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CT Chia
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  • If you want to buy premium for some one, but the premium in full, tell me who you want to give it to, and I will transfer it to them.
    **** yeah... Well I was googling "How to start up a Lan Center" looool. I'm just tired of there not being a damn lan center in Philly.

    Like... I have the will to do such crazy things. I mean, you know me. ;o

    But yeah it would be pretty hard. I'd need help. But omg...

    hosting tournies plus that... pays itself.
    Ah ok thanks man! yeah I just made a wordpress for it.

    Besides venue fee and donations and sponsors, I would think running a lan center would help with the business aspect... I'm not one into business...

    But I had this sudden urge to open a Lan center... Why? Because I want to host tournaments alot here in Philly. : DD
    Ah ok, yeah I deff will because I want to. I will try wordpress out, thank you.

    I didn't intend on making the money back though. How could I go about doing that?
    Btw. Do you think the time is right for making a website, or should I wait a while before making a website, because I'd just waste money just for it to sit there with minimal content? (Especially since there is a sale going on)
    Ah ok.

    Basically just one where I can advertise my tournament, and anything related to it which can hype it up. I have taken two web design classes in high school but I feel I would need to take more to be able to make my own fully fledged website.

    Like, I always like having a clean, and simple format. : P

    I can make my own graphics and banners but I'm lazy looool
    Yooo! I made a twitter for my MAD tournament series, and I followed you. : D Please follow me back if you can. If you have a twitter for CLASH, I'll follow that too.

    Also, question. How did you get your website? I want to get one, do I got to contact my ISP and pay money to get one up? Etc etc
    Dude, for whobo 4 i wanna do online reg but i have not the slightest clue on how to do it. Can you PLEASE help me out?
    Sure. Due to Tin Man taking my planned date, my tourney will be either June 23rd/24th or July 13th/14th. Most likely it will be in July cause I don't want attendance to get in the way of Tinman's tourney.
    Chibo, I need your help about running a Pokemon tournament. Can you VM when you're on AIM or something so I can talk to you about it?
    Put in Force Replay, send me all of the replays that happen overnight, I'll record as much of them in HD as possible (for SRT :D ) if you want
    Oh I thought you were asking where they are staying at. That set is online. Try searching for it or checking my aib blog for the link.
    Last I played with them was at Jband's place in Newark but they are probably back at Xivk's place in the Bronx near Strife's house.
    So can we do that Skype thing tonight with Brandon about my pool case? I need some support.
    Ah, okay. That next Mafia game began, and I can't talk about it much other than that. :/

    Since it will take a few days for Virj to process a premium gift, I can send you the numbers for an AMEX gift card so you can buy it right now...
    I think the idea is if it's over 320 it's 6 man pools, if it's less than 4 man pools. The 4 man pools at least have been discussed since the beginning. I just think some of the stupidity wandering that thread is out of control. I also think the smash community is too stuck in their ways.
    yeah i am watching it, let me refresh maybe? gonna do so now

    i didn't break any rules, not quite sure why i got banned, i barely said anything in the first place
    Yo. It just like randomly banned me from your chat, is there anyway to fix this? I didn't break any rules and it only happened when Prog told everyone to refresh the stream. (I assume it was him, Twitch does this a lot to me for some reason lol.)
    Ayo Super Mod, you should give Tinnie control of our PR/URS Discussion Thread
    hey, I have your brawl hack codes but I was wondering how I change or get rid or the name changes when it displays the song title at the beginning of the match
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