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  • Chu I am am most likely your biggest fan, I heard in the pod cast that you might retire.

    you should keep at it bro, in melee you dont hand off (check out fly amanita's vids he is from so cal) I can imagine what a beast you would be doing that on top of how much you own anyways

    also I have been waiting forever to see you main ICs in brawl and actually learn to infinite you would raaape.

    Anyways you inspired me to play ics and to get good at smash, would be a shame to see you retire.

    I learned to hand off in a couple weeks. Im sure you could get it down even faster. cheers and good luck at what ever you do, you are a true champ i am bummed i could not make the driver from nor cal to see you when you were in so cal.
    Hi Chu Dat, this is DJ Mirror. I couldn't reach you on AIM earlier. I would like to do a podcast with you when you come down to So Cal because this might be my only chance to do so unless there's a big international tournament on the west coast....

    http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=269017 If you are ok with it, then cool let me know asap..my aim is Jays0nnn thank you
    Hey Chudat nice to meet you, I'm MogX a mexican Kirby main.
    I heard your comming to SOCAL in like two weaks, a lot of people it's looking forward to this and so do i.
    Someone gave me the perfect idea that you and me should team because it's gonna look hell of anwesome. Please consider this proposal.
    If i'm good in teams? I have won and place very high in doubles tournaments in all socal. Even if we don't win, i'm pretty sure it's gonna be a lot of fun.
    Thanks for your time.
    Thought so. >.> arghhh

    Thanks for the offer btw. I can't get outta dog sitting though :(
    Ahh i don't know how to contact him and i definitally will take the train just can you link me to a website i can look at or something? XD i'll research it and see if i can do it and get atomsk and others to go too it'll be mad fun no promises though!
    I definitally would but i dont even have my car up to date right now because of no job or else i would throw everyone in my car and definitally go, Any way to train down there?
    When and lets see mann, i'm trying really hard right now to get a job and MLG this month !!! thats maddd money xD we gotta chill btw at MLG can't wait!! no kirby dittos though sh*ts wack

    When is this btw?
    Yeah bro that would be MOST helpful in fact you wanna exchange numbers i'm sure everyone in the car is down for that and i believe i remember where you live but could you give me your address anyway

    edit - actually i'll PM you XD
    You are the best kirby ever... i never lost the hope when you were fighting defh, that was an awesome match
    I watched you vs DEHF......WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH! By far the best match in that entire event.
    yoooo if you has no partner for Brawl+ and your actually enterring that tourneyyyy , wannna teamsies? if not its cool yo chu cool.
    yo chu sorry for late response but if you can, can you pick me up at rockville or no cause my only resource is leaving in the morning
    i didn't mean for you to pick us up sorry for not saying that at first but i just needed the metro directions but if i absolutely need a ride do you know people in montgomery county that will help us? again sorry for all the Q's :/
    we really will try just that we need to know how to get there buy metro if you can help us i would be greatful
    good stuff man and thanks for the friendlys with me and my bro and tell Azen i said thanks for teams against NL and the real Zonda.
    Hey man do you feel like going to a midwest Circuit event? M2K, drephen, vidjo, Tink,Kels vans,Sliq, Swiftbass, watty and others confirmed its NOT HUGE But it will be large we got over 40 people in a couple weeks coming and its only Growing everyday Plus we have ALLY and Lain and all ohio's best brawlers because its a weekend event

    Atomsk and I destroyed Zucco and ADHD in teams (I got 6 kills in game one and had two stocks left, rofl) and we beat dmbrandon and Ally quite solidly (we ***** Ally's Snake so badly he went MK and they lost to our double MK after that).

    Still worried about Pound 4? I'm not, even though you took third twice or whatever. **** happens.
    haha cool. I should be there, unless I make a dumb decision and drive down to Georgia again =]
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