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Vicious Delicious

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  • Vicious!
    Hows it going man?
    Hows the smashing been?
    Anything local going on?
    I've been inactive for about 6 months so I'm totally out of the loop haha.
    crap, well I know its out of nowhere so it's cool if you can't make it but if you can then it'll be awsome ^.^ and good luck with that trip... I wish I could it's been a loooong week for me starting with gigs and work all pile up hehehe but yea going to miami tomorow as well.... but yea let me know if you can make it man ^.^

    heres the link again:

    I took your advice and bought Watchmen. I just finished it.

    Reading that book may have been the single greatest thing I've ever done with my life.
    alright man sounds good, if you need the adress or directions hit me up on this No.: 777-4930 we prob might do a small friendly tournament just for the fun of it since it'll be like 10 people with you so i'll try to keep it on hold till you come, if you come ^.^ but sat for sure then ^.^
    ok, today well i think it would start around 5-6 and prob end till 10-11.... and for Saturday I'm not sure what time, cuz I have to clean the house around, room >.> and set up everything but I think around 5-6
    I may have a few people here... so if you can come for sat too would be cool ^.^
    hey man, I tried texting you while at work the other day but couldn't reach you, I was wondering if you could chill today thursday... place will be radio rd so it should be close ^.^ Falco (Danny) can only have 9 people over in total, I have a spot for you save... it should be good for practice before the tourney... we might chill sat too but it would be late, or for a while only not sure and it'll prob be at my house though... so if you can come to this it' be awsome ^.^
    well I was wrong on one thing, it's actually on Nov. 8 >.< I want to go there but gotta talk with the crew... here's the Link:

    I've been told the first Brawl Wars got like over 30 attendees and this time should be bigger... it has a sign up of up to 70 players O.O and there's 29 registered already so it should be interesting plus for those who like melee can have a share of the fun too hehehe not for me though

    I'll bring my RPG to playNtrade for sure ^.<
    yea I know what you mean... >.< either way I wont be going too since it was out of nowhere and chris, hes always the driver so he works tomorrow >.< this really sucks I was looking forward to it when I found out about it... top guys will be there o.O but yea I'm looking at another tournament I think around the end of Nov. Brawl wars I think it's called, well see about that... playNtrade is around the corner lol can't wait for it, I get to cosplay again hehehe should I bring my RPG o.O???
    lol been there, I have a few shots I've done myself hehehe are you guys by any chance gonna go to Brawlloween in Miami??? I think I've asked before but I can't remember >.< I'm pissed cuz they changed the tournament out of nowhere to Brawl singles and doubles... now I wanna go but dunno if we will >.< it's tomorrow I think
    We have Hotpockets, Lunchables, Cookies, Gatorade and Soda for sale. We really don't want anyone leaving to get food so if you want "real" food you should probably buy it ahead of time.

    And the schedule may change due to popular demand. Everyone wants Free Play>Crews>Doubles>Singals
    I'll have to pick it up, then! It was $20 bucks, but I only had $15, so I got Bone for 10. It's pretty good, but a bit slow at first. Hilarious series, though.
    And we should Brawl some time. But first, I need to pick up a WiFi thingamajig. Hahaha.
    What've you been writing?
    Watchmen? I think I've heard of it. Actually, I was going to buy it the other day, but decided to buy the 5th Bone book instead. Ever read that one?
    Eh, I haven't been up to much lately. On SWF, I've pretty much completely retreated into the Poke Center (they all like me there), and occasionally venture into the PRoom and Sheik Boards.
    As for life, I'm trying decided what I want to major in in college. Illustration, Graphic Design, Cullinary Arts... Argh, indesicions!

    Y tu, Brute?
    Alright, cool.
    I'll keep the subject fresh at the next tourney.
    And has anyone made/should make a topic for the tourney on the 5th?
    thanks for letting me know, I'm in new York right now but I'm definitely going to the one on the 5th
    and about the bi-weeklies, are both days going to be on the weekend? I'm pretty busy with school during the week. And are you going to be here or are only in Naples for summers?
    ****... I leave Wednesday night. I'll be gone for 8 days.
    Thanks for telling me though.
    If anything else comes up let me know.
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