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Recent content by CableCho57

  1. CableCho57

    Basketball Thread

    did he just refer to Kyle Korver as Ashton Kutcher BS is the man haha
  2. CableCho57

    The future of Melee (lack of controllers)

    yeah hit up friends who have controllers they'll think they're ripping YOU off when you offer them 10 bucks for a controller lol
  3. CableCho57

    Basketball Thread

    8th place.... living up to my team name my bad dudes, i've brushed off our league badly but imma jump on it for real. the least I can do is set my lineup consistently
  4. CableCho57

    A Comparison of Top Players Over the Years: (2009-2012)

    mew2king you're like the ice climbers on the tier list Top 4 players M2K's own tier everyone else
  5. CableCho57

    Top ten at Apex 2013 predictions.

    why not have a fox RR? that seems way overdue. well I guess there's too many foxes to consider man if lovage was in shape, he would wreck the fox round robin
  6. CableCho57

    Top ten at Apex 2013 predictions.

    axe participating was kinda wack shiz is retired tho isnt he westballz should be an easy shoe-in (if he's going)
  7. CableCho57

    FGC analogies

    melee is Rocky brawl is Rocky V P:M is Rocky Balboa I guess smash64 could be Chuck Wepner
  8. CableCho57

    Santa Barbara / San Luis Obispo Smash: Smash Club this Tuesday at HFH @ 8 pm

    http://www.facebook.com/groups/358902214188040/ you'll probably have better luck here smashnoob, andy and kenny don't really check the boards
  9. CableCho57

    Q&A The Official Technical Issues Q&A thread (TV's, Controllers, gamecubes, etc)

    amazon. But it's hella expensive, like 50 dollars I think you can always roll your dice and buy a used one on a amazon. Sometimes you get a controller broken in just right
  10. CableCho57

    What was the first character you used the first time you played this game?

    I had played starfox 64 growing up and always played fox in ssb64 as a kid. I ended up not getting a gamecube and opted for the ps2 as my next gen so I never tried melee for years after it's release. It wasn't until 2005 when I moved to Santa Barbara where I met a friend who invited me to hang...
  11. CableCho57

    Kpop Discussion~♡

    is everyone here korean or can speak/understand korean? I hope i'm not coming off as rude, i'm just genuinely curious lol
  12. CableCho57

    Campbell X Tournament FIGHT NIGHT HYPE

    yeah Strong Bad that's getting really old. like the smash database #shotsfired probably can't go. i'll have to take mango's $100 next time
  13. CableCho57

    COMPLETED: Fund: Help Overtriforce to APEX 2013! Redact is the best!

    then don't comment lol i'll throw in like 10 dollars or something probably
  14. CableCho57

    Tiered Rankings / Gym Leader / Player Recognition Ideas

    scar didn't you used to be a mod? what happened to that? It seems like it would be super beneficial to smashboards if you were a one again
  15. CableCho57

    Campbell X Tournament FIGHT NIGHT HYPE

    joey carpool? otherwise can anyone in the area house me for saturday night? I might just go by myself and make it a mini trip to see my friends and sister in san francisco on sunday
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