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Recent content by CT Chia

  1. CT Chia

    SMASHADELPHIA Ultimate! Launch Weekend, 32+ Setups! Singles, Doubles, Squad Strike

    REGISTRATION IS LIVE HERE: http://smash.gg/sdaUltimate http://smash.gg/sdaUltimate http://smash.gg/sdaUltimate SMASHADELPHIA Ultimate The next installment of SMASHADELPHIA is a special one, SMASHADELPHIA Ultimate! This tournament takes place on the Sunday of SSBU launch weekend, and we'll be...
  2. CT Chia

    Atlantic North SMASHADELPHIA 2018

    Don't tell me this isn't enough notice ;) Details are obviously scarce at the moment, but the date and venue are confirmed! I want to thank you to all the SMASHADELPHIA 2017 attendees, and hope you enjoyed yourselves! Time to look forward to SMASHADELPHIA 2018, as we aim to become bigger and...
  3. CT Chia

    Simply Put, Why Isn't This Us?

    aka, why aren't we this: https://trentesports.wordpress.com/2016/09/21/the-case-for-a-committee-growing-smash/ I think a discussion on this is big enough to warrant its own thread and not put into the State of the BR thread. I'd love to hear the thoughts from the leaders of the room, advisors...
  4. CT Chia

    3v3 and 4v4 Discussion

    I don't mean to be blunt, but my thoughts on the topic are that we shouldn't even begin to discuss potential rules for 3s and 4s without knowing how to discuss even a singles ruleset. Not that I'm against ever visiting this, but in terms of priority for what's needed in the community right now...
  5. CT Chia

    Meta Tier List v2.0 Discussion & Moving Forward

    We did try to include knowledgeable community members of said characters that weren't in the BR. Activity was an all time low.
  6. CT Chia

    Important State of the BR

    What are we marketing? What's our product, our purpose? We need to properly define what we do before we put money into advertising it. We have a tier list out, that's about all I can think.
  7. CT Chia

    Mii Legality Thread

    Well based on past BR work, the recommended jam doesn't work. And if we wrap it up by saying hey but do what you want, it feels kinda moot. Like sure it might help a little, but I feel like there's more we can do (but that isn't defined yet, we need to think of what it could be)
  8. CT Chia

    Mii Legality Thread

    Y E S Making a statement would help make a change. If everyone thinks it wouldn't, then no one would be saying anything nationwide and nothing would change. In fact, I think coming together to suggest a full ruleset would be the best. Suggesting only Miis on its own, while good, may not have the...
  9. CT Chia

    Important State of the BR

    I appreciate this, and it does a good job at putting out there the current state of the room, but it leaves open many questions. The bolded parts are literally "this has to change" and what we're currently doing "hasn't been working out." As one of the leaders of the 4BR, I would love to hear...
  10. CT Chia

    Meta Tier List v2.0 Discussion & Moving Forward

    The MU chart project was such a headache in trying to resolve conflicting opinions which usually just resulted in going to which side was more stubborn.
  11. CT Chia

    Mii Legality Thread

    Take it from one of the leading members of the Mii community, most people would not be happy with the golden/optimal set allowed Diosdi. This is clearly shown in the results of the Community Impact on Miis poll in my knowledgebase where 58% of Miis polled said this is not a suitable compromise...
  12. CT Chia

    Mii Legality Thread

    I wrote this (with help from the Mii Plaza Discord) to gather literally all information possible in regards to Mii Legality: http://clashtournaments.com/MiiKnowledgebase.pdf Has a ton of great information you will all find useful
  13. CT Chia

    Important State of the BR

    Can anyone catch up the new members on the 4BR type stuff? I've been reading around but am still kinda lost, and the state of the 4BR thread hasn't been updated since last year and still has some ?s in it. What's our overall goal? Who are we? What are we trying to accomplish?
  14. CT Chia

    Official And we're bringing in new members~

    Reppin the Brawl Back Room :D
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