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  • It's awesome I didn't realize someone else had a wadledoo avatar you probably had yours first didn't mean to be jockin on yo style I change my avatar so much but I like this one I'm saving yours ^^
    Oh and is there a day this week where you don't have to leave early? :p

    I'm up for some smash

    BTW I'll stick with MK, he's just too good not to use in teams lol plus he's fun. I feel to limited playing falco in teams
    Definitely, just as long as we play smart and don't do stupid **** like we always do against them lol
    Man I'm really sorry, mum said I can't have anyone round coz she's setting up her stupid craft fair
    hey, you has the post CPU made about to fight olimar on the DDD boards?
    I can't believe that you can never be bothered while recording lol.
    And I like your avatar...just the scenery...not that's it's Iron Maiden :).
    LOL! I was hoping nobody would see that...but yeah I can't upload any because I can't get to tournaments and such..that match was like 6 months ago lol. Thanks though..hopefully I can get videos in.. (psh don't tell anybody ;).)
    I just found out that I cant share someone elses private videos :(

    I'll have him put it to public ASAP

    i pretty much only organise wifi through MSN so youll have to catch me at a time im able to through that :)
    Officially the nicest D3 main I've ever met! I've tried to message CO18 all your other mates, but they just ignore me. . .
    Oh yeah, like I said on my last post. If I roll behind pit's Fsmash, it will still hit because of the hitbox. . . I know it's ridiculous, sometimes I get so frustrated . . . :(! Your AUSSIE! BOOoYAH! Cheers a whole heap for the help, I keep forgeting that DownB exists with Dedede.
    Hi, I've just started to main Dedede . . .
    Do you have any advice for Pit? I play an aggressive one, when I'm far away the Pit literally showers me with arrows. I try to cancel them with Ftilt, but it goes past me and I get hit. Then when I'm really really close, he mashes the C-stick to Fsmash. I try to roll away but there is a hitbox behind Pit and considering he has multihits on his smashes. I try to approach with SHBair bit he shields and Fsmashes me out of it to punish my lag. I get to moderate range and I play dirty and keep poking him with Ftilt, I get him but that's one of the only decent openings I have. Also, another one is where he rolls behind and I Dsmash. I've tried levels with platforms, I can two stock him there, but in general it's just a struggle to get past his playstyle. The Pit C-sticks like crazy! I can chaingrab him, but the problem for this one is that I have probably one opening only, that would be shieldgrab from his dash attack and the rest of his attacks push me away so I can't grab him. If you were to play him, all you would hear is FsmashFsmashFsmashFsmashFsmashUsmashUsmashUsmash etc. . . then arrows and more arrows. So yeah, I really need help with a person that is expert on D3 since I've just started to main him for 'bout 1 week now.

    PS: I'va also tried SHDair, the Pit will just spam Usmash to outprioritize me. So basically he coats himself with Smashes, Sometimes I think his C-stick will break. I try to avoid his Uair aswell.
    Actually yeah my friend Keenan is coming he isn't that great either so I'm sure he won't mind teaming with your mate. And yeah boozer is too good :p
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