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  • sorry man were running late >.< we gotta pick up like 4 or 5 guys.. but if its in the way we could.. where does he live???
    yea we should arrange something... you think your top 5 will be there o.O so we can have our top 5 or something like that... and yea im gonna be there with my brothers and ******, and i did got inside the site... but i haven't really messed around it much >.< and I'm thinking of using my second main sometime tomorrow... I've been practicing and everyone tells me its ready for a tournament! well see >.>
    hey what do yuo say its abou the same with us.. we have in total like 8... well with ****** and andrew will be ten but we do have like 5 or 6 good good players.. maybe we can settle for something o.O im not sure if one of our crew members is gonna show up.. but either way youll be up for doing a crew battle right???
    if by gingers you mean that tournament on Oct. 19th then yea we should do crew battles o.O I really want that ^.< and I've told the guy about it.. so i hope there's some crews there, how big is your crew o.O???
    yea I did! but it was weird.. it asked me for my e-mail to send me a verification code or something like that.. but i never got it and i tried again and again but nothing... and then sometimes i got errors >.< and now every time it just doesn't send me the e-mail i need to activate the account...
    Sounds good, I hope nothing gets in the way.. so what would be the prices then if it exceeds 15 people??? it will mean teams gets money too right... and I'm assuming it'll be the same fee as last time! ohh and btw who is your main??? I thought it was metaknight!
    Yea we might go I Think.. its this Sunday right??? and are those 4 really good guys you mentioned last time gonna show up this time though??? it'll be cool if more people show up to make it more interesting ^.<
    Yo o.O hows it going its M!X from that tournament at tek lounge O.O remember you told me about this site on myspace... what was the site again I forgot it >.< give me a link o.O

    Whats going on o.O its M!X it was fun yesterday ^.< whats that one site you where telling me about o.O???
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