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  • which one should i use?

    i liked that metroid one, but I also like this one and my old DDD one :p
    I work at my campus library. I really just sit behind a desk 5 hours a day answering peoples questions... And since I work nights (7-12 or once school starts, 9-2am), there aren't a whole lot of people inquiring about things... So it keeps me busy. :p It took me about 7 hours for that waddle. Not bad for hand sewn right? :) And thank you for seeing about a Koala plushy. That's very nice of you. :)
    Haha it's really no trouble at all. And I don't know if a Koala would get along with my cat. Maybe a plushy one. Those are also cuddly. :p But it's really no trouble. I do them while I sit at work. It's relaxing and keeps me occupied.

    Do you want a lit or unlit one? :)
    lord booooooooooooooooooooowseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

    shoddy me >:D am have new team and wanna test it


    Rules: Ladder Match, Sleep Clause, Freeze Clause, OHKO Clause, Evasion Clause, Species Clause, Strict Damage Clause, Soul Dew Clause
    boozer sent out Mirrors (lvl 100 Porygon2).
    flipperrr sent out Yanmega (lvl 100 Yanmega ?).
    Mirrors traced Yanmega's Speed Boost!
    Mirrors used Magic Coat.
    Mirrors created a barrier!
    Yanmega used Hypnosis.
    Yanmega fell asleep!
    Yanmega's Speed Boost raised its speed!
    Mirrors's Speed Boost raised its speed!
    flipperrr has left the room.
    boozer wins!

    One of my friends just came back from Australia and gave me a pack of cookies called Timtams or something like that.


    I envy you Australians, and your cookies.
    Hey, I'll be free almost anytime so whenever we're both on SWF or Shoddy we can do our matches. We could even do it right now.

    Shoddy name is 'Mothrayas' btw
    Mmhm, I like Three Days Grace. =D Have you heard their first album? Personally I think One-X is better but they have some pretty good ones on the first one, too, like Drown.
    OMG at first it said Cease Tick and I posted on his wall too xD I just can't get it right LOL.
    Don't worry, I'm secretly or not-so-secretly your team is eaten by ravenous puffins so....I guess we are even XD.
    Hey Bowser, I posted in the thread but maybe you didn't see it.
    I'm your first opponent for Team Zook. Let's try and get this done soon, okay?
    I'm available tonight....and the rest of the nights this week xD

    Also, we'll need to start the first round soon, so long as zook can go last :p
    im trying to get to sleep, its 5am here and I have to be up in 4 hours- now is not the best time for a match. Maybe sometime later, either later today or Sunday?
    To be honest, there isn't much going on, but I'll let you in anyway, seeing as how you're one of the few BBoards posters.
    Yeah, I don't want to weigh you guys down.

    It may just turn out that I rarely get matches in because of the time frames. I also have a lot of homework and exam prep to do so I think it would be better if I left (if that's ok with you).
    ...but I get the computer on usual at around 5:00 on a normal day.

    That would be like 4-5 at night for you guys D:
    I'm on my laptop so I don't have shoddy but I'd love to help test at around 6:00 EST if that's fine with you :)
    In response to your post a couple weeks back on Bowser Moveset Discussion, I'd request that I could see it to the end please. I've just put a lot of work into that project and want to be able to say I finished. What I will have to ask however is that you give me a month because as it stands now I'm in the middle of some exams which need my full focus. They finish the 11th June, that's when I'll have it on track.

    Apologies once again for delays.
    Blistering Speed
    Hey, did you hear about the Australian who died recently? You know the one who invented the boomerang grenade.

    His prototype back-fired.
    /corny joke someone told me at school :laugh:
    also i was wondering are you bringing any friends to the tourney? one of my friends is coming but he isnt good at smash and he needs a doubles partner so I was wondering if he could go with one of your friends?

    PS. I've been practicing boozer, hes too fun :p
    sorry i cant :( i left my wii at my friends house. im getitng it tomorrow.'
    when we play we should verse 2 CPU's to practice doubles.
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