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  • well to begin. I was born again cleansed of my sins on may 15th 2011. I became a Christian and the thing is up until this point through the Holy spirit God has been working in me. God has convicted me greatly to stop playing brawl. Note though I didn't do anything it's all through the holy spirit. Supernatural and like this is the real thing. There is no exact verse on video games in the bible, but I know he has a plan for me and I want to follow his will.

    I'll still post on the boards to talk to people, but I'm not part of this anymore. I heard the mu panel is falling apart, but eh I doubt we would have got any of the changes we wanted.
    Thanks! Yeah it's MK legal because I had to come to an agreement with the other big city in Texas. So we did some debating and came down to that ruleset. At this point, I really just want attendance.
    Ah, yeah, procrastinating tends to be a big thing in college :p I was just wondering if the workload really was as extreme as you thought it would be, good to see you're doing fine though. You're in Massachusetts, right? Worst case scenario, you can always set up tournaments yourself, idk much about the activity of that scene besides their regionals are like 50 people :x
    Try to play pro-town enough to be a town lean, but not obv-town. be more townie as the game goes on so that mafia will be less able to lynch you, and you're more likely to get any protective.
    Live and learn. At the end of gigabots mafia, I chose wrong in lylo and lynched Dietz, giving scum the win.
    (fun fact:that was the second lylo that game.)
    I told those jerks at MLG, "MAN YOU GUYS ARE ****S!!!11, YOU JUSS MILK MONEY FROM US AND TREAT US LIKE TRASH" and then they were like, "WHAT, OH NO U DI'INT" and they took everything from me. My money, my job, my modship, my girlfriend, all stolen from me. By MLG.

    Actually I lied. I just simply resigned. Time for change, you know?
    I've been really busy with school and stuff so I decided to resign.

    That and I probably needed a break anyway.
    Oh I see. New England tourneys only happen every so often though...I would try to make it to that one lol, it's going to be good. Still it's cool that you're in New England
    As much as I wish we could vote for MJG 5 times, we can't. :( Your vote for interviewees is currently invalid, so if you want to your vote to count, you're gonna have to swap out 4 of those MJGs with other members in the list.
    I shouldn't be. I got my membership suspended just recently, because I was suspected of letting others use my account. It's cleared up now, so I should have my purple name again soon. Why are you not in the BBR?
    Well only one I've played is Peachy's MPIRx, I wouldn't play mafia since it seems super serious O__O
    What happened to the Louisiana Brawl PR thread? I mean this tourney does have Melee too, I just want to get more Brawlers to show up.
    If I had to put a ratio on it I'd say it's about 75:25 MK's favor, it's bad. I think it's Mario worst matchup tbh. Maaaaaaybe tied with Falco. (But I could just be bad against Falcos) I'm pretty good at the matchup, and I think unless there's a significant skill gap then Mario shouldn't win. The only hope for winning at all in high levels of play is getting like 2 early Fsmash kills or one REALLY early gimp and then playing super safe.

    Tbh I think it's worse than Falco and DDD.
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