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  • Well, I want the two characters stated below, and the idea by behind Pride of Brawl was to poke fun of how gay the play to winners can get, as well as Marth and Metaknight. Pride as in gay pride. Though that said, I wouldn't want anything to drastic. Is that enough information?
    Hey Jasson, could you do me the favor of drawing me up a flyer for "Pride of Brawl"
    Things I want, Bright Blue Marth, Rainbow Pink Metaknight, and beyound that, have fun making gay jokes.
    Sup? Your the pit I fought at Gigs during the tourney right? Im Spike the black pit remember? I'm pretty sure this is you, so I just wanted to let you know your pit is Supa Clean! We definitely gotta brawl again sometime. Our matches were too close! GG's
    kk well if u change n e thing let us no ok man



    Lol captain falcon vs Goku
    your avatar brings me back to those days...

    I want DBZ to still be big...id be in the gym goin "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH............AHHHHHH...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"...............

    e verytime xD
    thanks man, i got one match off afro but hes still too good. I want/think i should be on the power rankings, but i dont think anyone really recognizes me.

    Well ill see ya in summer man, it was cool seeing you again.
    Actually, we might be going to gigs on march 28th... I heard that Ally snake guy from canada is coming so maybe we'll see each other there if you go.
    juss forget it im not da fox ur thinking of lol ima toon link but we'll see each other at the tournament right?
    Well i remeber fighting a Pit at Falco's house
    Yo its slash the Toon Link da one dat hangs out wit M!x...i think we fought b4 at Falco's house
    lol hey if anything there's Falco that has no partner... he says he doesn't want to do teams... but between you and me Wero has gotten so much better that I'll say Your Deff. gonna do better with my bro then him :)
    ummm no one else really, that Zach kid is bringing a friend and he'll be teaming up with on the day... other then that i think thees a couple in the list that don't have a partner... like PolterGust XD

    Can't wait for it man... going on 50's!!!! :chuckle:
    Richi has some Band thing going on but he said He'll prob make Singles... and Andrew is gonna team with My Brother (Emo^Wolf)

    Since this is getting big, I dunno if you still want to team with my brother??? Let me know... I'm making him team with you but if you don't want to and want someone else just let me know so I don't have to force him to join the thing...
    yea it's getting big, going to 40s man hell yea!!! and no problem man, we need the best from Naples and this is your hometown so u deserve a spot hehehe and well Richi is good, better then falco yea but he has something to do with a band on that date so he won be there... me and chris agreed though that you would make a perfect member for this war were having with the Tampa guys :chuckle: I can't wait for it man, and we gotta Ripp 'em a few new ones :laugh:
    actually i work today and have tomorrow off, if chris can get the day cover by someone tomorrow theres a chance to go tonight... taking his up for the drive >.< I'll txt u sometime today if we go or not... if we don't you gotta get 1st place man ^.< will there be a link to see the matches online??? just like Gigs??? if there is send me the link when ever is possible or just send me the link to the thread, i would find it there if someone is doing it right??? hopefully i can at least see some after work if we cant go :(
    Ohh crap, >.< this sounds really good but I gotta work on Sat. i could prob take it off but Chris works too i think, and he has to ask for the day off in advance like a month... Ima ask him if he wants to go but i think he works today too >.< crap if only i could have read this two days ago, i just read it today friday... Not much hopes man but ill see if we get lucky and go, ill let you know ^.^
    ****, that sounds really good... that means that DSF guy will be there, and Mew2King too prob. maybe even Ally hehehe I'll talk to Chris and the Crew about it and see what he says ^.^
    Hey there man, well there hasn't been much >.< no more TL as far as I can tell and the only one thats happening is the playNtrade this Saturday... I wasnt gona join cuz I dont like the way they run it, plus all tvs are HD so its laggy... but im gonna go to try my Kirby, its gotten better now hehehe well see how good its gotten after this Sat.

    and yea I'll let you know when we go to Orlando or somewhere around there, it'll be great seeing you again ^.^ N same here, we'll prob won't go to this months gigs but maybe Nexts months... hopefully ^.^ let me know when u guys are having a tourney that will look big up there, maybe I can convince chris to drive us up there lol its like how many hours??? 4-6???

    NW 37 Place Cape Coral

    is where I live. Thanks a ton man. I'm going to try to convience the one of the other guys to come back to the tourney to increase pot
    so what is his name??? so i can take him out... >.< but it's cool though, it's getting a good number of people
    Yea I was thinking I'll have to host house tourneys for sure, ihatemybrother told me this next one he is having in January will be his last for a while cuz of baseball season... I appreciate your help a lot and yea your right I know students from some schools so that should help the turnout for the better and yea like you said after a couple tourneys a small door fee wouldn't hurt, this is my brothers house so if he makes some money he wouldn't mind having lots of people over... also I could have my mom cook some food and sell it for cheap that way people won't be hungry throughout the tourney and having to go out somewhere just like at ihatemybrothers tourney... I could provide free drinks since buying a few packs of 12 wouldn't be too expensive, but yea man thanks alot, if you could help me out with the Flyers that will be awsome... sad thing is that you won't be around to be a regular attendee >.< and having this on your time here in Naples is kinda hard, it'll be to soon and there's like three or four tourneys one after another... but yea man thanks a lot for your help and support with this and many others Naples Smash Community should increase a lot and who knows maybe in a couple months we could see smashers coming here from different places. btw your Flyer looks Amazing ^.<
    crap, I thought it was in Miami >.< the trip is still worth it though but you won't have time >.< but yea I'll wait till you message me and we'll schedule a date for the Fest and yea we might just need your TV and Wii the more the better

    also there's a big chance there will be a cash Tourney sometime on your time being here in Naples we had one on Oct. and the guy that hoasted it was thinking of having another one in the near future so yea more tournaments the better right?

    ohh and my name is Jonathan btw, but everyone calls me Johny
    Nice meeting you Jason!
    Hi there again, Thanks for your offer and yea were not sure how many of us will go but yea I'm sure we'll be needing your help ^ .^ and of course we'll help out with gas.. also we should Deff. have some friendlies before gigs... I myself gotta get better so it will help a lot playing new people ^.^ me and my crew usually host some smash fest so you guys could come to chill for those if your interested ^.^

    Too bad you won't be sticking around for Seibriks Tourney on the 11th I believe, that looks like it might get big and Challenging ^.^
    Awesome dude, I was just talking to my brother on how we should host a house tournament like January 1st-2nd.
    I'll talk with my friend to see if his house is open during that time, I'll give you the link to the tournament thread when everything is set in stone.
    yeah sorry i wont be able to make it this week but i swear i am gonna come one of these thursdays even if i have to go by myself
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