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  • Still interested in working on the new forum skin?

    I know things slowed down near the end of the school year, but I was wondering if you wanted to try to get things running again if you had the time/still interested.

    I made a few color scheme mockups a while back in the AE, I dunno if you saw them. I just wanted your input on how we should move forward since this project sorta... died. I also made a new discussion in the Artists' Guild to plan stuff out if necessary.
    I'm liking it. It started out kind of slow and the cutscenes can get really long and boring (I just want to read dialogue, not watch the same frequent emoticons and bouncing all the time), but as you start leveling your characters it starts getting more interesting for whatever reason. Story is still pretty weak IMO, but I like playing it still. Good game.
    ok, i may have a problem..

    the **** smash service has a stage that i cannot unload on my CSS

    now, i downloaded only the contents of teh zip folder into my sd card (thats all i need, right?)
    would i have to wait until that stage is gone for BBrawl to load?
    This is the internet. If you disagree with something for no good reason, I will not accept it.
    why is it that everytime i disagree with you, you decide to challenge my opinion?

    when presenting an idea dont expect everyone to agree and just acept it
    You'll be glad to know that the first page of the Archive is shorter!
    Also, next time you see an error in the Archive please address that in either the DWYP discussion group or the Archive itself. Thx.
    I'm of course open to your ideas! I'm not quite sure what to do if someone removes thier image, it has happened once but someone had a quote with it still showing, so that post is the link.
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