Your Main(s) for SSBU


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Mar 9, 2018
I looked, and I couldn't find any post that used this topic(I don't think threads before the 11/1 thread count, because we didn't know the roster. Right? right? right......?)

Use Emotes
Maximum Main(s)= 6
Explain why you main your character(s)

Order should be
1= Main Main
2=Secondary Main
3= Third Main
etc etc

Main 1: :ultmario: Easily one of the best characters to learn, with a decent learning curve. Has decent juggling skills, and can spike if used right.

Main 2::ultinkling: Wanted a newcomer as one of my mains, and Inkling has that "fast but deadly" feel. Appears to have a slightly higher learning curve than Mario(and my other main) but still looks fun to play.

Main 3::ultdiddy: Monkey Business, my friend. Monkey Business.
Jokes aside, Diddy Kong, surprisingly, is really good. He can combo well, has decent field control(BANANA OP) and button mashing is a semi-viable strategy with him.(I have won a game doing that) All in all, he's great to play, but not top tier.

Robin Lucina

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Nov 2, 2018
Main 1: :ultlucina: I like the shield breaker moves.

Main 2::ultrobin: I like his costume.

Main 3::ultchrom: Because he is Lucina's father, he will be strong.
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May 17, 2015
Main: :ultkingdedede: Dreamland King best King!
As for secondaries I'll be looking for something that'll cover bad matchups. I'd need some actual practise to fully decide that first but characters I really want to try out will be:
:ultpokemontrainer: Loved Charizard and I think Trainer might possibly high tier or at least a lot of fun.
:ultincineroar: Heavies and grapplers are my thing.
:ultpiranha: Plant Gang Plant Gang Plant Gang Plant Gang
:ultkirby::ultmetaknight: Gotta make that Dreamland team complete.
Aug 27, 2018
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Main :ultdiddy:, I really love how his move set operates with those wild acrobatics.

Secondary:ultvillager:, I enjoy the unorthodox sweetness that this trouble maker brings.

Third:ultwolf:, my most wanted(and secondary in Brawl) his feral fighting style is so smooth.

I also plan to use:ultisabelle::ultjigglypuff::ultbowserjr: pretty often as well, especially for my fav theme match.

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Jul 21, 2017
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My mains are still "The Ladies of Faith" as can be seen in my signature:
  • Main 1: :ultpeach: - She has been my main in Smash ever since I started playing Melee. Also, she is my #1 favorite character in the Mario series to play as. Her low ease-of-use rating was the thing that made me want to learn advanced tech even though I have never played Smash competitively. She loves pink, I love the color pink too, which explains how my posts will hereafter be colored in pink.
  • Main 2: :ultdaisy: - My other favorite character in the Mario series. My mind was immediately made up on who to main in Ultimate when she was announced.
  • Main 3: :ultrosalina: - Now officially my third favorite Mario character. Same as Peach, she has a very low ease-of-use rating, which is what I am looking for.
  • Main 4: :ultbayonetta: - I love her classic outfit far more than the one from Bayo 2. When I saw how much of a formidable force she was in Smash 4, it was after I picked up my :4bayonetta2: amiibo I wanted to main her alongside my other girls. She may not be as formidable in Ultimate, but that will not deter me.
As for secondaries...:ultinkling::ultisabelle::ultpiranha: pique my interest. But since the OP says not to list more than six, I shall not cover them.

Sayonara :kirby:


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Feb 19, 2015
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Main 1: :ultness: I love Ness's kit to death. He has solid zoning tools in PK Fire (a trapping projectile that racks up a lot of damage and can be a setup for a big hit or a grab) and PK Thunder (being a guided projectile means it can strike from pretty much anywhere), great frame data on his jab and tilts, an array of useful aerials, and some solid kill moves in his forward smash, back throw, and back air (using PK Thunder 2 as an attack is sadly rather hard to do without getting attacked while steering the projectile into Ness, and PK Flash is just too freaking slow). Overall, I just love the way Ness's moves work.

Main 2: :ultjigglypuff: I started maining Jigglypuff in Melee because Rollout is a satisfying move to land, though over the years, I’ve come to have more appreciation for Jigglypuff's true strengths; her unparalleled aerial mobility and horizontal recovery with her multiple jumps, floatiness, Pound, and nigh-unrivaled air speed, her amazing aerials, and Rest (a move that comes out on Frame 1 and is able to reliably KO is crazy). Playing as Jigglypuff is all about maintaining a brutal and relentless aerial blitzkrieg, which isn't how I usually play, but it can be fun to just be a complete in-your-face pest every now and again.

Main 3: :ultlucario: I'm a very causal player and despite my tendency to play cautiously, I tend to get hit a lot. Lucario's Aura is tailor-made for staging a comeback even if it does poorly at the start of the match, and I’ve come to appreciate being able to naturally compensate for screw-ups and bad plays in ways that no other character can.

