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  • Hey man, I found your your profile while looking for anything Brawl related happening in Kissimmee. I'm in Kissimmee and looking for people to play with and possibly to start a community. Even though I haven't played the game since I moved up here (a year ago lol). Drop me a line when you get a chance.
    Ummmm......... I see. I don't know of a venue that you can use at this point in time. Cancel the tournament for now since it's so short notice.
    Chino, I would like to hype this tourny but you haven't answered me about putting doubles before singles.

    I can assure you that most people would rather have teams first.

    Get on that and make sure the owner of INETz sees this and the payouts percentages to see if this is ok. Also I need to know if the owner is gonna take money out of the pot. Since there is a door fee, the entry for both singles should go into the pot completely and he shouldn't take anything from that.

    Make sure you do this.
    Check the tourny thread. I posted some things that could help you gain some interest because as of now, I think people are iffy about attending this with how the opening post is laid out.
    Ay yo wassup. I remember the name, didn't you use to play Samus. If so, I definitely remember you. I'll give Mars the heads up about it.
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