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  • ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    I get it, I've been using [hide]
    whats the BBcode for the hidden message,
    and does it work for social groups?
    Hey JOE!

    I am thinking of submitting a Weavile moveset for that PSA Pokemon thread, and I have a few questions:

    1. How much should I have completed before I post it? I know some of the sets are pretty much finished, but I thought at the least I'd do fully written-out specials to "claim" the set so to speak and at least show I'm putting effort into it.

    2. What do I need to actually play these? If I need orcarina to play them it wouldn't really be worth it, lol. Though if I just need a flashdrive/SD card I can handle it.

    3. Do I post it in the big archive thread, or make a new thread? Since I wouldn't be doing the actual animation myself I guess I should post it in the big thread...

    Oh, and be sure to tell me if someone is already doing a Weavile set, since I don't want to look like a noob (wary)
    so, the uploading get any faster?

    (also, is it just me or did everyone's avatar go -boom-?)
    I'm uploading yes indeed. Also wifi also hampered me too, as you saw some silly quick attack directions from me at times
    That's not even half of what i'm uploading >_> I'm doing 3 for each character MU which we have 5 in total which is 15 videos! and for Pika vs Yoshi i'm putting 4 cause they all were pretty good

    We could perhaps play around with more characters though
    Hmm yea don't wan Fox still hating on Pikachu XD.. though the reflector worked in preventing any follow ups. Its not like its a 70% CG though, its at most 20%ish
    Pikachu is soo good, having a kill set up is pretty big deal. Im assuming floatly can get out of utilt/smash but you never got out of dthrow > nair

    I wonder if bowser can jump > fortress out of it. Did you try that?

    Ike really is on the lower end still :\ he's just too slow, but i still love using him XD (but man this buffed dthrow on Pikachu i'm loving so much ;_; poor Ike)
    Did you try buffering Jump > AD? Jump lets you act 10 frames earlier than any other action i believe. Otherwise its guaranteed then o-o (I started assuming it was since you never got out)
    Good games man. I have just been saving replays so I'll record the matches tomorrow. Lot of crap to load, i'm gonna load the best 3 of each MU (Ike vs Yoshi/Bowser and Pikachu vs Yoshi/Bowser/Wolf)
    well if this guy who i asked me first doesn't brawl me then sure, otherwise we can try tomorrow

    I use dazzle to record. If you want to record I can't record everything so we'll designate like the first few matches to be recorded (so we do our best fresh and ready)
    I'm not interested in doing either of the two, but I'm sure someone will pick them up; though I do have SOME interest in Quilava. :3
    You have to give the people what they want...I could care less but for the thread to continue well this kinda has to be done...
    Aren't they the same lol? I see no huge differences between the two and what they're capable of.
    Iirc yes. Since they didn't lose any initial MUs, it was easy to chart them. but now I have to take into account ties and so forth. And I'm going to add Toon Link so people will shut up about him. Because of that, he's gonna need more MU to decide and that would give Samus and Link an extra win.
    Wow...how does defender destroy your cpu? epic failure on the program's behalf. And yea I'll post Ivy stuff as well. US and I have been working on a tier list as well but we're still playing around with it. Oh and I would recommend putting the character we're discussing in the OP so that we can have random people come and prove ignorance (then I can spam pics of them and get them mad lol). jk but really, it may help since we have no idea how long this is going to take.
    I'm working on a chart on my home cpu for all of the MUs; that's whats taking me to post anything on Ivy so long. I have to add 4.5 and have everyone look at it but besides that it will be posted tonight. Then we cna see what has been done already and work from there.
    Awww...advanced photosynthesis being transferred as ATP, then stored until it cannot hold anymore, and then released. But oh well; just a thought.
    Question, do you think solarbeam is plausible in RL for Ivy?
    It's only a theory, but maybe if I can explain it correctly.
    In prime wave buster has alway been better then the flamethrower.
    wave works more on homing.
    like in the "charged shot" barely does less than the "charge combo" in a fraction of the time. If I use the charge combo in that same amount of time I could be doing more with two charge shots.
    good so far, the Final Smash is ew tho.
    and what's with the smashes?
    EDIT: one more little thing, in the wave buster you said it lasts 5 seconds for 3% a second, IDK seems a little low but w/e.
    it's barely better then her charge shot.
    that other guy does, I just want confirmation so we can get it over with.
    and give me the post, I use a different ppp then you do (prolly)
    The point of that post in that thread is the Tier list =/= Match ups, and what occurs in matches, BTW.
    Its the examples he used, so thats why I used back.

    Also, things don't happen often because Links and Jiggs are often taken out before the highest levels of play are reached,sooo....
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