Justin's super as well as jumping on the last hit (wavedash oos) to get in a good postion to do a combo into super (waveshine to upsmash). I hope my opinion made sense :p
    Didn't get to that yet...some stuff going on in real life...I'll probably need at minimum another day or two to get not just the BBrawl stuff up, but my AWESOME vBrawl replays that I've been sitting on.
    That's... really, really weird. Double check that the gct is named correctly, make sure that your game is actually NSTCU brawl... Other than that, I have no idea. :(
    If you have the homebrew channel, try booting with the standard method.

    Basically, once you get into gecko, go to settings and make sure cheats are on.
    On 8/25/10, at 10:51 PM, Vu Nguyen wrote:
    > tell him to check his setting

    Check your settings. Make sure Gecko is primed to take the codes in the first place.
    Yo, JOE

    you should put Suiseiseki as a match

    Just as a fanservice match-up
    For us TDBV

    It would be hilariously awesome
    Hmmmm, well I have a replay for nearly every matchup we covered. If you remember what we did cover, you should have an idea the kind of replays I have in store.

    I used Mario, Luigi, Link, Ganon, Ike, and Bowser. You used Bowser, Link, Yoshi, Wolf, and Captain Falcon. I think most of your Falcon matches were against my Ganon, my Luigi didn't play vs your Wolf but did vs your Bowser, my Bowser mainly went up against your Wolf iirc...

    Everything else gets sketchy from there, but I did save a lot of replays which I thought were good.
    I haven't "recorded" anything yet. Anyhow let's see, to put it simply, I tried to save matches where the gameplay was good between both of us and at the same time demonstrated practical use of the various changes in BBrawl.

    I don't think you should worry about facepalming over any of the matches I put on youtube.
    Yeah I did save some of your better matches against me. =)

    Give me an unspecified amount of time...I think I'll get the replays on youtube.
    i mean dman, i cant even Short hop Bair without buffering it so early...
    I did a while back when 2.0 was released, but I haven't at all recently. Just local stuff. Let me know if you all get a bunch of people together though. Hit me up on AIM or somethin.
    I would love this new MYM avvy. :)

    I'll send you the picture of what I'd like on there when I get home tonight. This would be much appreciated!
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