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  • Yep. :B Breaks the counterpick system entirely...

    Anyways.. back to working on my project of dooooom.
    Just now realized that? I've been preaching that for a few weeks now.

    Don't think it's spelled like that, but whatever. :x I'm tired... 1:18am at the time of this post.
    I go there for the ecchi tbh. (Note: Not hentai/porn. =| I'm an ecchi fan)

    But uhm... I livestream daily me drawing/creating/coloring stuff in Photoshop. Going to stop for a while due to possible bandwith issues, lack of ideas, and the fact I suck at anything that isn't signature related and people aren't going to watch me suck *** for 2 hours a day. =P

    Didn't work out anything as I planned, but I'm hoping to get the other AE people interested so I can watch them stream and stuff instead. So far I think I got one to do it. <3 Sooo it's a success.
    It's actually not THAT bad. =\ 4chan gets a bad rep largely due to /b/... most every board actually.. follows rules pretty well. Which is strange given everyone is anonymous....

    Like.. I'd say 4chan is more behaved than SWF on a whole... and that's saying a lot.
    They died in /b/ with trollface.jpg

    Although, to be honest, I browse /a/, /c/, /e/, and /u/ more than any other boards.
    Highschool or college? =\

    I'll wish you luck because I don't want to be pessimistic towards you~
    Oh wow... good thing you're okay though!

    :) Nice, have the wedding planned yet?
    I already explained it to him using a comparison to war and battle plans. Why do you think battle leaders strategize and plan out a battle before it takes place? They theorize based on known intel and guess what the opponent is going to do. Battle comes down to two important phases:

    Planning (Theorycrafting)
    Action (the fight, and who can do it better)

    But uhm.. yeah. How are you?
    That's good to hear, and I'm also certain it helps a bit with writing. :p Just so time consuming and no real point to me. (Hence my waste of time comment)

    I rarely speak down-sayingly about anything, but I state things like I am. ^^; So I apologize for that.
    Must be fun to create, but I never got into it... mostly a waste of time, and all the hackers don't seem to incorperate them if possible. And bleh. :x
    Make Your Move

    Your thing required 2 posts, but it started on a new page on the default of 15 posts per page. I use 40 posts per page (as do many other members) to cut down on pages.


    Lux succesfully managed to completely piss me off. I think this is the first time on SWF someone has succesfully just hit my nerve over and over and over.

    Thank you for stepping in.

    nothing much, just chatting with a couple of friends while roaming smashboards, I'd play but I'm not at my awake anymore.
    lol, i came home form school at afternoon, slept for 4 hours...and just did fun stuffzies at home, no work, and no, i have not tested weak hits, for the only character i use with a weak hit is shiek...and if her nair is affected at all, if probably just makes follow up ftilt impossible
    kid, at 4AM, im juggling and walking around, you can move you body up dose stepz
    so, its like one of those TVs that was futuristic but old-school, kid, just step it up and get a non-crappy TV xD
    lol, tv johns, thats a good one, and ****it, i hate yoshi, he is a bad olimar >_<
    well...that was fun...idk what to say about 1.1 yet, but im not in favor of or against it
    I would conduct it on three stages.

    If you feel that no fresh bonus would be the best way, then go ahead and use training.
    I checked the thread you made. Good stuff.
    Sumbody been busy while on TDB hiatus I C...
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