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  • id come dude. btw i figured out juggling, up-back smh.....anyway if u back in town for thanksgiving id love to play some sf4 or melee. i dont like brawl, but we can play that too. i also quit smoking man. marijuana is bad for u. any new albums drop?
    i play balrog. i can do his basic combos n stuff. i need to get better. i still dno how to juggle. i aint see u guys in a while. we should start going to smashfests.
    In mind, I wanted something guitar oriented. And to include a solo where I'd fit all the best combos in.

    The style you have doesn't quite fit the speed I was thinking. It's good, just not what I think I could work around.

    I hate saying that, as you showed some interest. I feel bad. :(
    That wasn't bad, but I think something like your example wouldn't work well for the combo video I have in mind.

    You say you have some VG remixes, I think? Where can I find those?

    I saw a few on your Youtube account, any others?
    Do you compose?

    BTW, do you arrange midis or create game midis by ear? I do the latter because I try to choose obscure (yet awesome) themes, although I could probably do the former aswell.

    I occasionly look at the Atl South forum, but most tourneys are too far (60+ minutes) from where I live, so I haven't gone to one in a while.
    Actually, I'm a mixer (and a composer) as well. ^_^

    I haven't posted any of my works, however.

    How many songs have you mixed?
    I only saw two songs on your youtube page (both posted today), are there others? you said that you've been doing them for a while.
    dude, ****.

    i know ima team wit petey so idk, unless he scrubs out on me. Dont worry man ill help u out too...Help u get to the heavens we gonna play in the clouds u feel me? xD bro man, come to this. Gonna be so fun...
    Listen I meant no harm to you NFL people I wasn't trying to talk any **** I was just trying to make it clear when you see things from everyones point of view not just one.
    Hopefully you guys do come to CFL and prove you guys are good and if you do maybe we can get some friendlies and if you want a MM also
    lol im playing poker right now, getting ***** cuz of ur stupid mind game... stop mind gaming me !!!
    if you go to those mock tournies that drew holds, i'll bring a copy of melee if you wanna play some friendlies. brawl sucks, lol
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