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  • sup man, so have u checked my thread yet??? i hope u ca make it... its looking good and just so u know, the best Mario in Fl will come... Monk ^.^ there will be others like Gmoney, chops cant make it cuz of gigs and hrnut with gdx cant come cuz of another tourney... but hopefully u and abscent can come... theres not much tourneys around this area so itll be cool if we can all gather... but yea Gmoney is consider one of the best warios in Fl.

    hopefull u consider coming ^.^
    this sucks, well maybe sometime in the future... sucks though cuz tops players will come to this finally... like Afro, Seibrik LamChops just to name a few and ChuDat from Virginia... last time anyone has a shot at him for the remainder of the year hehehe
    Chris isn't gonna be coming to Teams this Sunday, so I deff. don't have a partner... I'm gonna ask around but if you're interested in teaming with me let me know asap I'll rather Team with you then some one else but if I get a yes from someone else before you I can't ditch that person if you tell me yes afterwards... it wouldn't be right... and if for some miracle Chris can make it to teams then I can't team with him if me and you or whoever I end up planning on teaming with ^.^

    but yea man I need a 100% Yes or 100% No... this thing is around the corner so I need a partner that's 100% confirm that will be there ^.^
    Since you never made any thread for your new tourney I don't know if you will have it or not but this is the Thread for the upcoming tourney at my hose with the help of THE "ChuDat" Hope you can make it ^.^ btw if you can come, I don't have a partner cuz chris might not come from work in time for double and might not even be in time for singles....

    Hey, when is the next bi tournament? I've got me and two others who want to brawl.
    crap, the last one huh >.< I thought you would make it a monthly thing but yea I understand.. well that means I'll deff. have to make this happen and in the mean time I also hope things go better around here other wise I'll have to travel for good and fair tourneys, it'll be good to have people travel to naples for once hehehe but yea good luck with baseball ^.^
    cool a tourney to kick off the new year sounds good hehehe if it ain't much to ask try to not set it on the 10th, since me and my crew will be going to Seibriks tourney on that day... I'll suggest maybe the 3rd that way Jssn can attend this with his friends, but yea that's just me

    anyways I hope you find your copy of brawl >.< or else you might be forced to buy a new one or something ahhh
    Hey man i was wondering if there were any tourneys down there in naples between December 23rd and January 4. I'll be down there for those 2 weeks let me know me and 4 of my friends wana play.
    I will keep in touch with you, and i promise you during this X-mas break i will be down there with my friends... if you manage to host something during that time i will be attending it. Or if not im pretty sure we can come up with a date so we can have some friendlies i havent played anyone from naples, i really didnt know there were any active players down there. keep in touch
    Wuts up man, right now i go to school at FSU so im in tallahassee for the moment, but i am originally from naples so during this Xmass break i got about 5 ppl that play good brawl down there, 3 of em are up here in tally with me. let me know if your are interested in making a tourney.... and i would like to know where do you host them.

    I have not gone to the tech lounge or even heard of it. I only live in Cape Coral, and I would imagine giving the fact that it is only an hour if that that you have members from Cape who are going. If there are any who can give me a ride, let me know. What time is it useually?
    Thanks. I'm really commited to Mario and I don't want to stop using him even if against a Metaknight or DDD.

    By the way, I left my Wiimote+ Classic Controller there >_> I'll need to pick it up unless you're willing to mail it to me.
    Indeed it is :)
    Due to not being around your area much, I have to ask: where can I get food around there? :p
    Also, we're still following the same schedule, correct? Free play -> Singles -> Doubles -> End?
    Hey what time should I be at the tournament on Sunday? Since I'm bringing a Wii? I was thinking 10:30, but I didn't want to be rude or anything :p
    That's awsome!!! add "V TEC" to the list then, and I also noticed your looking for another w!! if you don't mind we could provide the last w!! you need for that 4th TV
    thx for da information on da other tourney but im not going since it aint for cash. ill be attending yo tourney. count me in. thx bro
    Yea I'll def. will be coming with my friends... were already signed in... I'm with shiekssbb ohh I was wondering, you think there will be a chance to do a crew battle??? I don't know if there's some people coming in groups... there's a friend of mine that might come but if there's crew battles though...
    Didn't want to waste thread space, but...

    Sign me up to bring a Wii as well to your tournament. Also, I may not be able to show up at Tek Lounge this Sunday. Maybe, but unlikely. Just saying.
    Hahaha, I didn't even notice. That's funny. Thanks for pointing it out. You going to be at Brawl Wars on the 20th?
    I'll definitely be there, yup. My step-brother may or may not be coming with me, depending on if my step-dad can get him money.
    Tek Lounge is pretty all right. I enjoy the interaction. But there's always room for improvement I suppose. Sorry to hear you weren't digging it...

    Anyway, great work on the tournament hosting. Sadly, I'm stuck in GA still until at least next Tuesday. If you can, postbone it to a different date lol. If you can't, tell me how it goes. I'll definitely be at the next one if there is one.
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