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    Kadano's controller mods (consistent shield drops, hybrid gate &more) (list with details and prices)

    Hi I would like to a Smash Black for order! Please email me @ to do the paypal once my order makes it's way through the queue. Specs: A3 B4LR B5LR B7 CSB E2 Thanks! ArcNatural
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    Missing Piece

    I can't watch your matches to really comment on your skill level but I can give you general advice. It does take time to really improve (especially going from a friendly level to tournament level). It's based on the people you play but taking 4-6 months playing good players to really notice...
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    Having trouble with WaveShining.

    You need to pinpoint where your problem lies. Are you not jumping? Are you jumping but not airdodging? Keep in mind that when you hit someone with shine there is hitlag/stun, therefore your inputs need to be slightly slower than if you were to do waveshines solo. This is the same for if you...
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    Consistent controller breakage and ways to cope.

    Hey guys, I just wanted to post about this as I've now temporarily broken yet another controller for perhaps the 20th time. I always break my controller in the exact same way. Eventually over time my L-trigger will start sticking to the point where if I try to L-cancel anything I'll just get...
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    Gay, ****, Homo and similar words...

    Souls, For an example, you do realize that approximately 1 in 4 women in the world have been ***** right? Being ***** is an extremely traumatic experience. So whenever you're in a coffee shop, or in a supermarket or just out in about with friends a girl/women happens to just overhear you say...
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    How do I keep myself motivated?

    Just watching the first set of the video you linked. I feel like you're in a much better spot than you think. I can see that your tech skill can be ok. But it clearly dropped off and got pretty bad as the set went on. You got stuck in shield repeatedly, you did standard fox autopilot moves...
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    Q&A -Fox Advice/Questions Topic-

    I tech into the ground a ton. Maybe not as good as Amsah back then, but a good amount of the time (I happen to be really good at even if i don't get it on the ground I often get it on the platform as well rofl) All I really do is depending on the direction I'm facing is input forward...
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    Falco Discussion Thread

    Just curious do you shine waveland on platforms for combos at all? Trying to get an idea of your skill level. As for the cross up question. If you mean can you actually go through them (like do a nair/bair/dair/etc.) and go from in front to behind or vice versa. The answer is yes, just...
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    Important Carefully Ask EG.PPMD about the Tiara Guy

    I actually think walking with Marth is underused right now. You can instantly DD out of it, you can instill the fear of being able to do any of Marth's grounded moves on top of his DD/grab game. It's not the end-all be-all thing to do, but I definitely think Marth probably has the best walk...
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    Q&A -Fox Advice/Questions Topic-

    I didn't think this was a myth. I thought it's been tested. Someone correct if wrong, but I think after you've shined 2-3 times if you don't un-stale the move if you shine them when they are knocked down they will always be in the float animation. Which is why this always tends to happen if...
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    Falco Discussion Thread

    Agreed, I always Shield DI up once i've confirmed a jump by Falco (and it's easy enough to follow trajectory and move shield accordingly). Now I may be wrong, but I've always done this because I figured the higher up you force Falco to initiate the shieldstun, the more time you have before...
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    Q&A -Fox Advice/Questions Topic-

    Ok I can think of a few reasons for the confusion with Peach's downsmash. 1. If you're quick you can Shield DI Peach's downsmash down and toward Peach and make wavedash OOS to shine combo much easier. Only recommended with bloody close to full shield. I would much rather do this than what...
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    Q&A -Fox Advice/Questions Topic-

    I know exactly what you're talking about. This was the same reason why I struggled with it, even using the starman. I fixed it by getting AR and enabling infinite shield. Then I was able to just stick one of the triggers so the shield was always pushed in and shffl away happily. You can get...
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    Falco Discussion Thread

    Not so, you can easily shield drop after the uptilt hits the shield and hit them before they can respond.
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    Important Carefully Ask EG.PPMD about the Tiara Guy

    It start's pretty low, but not below 10% I'd have to check it but it's somewhere in the 12%-20% range. I can see nair probably being better than rising fair if they aren't falling over as being slightly better against CC than a rising fair but not by much. I would think, while boring just...
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