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  • " I would suggest overtriforce but you both play sheik @.@. "
    Over is Spanish..lol

    But well I guess if Adam my friends don't mind, I wouldn't mind teaming with a top American just for the heck of it..

    Who knows, it could be fun..=]
    It's a really good song, but Alex Strife wants me to use Technical Difficulties by Julien K..

    I would REALLY rather a different song, but it's his tournament. So.. =/

    Lol tell him to listen to that one :p the first minute or so of the song is just so perfect for hype :mad:
    Sorry I'm thinking about 5 times at once I meant If you get hit by a strong attack and you have to di to stay on the stage how long do you have to DI, because it messes up your techs.
    yeah or maybe if i'm about to be kneed and I done have enogh time. but hey like when your going to get hit far away and you di to stay on how long so you have to di? It messes with most people's techs.
    I feel retarted for this but hey when randomly teching I've been trying but it's hard to react in time in most cases like I will forget to di or press R at the right time did it take you a few days to get it down or what?

    I've been standing in front of cpus dding then trying to di and randomly tech
    I won't be able to hang out tomorrow, actually. I've got to study for finals. I might be around next Tuesday, but I'm not 100% sure. I'm either getting picked up to go home that day or the day after.
    That's cool, I think I have too much homework to head there anyway. So it works out fine. Hopefully we'll hang out before I leave for winter break.
    Ahh I kinda thought he already asked you :(.

    If not oh well guess I just got a little excited. Especially since I'm looking forward to this weekend so much since my week is so terrible.
    You didn't tell me you were gonna come to my place with Matt.zeb =O.

    We're probably gonna have a mini smashfest at my place the day before. **** should be fun :bee:
    I won't be available this Tuesday. I'm getting picked up for Thanksgiving break around 5:30. Sorry, I'll see you the following Tuesday if all goes well. Hope you enjoyed ROM2.
    Awww, and right when I got recording software too! Hahah, it's cool. I'll see you next week. Until then I'll try to figure out the problem with the audio.
    Awesome to hear your surgery was a success! I LOVE ping pong! I have a pretty nice paddle, penhold grip.
    Hahah, I thought that might've been the case. Anyway, just let me know if the plan changes, otherwise that's when we'll head there.
    Nevermind, I can head over anytime tomorrow. So either stop for me is cool. The class that I had got canceled so I can leave whenever.
    Man, I was walking down Boylston street today coming back from radio shack (was picking up some cords for recording--software hasn't gotten here yet but we'll hope it does tomorrow), and I saw someone who looked just like your sister Sherie. I think I heard her speak and it did kinda sound like her. I almost said hi, but then thought it'd be really weird if I was wrong. And also really weird if I was right, considering we don't really know each other XD Just thought I'd share the story :p
    Oh wait, also, my schedule is mixed up because I have Wednesday off for some reason, so I don't get out until 5.45. I can leave right after that, though.
    hehehe, in other words, the next few days would be the perfect time to MONEY MATCH YOU >=D
    jk jk...I'm glad your getting it done. I kinda wanna get that done too...but even if I had perfect vision I'd still wear glasses just because I like how I look with them on :3
    Hey Arc, are you free this Tuesday to hang out? And if so is it cool if Mafia comes along?

    I've also noticed a few cool things you can do at the beginning of a moonwalk that I want to start implementing, just wanted your opinion on them. At the very beginning of the moonwalk you can dash attack or pivot attack/grab. I could even start a moonwalk and over+b, but I'm sure that's the last thing you want me thinking about :p Just thought I'd throw it out there to see what you think.
    Hahah, I almost missed seeing this since you posted it on your own profile :p Will be there.
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