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  • The day you change that avatar, our friendship ends! LOL, it'll be a shame to not see the Joker. Man, I'm trying to get back into working out again but have 0 motivation at the moment, what is yours?
    my chart said **** once, which isn't enough to knock a movie up from PG-13 to R, so yea, I consider it mild language :p
    Nobody's going for Melee, so I'm just gonna stay home. Let me know when you want to come by tomorrow.
    I am asking everyone who voted on the Metaknight Ban thread their opinion again, since over the course of time, many people brought up many more points, possibly changing the way that those that already voted think (most recently the results at Apex). I'm going to list the results of people's new thoughts in another thread (although I'll have to do it much later), and I'd love it if you could message me with your standing. Do you think Metaknight deserves:
    Temporary Banishment,
    A Rule Change,
    or are you unsure at the momment?
    Private messages so I can count the responces and tally properly would be greatly appreciated, but anyway of messaging will do fine.
    Hahaha naa:-p, just keep up the good work. We need more informative people like you when it comes to posting.
    I would love to play some Melee, if that's what you had in mind.

    I didn't know you were a mod.
    Yeah, I remember a good deal of it. My friend who's closest to my skill level is starting to realize where he's really at when compared with other players, so hopefully that'll lead to both of us being able to seriously rework our play style. And I'm starting to see that I can be overly aggressive and still play smart. I just need to not be 'blindly' aggressive. That doesn't mean that I can't play at the same level of aggression, but I just need to do it with purpose. I've been playing a few other people and have learned to vary the way I pressure opponents and it's working out pretty well. I'll be looking forward to seeing how it works against you when I get back.
    Congrats on becoming a mod! Since when did this happen? o_O;;

    Also, unfortunately I've already headed back home for the summer. So we can't hang out until I get back for the most part--but I'll see if I can head up sometime before the end of the summer. In the meantime I'll just work on reading my opponents and learning to think when I play. I think I was just having a hard time doing that with you since any mindgames I'd need to develop to work on you were a bit too complex to start out with.

    We'll see how and if I progress when I get back.
    Just had to tell you, that I've read quite a few posts of you and they are all very good. Keep it up man :)
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