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  • Cool cool...
    A plan for bi-weeklies has only been discussed, not planned. If it were to happen though, it would probably be Friday night or any time on the weekend. Nothing is solid yet.
    Also, I live in Naples, yeah. I've just been especially busy in terms of travel this summer...
    Hey, listen, Tek Lounge is doing a tournament for sure on 5 August (a Tuesday). I have to go out of town (again -_-), so I won't be there that day, but you can go if you're in Naples and you're up for it. Admission is $18 for doubles, singles, and FFAs.
    Also, the possibility of bi-weeklies once school starts is up in the air. Soo, this could become more regular ;)
    Sorry, I've been in Atlanta for a few days...

    No idea if there was a tournament last Tuesday.
    It's too soon to set one up this Tuesday (tomorrow), but we can set one up next Tuesday, eh?
    Btw, tried calling before I left, their phone was out for some reason. I'll call again tomorrow or stop by if I can.

    EDIT: Just got word that there will definitely be a tournament this Thursday. Don't know if you can be there or not, but I thought you should know...
    Sorry about not being able to AIM today. AIM isn't on this computer and I'm not allowed to install programs. I have AIM at my dad's place, which I usually go to Thursdays-Sundays.
    Anyway, which room? I'm in the social room right now.
    Hey I'm having trouble with the chat application on the site right now for some reason. Sorry for not getting there sooner. We'll chat another day.
    Define what you mean by venue. We already use Tek Lounge as the tournament center. We usually play on a large projection screen in the back room, but maybe we can use their lobby/front screen as well, provided someone brings a third Wii.

    Btw I have Yahoo and MSN on this computer. If you have those we can IM. If you don't, AiB chat is fine.
    lol there isn't a lot of work. UberIce doesn't have a profile, and Lazu is barely around and he isn't listed in any city. Phanna probably won't drive down from Sanibel unless it's something bigger, so aside from the two of us that leaves Metal_Doc, SmashMac, Shiz, KeepSpeedN, and Havok. SmashMac has been to Tek Lounge at least once--I don't think he was too keen about it due to there not being cash prizes--so his brothers are bound to know. That leaves Metal and Havok. You can message them if you'd like, but I'd like to wait it out at least until I have a date for the next one before I start messaging people.

    I think, at our last meet, there was a total of 9 kids. 3 said they would promise to bring at least one person next time. With your 3, and if I find anyone, we'll have around 16 people. The place isn't exactly huge so it's actually a really good amount for our area.

    Sorry about overthinking a bit :p
    No word yet. I told my contact to drop the guy a line. Hopefully word will come in soon.

    Also, 2 threads were made. One was by me and is dead. The other was made by a kid I know. That thread is also dead, but that thread was for a particular day, not for bi-weeklies.
    Hm. I'm not sure what SmashMac said but I know he's been to PlayNTrade and apparently he's been to Tek Lounge too. Sooo, no comment on that lol.

    I don't think either of the PNT tourneys have had threads. I regularly go there and I have their myspace so I know about these things, but I'm not surprised that not too many people seem to know. Or maybe they do and I just don't know them? Either way I see what you're saying.

    Oh, and don't search Naples--you'll almost never find anything V_V
    Oh no. PlayNTrade hosts tournaments--Smash tournaments included--right in the store. Tek Lounge hosts tournaments in their store as well. As far as I know there's no crossover or anything aside from the note that Tek Lounge gives PlayNTrade cards out to their winners.
    Were you at Tek Lounge? I'm confused now lol :p
    Either way, yes, my tag is VD. That was me.
    No idea. I'm pretty sure everything up to 6 September is set in stone, but the bi-weekly thing is still worth a shot I suppose.
    Slightly related, there's a place called Tek Lounge that hosts Smash tourneys. A couple of us have been talking to make it on a set schedule (bi-weekly would be nice), but no luck so far. I'll see if I can get a date for the next tournament if you'd like.
    Hey, sorry for the late response--I've been on vacation, no computer access :p

    Anyway, yes, I've been to both of the Naples PnT tournaments so far. Maybe you saw me? I was playing Lucas and brought a beach chair the first time, then played the Olimar in the second one.
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