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  • Hey, long time no talk but... you wouldn't happen to have a picture of the Feraligatr model you have in brawl, would you?
    I dont care enough to fully explain it to you. Especially not in text.

    Find me somewhere and play me in B+ and Ill show you how free it is.
    I gave you my own personal experience of why brawl + is way too effing easy and you didnt think that was valid, so i gave you an example of a person who wins the biggest tourneys for that game saying the same thing.

    You can disaggree if you want, it just makes you wrong.
    sweet, the more i look at it, all but i think water pulse and crunch can simply be taken from allready existing stuff :p
    so anyways, it is possible to just take effects from Squirtle and mario for the water, correct?
    so, if you are making feraligatr based on my post, are chikorita and quilava going to be done too?
    I like your BRTSM factory. Very useful.

    Edit: I sent you a PM for eh... a few songs. I'm not sure if you managed to read the message, but if you didn't get it, tell me so I can post again.
    Hey I heard you look like Urkel and you're homeschooled and 12. Is that true?
    That is not how this works. Send me the .pac

    If Yeroc has made another fix, it will be voted on ALONG with this, unless its massively superior.
    new .pac you've been working on... I need it asap. PM me or email me a download link at Veriloquy@gmail.com

    I must have this by later today.
    can u check ur wii for a replay of me v guru from hackfest? only 2 of the 3 matches were on the sd card but i know i saved all 3 so one of em might be on the wii by accident
    I apologize for this but your inbox is full with PMs.

    I need help with adding music into Brawl and I was wondering if you could tell me how you're supposed to export the file before using dant's program. I tried and it froze my game.

    I remember I made it 32000 hz (which I heard it's supposed to be), mono, 8 bit, made it a wav file, placed it in Brawl Custom Music Maker GUI 1.5 to convert it, and then put to sound/strm.

    Can you please tell me what you do? If it helps, the song was over 3 minutes.
    Just thought I'd mention that the madworld music in your BSTRM thread has had something left out as the whole last 8 lines or so are one entire link. Keep up the amazing work!
    dude A, where are you pre reg is today!
    Pleeeeeaassee record that tech you discovered!!!....please..
    lol sorry for stalking you like this but i'd really like to see it:)
    O haha, well if you can play your match with Blacklink before he plays his next opponent, then by all means go ahead.
    Well weve got today to do the match. I saw you online earlier in brawl so hopefully we'll get this done! =D
    Alright Imma give you until today to get your match done. i can see your dificulties with the times lol, but if you still can't get it by today. Then I'd probably have to go with a coin flip, if that's okay with you guys.
    Lolz I C. XD
    Well I've added you, so if you've done the same then I'm sure we'll meet up at some point today. ^_^
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