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  • Hey Chu, I dunno if you remember me, but we met at the Georgia tournament a year ago? I just moved to Maryland for the semester, and I was wondering if you'd want to team for some local stuff in Melee...I usually team with Wobbles back in Texas so I'm pretty familiar with Peach/Climbers, and I can carry my own weight in teams
    chu would it be alright if i spent the night at your place to stay for the brawl tourney?
    Yo Chu, if I were to get dropped at your place it'd have to be around 1 PM. What would you think of that? Otherwise Forte and I could just take the metro. Do you have enough room in the car for ADA?
    Hey, its Caleb. Whats up, you deformed monstrocity? ^_^ .....lmao....
    Jk, I still dont have any internet at our place, but I wanted to shoot you a line, and I hope you're doing decent.
    Hey, can I get my flash drive back the next time I see you?
    3 cheers to the only non nerdy looking professional smasher!

    ... Tells you alot about our community, doesn't it?
    Hey can you let me know when & where your bi-weeklies are?
    Thanks =)
    I specifically said that I don't want anyone to ride down with me and back with someone else, because it's unfair to the other people who want to go. I'm not trying to douche you out of a ride, and if I had free seats I wouldn't have a problem with it, but I don't. If it was just a misunderstanding than I'm sorry.
    So are you and Omni going with me, Meep, or someone else? I'd like to know ASAP.

    Also just wanna say, I really hope you're not planning on going down with me and coming back with someone else. That would screw over other people who could've gone.
    wow but i havnt stole anything..................so your just gonna accuse me of stealing **** when i havnt put fingers on anything that doesnt belong to me even though my ipod touch got stolen..........when i came to ur house i respected everything and i basically was trying to provide u a venue to throw a tourny to make up for wat i did before ........good **** chudat u sir are amazing sarcasam
    Any chance you could tell me when the next dojo tournament is? I've been wanting to go to the last two but things keep getting in the way... The first time was because of finals, and this time was because my plane was majorly delayed on my way back from vacation. I wanna help MD/VA get some respect from other places, specifically TX, NY, and NJ. Thanks for your time (If you bother to read this)! ^_^
    I just found out today that my parents are having our internet shut off, I wont be on near as often, I'll pop in every once in awhile, like when I'm at my gf's house, but other than that, I wont be around.... if you ever wanna chat or if you plan on comin down, just gimme a call man, peace.
    its ok and thx. btw we have met b4 at the brawl till u fall in laurel. U played my black friend who was ice climbers for a friendly
    Hey Chu whats up? it was fun hangin out with you. Especially playing brawl , i know you werent really trying your best on me >.> lol. But i heard how you did on the competition! good job. :) Glow poi was awesome, practice hard and next time you come down we'll have a show down lol. See ya later, ill continue to practice my brawl game and next time i want a real match XD
    Hey whatsup, hangin out was fun, I hate we couldn't come over last night, ggs hopefully we will all play again soon! It was great havin ya down. :)
    those ganon ic friendlies we had were intense man, good stuff. good job in the tournament too.
    hey, do you have the files for the obstacle courses on your computer? they looked soooooo fun...i want to try them out some more
    yo chu, i was the Sonic that placed high. nice tourney, man. really wanted to play you.
    EDIT: nevermind i just read the thread. sorry for this post, and see ya saturday at the dojo! :)
    yo are you gonna be at Apex? I'm comin up from south Florida with Afro and Seibrik
    No, I honestly didn't think you would. I'm going to take what I say next to private so what is now our business isn't put out there.
    Chu don't take this the wrong way but you should keep your business private and use PM's if you don't want anyone to say anything. I wasn't the only one to know and say something about it.
    ah dammit lol... i don't get off till late tomorrow ; ( off saturday... plus i haven't played melee in months!!! preciate ya remembering me tho
    Dude, I been practicing melee hardcore, brawl kinda fell off the map xD I think I can take you now. What do you think? lol Congratson making the backroom btw, good ****.
    not tryna get in your business that everyone knows about alrdy cuz its not in pms lol.. but if you did not want people to know about it then it should have been in pms :/
    wtf do i like like im not gonna get clowned for dis *****im not no pushova it looks like im juss ahndung u muney like im thinking about it
    ill pay 50 dollors .........100 is not reasonable and i need it becuse i just quit my job............so ill pay you 50 for me wasting your time man and well be strait........i dont hate u .... u hate me and i understand y and u have every reason toobut does 50ty sound good
    i dont care man i will apoligize to everyone..........i just want to play. ill pay a fine for u driving and wasteing ur time.....im young and i made a mistake juss unbann me man.......i was going to *** with dees cuz i was staying with him and i want to make my name better for the people who dont even no me so yea........i juss want to get better....kadaj wants me to *** to his tourny but i really want to go urs
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