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  • Yooo hella fun smashfest bro when are you coming back so we can do another one?

    You need to play more melee too for realz lol
    yeah man that sounds great. if i were you id post the thread now haha

    do you have myspace or aim btw?
    Yeah its cool, me and Galuuda (Ice Climbers, Dedede) have been wanting something around here to happen sometime, we usually play up in Gville with some pretty chill dudes before tournaments, but I'm sure all of us could get together and just have a smash fest or maybe a couple, we all really could use it.
    when I was 5 I got ****in mauled by a german sheppard. I'm still not over that fear and I probably never will be. If hes small it won't matter much to me though.
    Well I'm alergic to cats, and scared ****less of dogs, lmao, but golden retrievers are fine.
    I have a photographic memory, so i remembered the name you told me at Fast lol.

    sounds mad boss lol I'd deffinatly be up for that. but you'd have to organize it lol

    are you near paddock park mall at all?

    Aren't you that guy from Ocala I met at FAST? You and your gf helped get me to dark sonics house, and we played a few times.

    yea i got like $25, it was a disapointment though cause i was aiming for 1st, didnt even know they were decent people in our region because none of these people even go to gigabits except some of the people from melbourne
    I got 3rd using G&W, because i had bad matchups (Marth :( ) and a Olimar player ended up winning. The Olimar player was really good, he plays a lot of Wifi.
    Hey dude, you can come stay at my house with your friend. Where are you guys coming from?
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