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  • I'm all for HD remakes as long as they contain enough new content and/or features to warranty buying the same game again. (Still debating if I should buy the HD remake of RE4 on the XBLM one of these's $20.) =/

    Now ports on the other hand, I try not to buy those cause IMO, it just shows how lazy the game developer/publishers were and it's a blatant attempt at a cash grab. (i.e. Super Mario All-Stars on the Wii.)

    Do you own a DC btw?

    And why not? The 360 has tons of great arcade games such as: Castle Crashers, Perfect Dark XBLA and Braid to name a few. IMO, it's one of the greatest features of the 360 as opposed to the PSN store or WiiWare.

    And I'd still play Brawl if it were anything like Melee. (inb4playprojectmF8AL) Mario Kart Wii? I own that game but I don't play it anymore cause IIRC, about half of the tracks in that game are retro ones. =/ (And which platform did you did you buy SG for? 360 or PC? It's like $10.50 on Steam right now if you're interested btw. Doesn't the PC version of SG contain mod support or something?) And yeah you should, Wacky Workbench pissed me off to no end. :mad:

    Haha, you know it! How many have you gone to?
    Lol, I think I'm to blame for that, since I spaced the threads out so far. That, and I never relayed the thread to Diddies and Snakes, given the reaction I go from The MKs...

    But it's w/e. Just gotta do what we can at this point.
    Feel free to continue the Sonic MU threads. I'm without Internet for at least a week, and can't be bothered to drive here and there for a simple Internet connection.
    Yes but are those versions in HD? I think not! (Unless the DC version is, I have no clue, despite me having a DC in my household.) Did you buy any cheap sonic games off the XBLM last week? I got Sonic CD for only 200 MSP!!! (Or $2.50 in real people money...)

    And that's cool, I've only been to one Melee tournament back in the day. I won it. :p
    Mhmm. What have you been up to lately?

    I'm assuming you're exciting for SA2 which is being released sometime in October on XBL/PSN?
    Well I haven't been out of city, and our city has only had free tournaments as of late. They only count for Power Rankings for Texas, so they're small, and we've only had two so far.

    Money's the big problem. I should be going to WHOBO though if you, Ill, and Infinity can help me out (I need to talk to Nike but he's in Minnesota), and I have a local I'm volunteering for as a TO. At the very least, two tournaments I should be attending this summer. :applejack:
    You should, I try to make my SWF friends list as "exclusive" as possible with only close/good friends on it. (There are exceptions tho, I guess.)
    :( Yeah. It's cute and Wiscus is awesome for drawing it for me but it's too kawaii for an avatar.
    You'll remain on it until the next purge. Then it's all up in the air.
    I can, I'll just want a little gas money from each person - I'll try to get a 4 person car. Also would you want to smash today or tomorrow? I can give you a ride.
    Thanks, I've been sucking in singles lately though :|.

    You've been doing pretty good in your state too... with like 20 characters lol.
    look at the edit in the mkwii thread, for the brackets info.

    big thanks for doing this.
    Haha alright, it's no problem. I'll probably be available later in the night as well if you're still around if the next hour doesn't work out.
    Yeah, there's a lot people don't know about her. If Filipino Champ incorporated half of this crap into his game, he'd be winning every major. As for the unmod thing, I'm not overly concerned with it, since I understand part of the reasoning involved.
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