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  • just in case spiritX is d/q'd, want to play our round

    I am free before 5:00 PM. that is when I am leaving (east coast time).
    You still with is in MAD Rusty? Since social groups were updated here, we mainly use that for discussions and events now. You should start posting there.
    lol plus youd win just cuz oli has that benefit of the doubt online. GL in tomb budz. =3
    hey idc about being active and stuff cuz thatd most likely be me. but im quitting wifi... take the win.. im in too much tourneys and offline sucked me in. O_O

    Today is you and Shadow's last day to get the TOMB 3 Set complete, so please contact him and set up a time to play.
    Saw your challenge, will get around to it tonight.

    I'll be around the boards, so if I see you, we'll play.
    If it were that simple, it'd have been done, but most of these kids are still in high school so getting their parents to say yes is difficult =/
    Just hold it a a dorm or house or something. I've gone to plenty of tournies that were just in someones dorm. Just have someone download tio and you have a tournament ready.
    Haha I'm not even sure if he plays online. He just joined the group randomly one day.
    Awesome. Just make sure to keep an eye on the Atlantic South forums for tournies that pop up. The more consistent Olis in the area, the faster we can improve. :O
    Mid Air Democracy. It's basically a brawl clan type of biz.

    Ramen is a part of HOR, High Ocean Republic.
    Well F35 is weekly/Bi-weekly, so that definitely. I'm also about to host a few themed ones. I'll let you know when they are up if you're interested.

    Ramen is tough. The only person to really beat him in OTL is dabuz. We've been looking for someone to match up against him in M.A.D. You should join us <3.
    So you should hang around OTL more :p

    Also great job in the tourney Friday. I knew you would get to GF.
    Yup. They just did one last weekend. They haven't announced a new one, but they said it would probably be in early April. That leaves plenty of time for you to prepare a carpool or something.
    Wato on March 6. I think that might be too small for you but idk. You should carpool all of Ocala to go to the next NLL.
    Yeah, it's in my profile. I can't get on it now though. It's important to go to as many tournies as possible.
    Yeah, that's kind if the point. We need more active Olis in state. I'm in CFL, KBM is in NFL, and GG is in SFL. We should meet up at a tourney to exchange inirmation.
    ah son of a *****, I was hoping to catch a ride to FR but I'm all the way in Miami, lol
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