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  • Actually just go to Wellington, Matt's going to go to Framingham instead. I don't feel like traveling that much.
    Sure, when do you want me to be there? I'm not sure when I can be there, but I'll see. I'm supposed to be over at BU at around 3:30, so I'm not sure when that'll be over. I mean, definitely not more than two hours, and probably just one, but in between travel time and all, I'm not sure when I could be there. If I'm going to be late, then should I just go to Wellington?
    Cool, see you then. By the way, I've been playing a lot better recently since I took some of your advice. I noticed that I don't do a whole lot of movement aside from just moving to attack. The other day I was playing Irish Mafia I just focused on doing that and I won maybe 60-70% of the matches. I mean, he beats me with Peach, but aside from that I was doing really well. I focused on dash-dancing to avoid and to bait, grabbing or kneeing after he misses an attack, things like that. It worked out really well. He also pointed out that I tend to go for flashy off-stage kills too much so I tried to focus on up-tilt edgeguards or edgehogs as much as I could. It worked out really well. He told me I was playing a heck of a lot better, and I noticed it too. Funny thing was I was tired as heck, only running on ~2 hours of sleep, but for some reason my brain worked really well that night. I hope that carries over to tomorrow :D
    Okay. See you there. Just give me a heads up if you want me to go to Quincy instead. What time do you want me to be there, 6ish?
    You want me to be there at 5:15 again? Try to let me know by sometime tomorrow. If not I'll just show up then and hope for the best :p
    yea this weekend is a md/va tournament that we are goin to go to ... so i think we are all going out to that
    Hahah, I don't have it yet. If you guys want to try filming with my laptop's iSight, we can, but otherwise we're out of luck :p
    Yeah. I'll see you then. I might be a little late/early since I don't know how long it takes me to get there, but I'll leave ample time. Just a heads up that it could be an issue.
    Sounds good. I'll see you then. You think Matt's going? He's been through a rough bit the past few weeks, but I don't know how it's affecting him and if it'd be better for him to go out with friends or not.
    Actually I'm full Korean. The reason I lost my ability to speak it fluently was because I came into the US when I was 5. And as a Korean, learning english was at the time was more interesting for me.

    I really wish my parents were more strict on my use of the Korean language now :( but whatever.
    I saw a few vids on Darc's youtube and listened to a few kpop stuff. Stuff is actually not so bad and I can actually understand it a bit :).

    I didn't know you were actually trying to learn Korean thats awesome! I'm too lazy to actually learn the ins and outs of the language so I try to learn how to speak it better from my mom.

    I feel like checking out that vid now :)
    I'm so mad that I'm Korean and can't ****en read you're title.

    Whats that last part mean?
    Sounds like a plan.

    Yea I always had a habit with colors dunno why I just can't seem to post in default anymore :laugh:.
    Hey there, you free tomorrow again? And if so should I just get off at the same stop at the same time?
    I'm not going this Tuesday, If you want to come by my house though that's fine. The time for me to pick you up would be around 5:45-6.
    All right. I'd totally be up for going this Tuesday. Let me know what stop I should get off at and when if you're up for taking me along.
    Hahahahah, ah well. I think it'd be kinda hilarious if I got an infraction for it. But I'm not 100% sure of my schedule at this point. The only days that aren't intercepted by classes are Tuesday and Thursday, unless I change my classes, which I might. But yeah, I wouldn't mind going to fight nights, my only issue is getting back, as I'm limited in my timing by the T. Who goes there regularly, anyway? Just curious.
    Hmm...what other days are good for you? And I might be able to head with you on Tuesdays. Where is the Framingham stop? Is that off the T or would I need to take the commuter rail?
    Hey man, I'm heading back into Boston today. If your Tuesdays are still open I should be good to hang out this upcoming one. Let me know what's up.
    I'm going to school in NJIT.

    You're a graduate student? I'm planning to go to grad school too =)
    I see what you're saying, but I don't agree entirely with your idea that you can't control it. Now, I can only do this on Dreamland, but if I'm in close quarters with my opponent (I'm Ganon) and I dash toward, then dance away and immediately wavedash away, Ganon's entire body will be off camera every time.

    I am causing them to "mess up" their spacing like you said, but then again I intended to cause them to mess up and they did, so in part it was a mindgame, correct? I'm not gonna say I'm a pro at pulling this stuff off, but I just thought that this aged community needs a new mode of thinking to keep the game going even longer.

    I'm not trying to get you to open the thread, I just enjoy logical debate =)
    You would call it a messup? I might have agreed to that if I haven't hit numerous players with it numerous times. It works for me, but if the rest of the community can't discuss it, then at least I can be better using it.
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