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Recent content by BigGman

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    Dolphin Online - Melee Netplay

    Hi, could anyone tell me exactly what I need for net play? I am technologically impaired. Is a Intel hd 3000 good enough or do I have to upgrade? Do I need any modifications for a laptop? How much would it be for a laptop for the recommended requirements? Thanks
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    The Cave (Geneva, IL) Bi-Weeklies 9/9

    i'm sorry odin and captain awesome, i am teaming with brightside.
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    The Cave (Geneva, IL) Bi-Weeklies 9/9

    i will be attending this. i also need a teammate.
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    MSOP1 - circuit event, Oct 20th

    i'll be there. i will also be taking any MM's at mini golf.
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    Evo North: The Midwest Championships (June 22-24 2007)

    viperboy- i don't know the prize breakdown, but the top eight don't get free flights to vegas. they just qualify for the final 32 man bracket.
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    Oops I did it Again! - Chicago May 19th

    i will be attending this. does anyone need a partner? cunning?
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    CoK111 - Columbus, OH May 12th! Midwest Circuit Season 2 is on its way!

    can anyone offer me housing for friday night? i will be coming pretty late, maybe midnight or so, and there will be two of us.
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    Midwest Tourny Stages

    i think counterpicking should only give the loser a slight edge. if it gives more, than a couple problems arise. first, the set becomes a best of one. if i win a close first match, and my opponent takes me to a stage that i have a severe disadvantage and get three stocked, then i do the same...
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    Huge Johnz 2: Justice shall be served April 28th Portage IN venue confirmed

    i personally like just the neutral stages for counterpicks. there are some non-neutral stages that i don't mind for counterpicks, but some are just too crazy. pokefloats and onett are just too good for fox. for someone who doesn't play a secondary character puts them at a severe disadvantage...
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    MW at OC3?!?

    we should go to disneyland or universal studios. i hear they got an awesome indiana jones ride.
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    IN/IL fundraiser tournaments?!?!?

    i would go to this.
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    EGL CHICAGO!!!, March 10th, 2007 - Let's get it on, midwest!

    dope- of course we are still teaming. double gannon FTW.
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    Midwest Honor Society (STANDINGS HAVE BEEN UPDATED 4/29/07)

    +6 for gannon. it should be a little higher, considering he's the worst character in the game. other than that, point system looks interesting.
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    Tourneybee Chicago 1/27/07 NEW!

    yes, that is true. you can go back to a stage you lost on.
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    Smashing Ground III (12/23/06) at CoD: Under New Management!

    i personally think RR into a double elimination bracket is the worst way to run a tournament. this is mainly because of people throwing matches, not playing to their full potential or training up their secondary characters. this type of stuff can alter alot of things in the bracket. it can...
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