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  • we HAVE to be there by 2? or we can get there anywhere between 2 and 7 pm right? cuz we leave like at 1 or somethign after seibrik comes out of school
    It was closed because its been finished for a day and the results thread was made.

    What kind of question is that? lol
    Wow I was out of it, I meant tournament listings thread. Since it's such a large project I'd like to keep all the information central.
    I need to make a thread for the Smash Bus. Though I don't know where. Think you could manage to get me permission to post it in the tourney results thread?
    Ha! No, I was referring to the 802.11 b/g radio spectrum: 2.400 to 2.500 GHz.

    But even still, overclocking is behind the times. Clock speed isn't where the bottleneck is anymore. It's all about having plenty of fast memory, and good dedicated peripherals (GPU's and Hard Disks).

    You know much about computers? :)
    Really? That's fine, because i don't really play Melee that much. There is major major brawl hate in Alabama. Players walk in front of ongoing brawl games but not melee games because "it's just brawl".
    hey Frames.. this probably isn't important to you, but I'm a smasher in Alabama that is looking to go to UCF. (as in like, convincing my parents to let me go to my dream college). Is it a cool school? How's the smash scene?
    Hey thanks a lot man. I guess what you've said is true when you put it that way. I guess I have no need to worry, which lets me take a load off my shoulders : P When I booked the venue for my tournament,, the center manager was asking whether I had things like public liability insurance and what not ,=_= Oh well.

    If I was expecting something like, 150 people at my upcoming tournament, then I'd consider using a local ticketing company, but I think I'll manage : P
    Hey Frames, just a question.

    How did you go about handling the money side of FAST? As in, accepting entry money etc.

    You used online ticketing didn't you?

    I've always wondered about that, since I don't think any tournament in my country has ever used any kind of ticketing system for tournaments or anything like that.

    The reason I ask is because I worry about things like whether me taking money from people is legal.
    how would i go about distributing cash money prizes if i held a tournament?
    like i know its usally 60 30 10,But wouldnt it be illegal or gambling if i did it there what did you do
    thats alright, im in and out of UCF a lot cuz i go to visit her, next time in up there ill send you a message, maybe we could Brawl some.
    hey my friend goes to UCF, do you know a Jami? She's a girl (name could mean either I suppose).
    hey, I was wondering if I could register myself and friends for FAST. We've been trying to register online for the past week, but we diddnt have much luck in getting a credit card, so can you seed three additional names? Contact back
    u said we have to bring our own controller for melee but u havent say anything about da brawl tourney, can we bring our own controller too? cuz many pplz are not used to da wii-mote wit da nunchuk so it wudnt be fair, ya dig?
    Hey I'm trying to register for FAST but I'm not paying with a credit card. I'm paying when I'm at the actual tournament. I just wanted to see if you could let me know if I was registered for FAST.
    You have me down for FAST as Three Incubus it's THEE Incubus.

    Also, it says that Brawl singles start Sunday if they didn't start already Saturday. How are we to know if it started Saturday if I plan on only going Sun?
    I'd be down to captain and assign the East Coast regional crew battle. I know my region well, and I'm an established tournament director. Get back to me with what you'd need from me. :D
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