Main 4: :ultsnake: Like Ness, Snake has a guided projectile in his Remote Missile, and while it's tough to steer, it can be canceled by shielding, meaning that Snake isn't screwed if the opponent gets past the missile. Snake also has grenades for more projectile action and, my favorite part, a sticky bomb for trap-setting (though I preferred his old down smash from Brawl — a landmine that explodes when the foe steps on it is much more convenient than one that has to be set off manually). I'm also very fond of Snake's up Smash (launching a projectile into the air), and his forward smash packs a big punch. His tilts and aerials are amazing, too. His only real issue is his poor mobility, though his recovery move is all right.

Main 5: :ultkrool:K. Rool's attributes and moveset are tailor-made for having the absolute best longevity of any character. He's the second-heaviest character, but unlike Bowser (the one character who outweighs him), he has decent all-around mobility and an amazing recovery move. He has two projectiles, allowing him to be decent at camping, and he has a counter that doubles as a reflector, allowing him to negate attacks that strike him (though only from the front). Plus he has a couple of moves that can bury foes, and several moves with super armor that not only negate knockback, but also reduce damage taken. Basically, he's a dream come true for risk-averse, patient, survival-focused players such as myself. And I haven't even mentioned how hard he hits! The one concern I have is that his frame data looks a bit shaky, but I guess that's to be expected from someone of his weight class.

Main 6: :ultpacman: For Pac-Man, it's hard to explain, but I just like his moves. Bonus Fruit provides a variety of useful projectiles, Power Pellet is a great rushing move and recovery aid, the trampoline is cool, and the Fire Hydrant is a multipurpose projectile, mobility aid, and gimping tool. Plus, his normals generally have a solid ratio of power to frame data (pity about his slow smashes and grab, though). Why exactly is he low-tier again?
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Aug 24, 2018
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OK, here goes:
Competitive mains:
:ultkingdedede:: Memes
:ultkirby:: Fun and easy
:ultpalutena:: Tied for best girl with :ultzelda:
:ultcloud:: Fun strings
:ultlucina:: I keep hitting sour with Marth
:ultkrool:: Love heavyweights
:ultbowser:: Fun grab game
:ultincineroar:: "Incineroar loves children"
:ultcorrin:: Insta-pin, insta win
:ultmario:: Cape OP, please nerf
:ultpiranha:: P L A N T G A N G
Not-as-competitive mains:
:ultdk:: Ding-dong, mother****er
:ultfalcon:: For the people
:ultganondorf:: R.I.P. upsmash
:ultluigi:: C. Elegant
:ultmarth:: Tippah
:ultinkling:: *Distressed squid noises*
:ultmetaknight:: Looks OP, but fun
:ultmewtwo:: HmmhmmHMM
:ultzelda:: Tied for best girl with :ultpalutena:
:ultwolf:: "Playtime's over"
:ultpeach:/:ultdaisy:: :GCD::GCB:
:ultdarkpit:: :GCR::GCB:
:ultridley:: Looks like a glass cannon of sorts
:ultrobin:: Knowledge is POWER
:ultrosalina:: Luma. No, I'm not maining Rosalina, just Luma
:ultroy:: C'mere, *****
:ultken:: Johnny Lawrence
:ultdarksamus:: FLOATY
:ultrichter:: Hey Richter, are you cold?
:ultwiifittrainer:: "Stretch those shoulders"
:ultyounglink:: OOT nostalgia
:ultzss:: Nairo


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Oct 25, 2014
I have NO idea who I am going to MAIN MAIN yet, but in the past, I usually end up as one of the princesses, Zelda or Peach. So I will list the 6 I HOPE to use very efficiently, while maining 1 or 2 of them...

:ultpeach::ultdaisy:- Paisy has been my best character since melee. I always clicked with her moveset, think her counter is underused but amazing, I love evasive capabilities with all the floating =P, and her FS putting people to sleep is SUPER under rated. Nothing sweeter than putting your opponents to sleep and waltzing over to the one with 120% damage and putting a frying pan to their FACE! (oh and being able to SELECT between the 3 Fsmashes now? Game changer!

:ultinkling:- The inkling is a character I hope I click with and have desires to main in ultimate. I LOVE splatoon, and even with a somewhat busy life, I have hundreds of hours sunk into those games and think the inklings are just adorable. Their move set seems really fun and potent, while they have good speed and recovery. I think a good inkling will not only be ADORABLE, but very powerful.

:ultsamus::ultdarksamus:- Samus....Oh have always kinda sucked in all iterations of smash, but hopefully ultimate will find you at least VIABLE. Metroid is my favorite nintendo franchise (but it better watch out depending on how splatoon evolves over the years!) and I used to play the original metroid when I was like 3. I have a connection with Samus and the metroid franchise, so I hope I can pull her off in ultimate.

:ultridley:- Similar reasons as samus. I dreamt of Ridley in smash since the melee days, and used to talk about it with my childhood best friend (we have fallen out of touch over the years) and I wonder if he is still a gamer and squealing with excitement over this, as he wanted Ridley even more than me!

:ultzss:- Again Samus...nothing new to say compared to suited samus and ridley

:ultrichter::ultsimon:- The wild card of my selected roster, as I have not really gotten into a Castlevania game since Symphony of the night, as I never bother with handheld systems and 3D ones kind of suck...still, I have been playing Castlevania since I was a toddler on the original NES, still play the original, IV, and SOTN. Someday maybe I will broaden my castlevania horizons, but I still like the series and the Belmonts look SO FUN to play!


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Dec 6, 2018
:ultzss: going back to the basics
:ultpikachu: original main

that's it for now I think, til I get the game and experiment.


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Dec 15, 2011
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Main 1: :ultlucina:/:ultmarth: These characters are some that I have been using for awhile now and are some of my most familiar.

Main 2: :ultroy: I loved what they did for him in Smash 4, but I always felt he needed a little more. With what people have been saying about him in Ultimate, I am excited for him.

For Fun characters: :ultbayonetta:, :ultwolf:, :ultganondorf:, :ultsnake:, :ultzss: Bayonetta I was never really good with, but I do enjoy her games, so naturally I have to play as her every now and then. It also helps that she is pretty fun to play. Wolf was another character that I enjoyed playing just for fun in Brawl, and I am excited he is coming back. Ganondorf is usually my go to character for free for all, or just for ****s and giggles. Snake is in the same boat as Bayonetta, I like his games and find him fun, but I am not that great with him. Zero Suit Samus is my favorite to play out of the Metroid reps we had in previous games. Not too great with her, but she has always been a fun one to play as.

Runner Ups::ultlink:, :ultyounglink:, :ulttoonlink: I was always familiar with Link in all the Smash games I played, and he was the character I originally used to unlock everyone in Melee and Brawl in VS matches, so these characters always hold a special place in my heart.

Characters I need to try first before I can say anything about them: :ultsimon:/:ultrichter:, :ultshulk:, :ultcloud: The Belmonts are a character that I need to have in my hands before I want to commit anything to them, but it looks promising for them so far, since they look to be so much fun. They are also my highest anticipated newcomer for Ultimate. I used to main Shulk in the beginning of Smash 4's lifespan, but then I dropped him, since I thought there wasn't enough reward coming out of him compared to the work that I was putting into him. Heard he got buffed in Ultimate, so it will be interesting to see what he has got in store for him in this game. Cloud was my main in Smash 4 (Shocker,) but I am not sure what I have to think about his nerfs to limit in this game, so I will have to try him out a bit.
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Nov 27, 2018
Oh god yes I love these threads.

Main 1: :ultlucina: BABYGIRL. I've been playing Lucina since vanilla Smash 4. Never dropped her and I've always had the best results with this character. I'm so glad she's finally consider viable now I can't wait to see what people can do.

Main 2: :ultdiddy: Diddy was a monster back in the day, and I just got so used to his playstyle. I find that I do fairly decent with him and I've learned a lot of info about this character, such as character mixups and kill confirms.

Main 3: :ultsimon: Simon ****ing Belmont dude, I don't even have to say anymore, just that alone is a good enough reason why I should main him.

Main 4: :ultsheik: If all else fails, I'll switch to Shiek. She was my main in 3ds, and for some reason I would always win with her. Her combos are so fast and I just get so pumped up playing her, like if nothing can touch me. I used to get amazing results.
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May 13, 2018
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Main 1: :ultyoshi: DUH!!!

Main 2: :ultrichter: Rondo of Blood is amazing

Main 3: :ultshulk: 2 reasons. 1) Shulk is such an amazing protagonist and 2) you feel accomplished when you learn how to use his very technical playstyle...


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Jan 13, 2015
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Somewhat tentative since this is a different game than Smash 4 and depending on how certain characters play things could be different a couple weeks or months from now.

:ultlink:-Main since 64, has been consistently my best character, even when he was considered bad (which was pretty much all the time lol). Very excited to see what tricks he's got up his sleeves in Ultimate since he's gotten a decent amount of changes. Probably the only character that will for sure be a main in Ultimate.

:ultzss:-Used her since Brawl, she's got one of the best combinations of speed and jumping ability and is one of the most satisfying characters when used effectively.

:ultcloud:-was always a big fan of FFVII so his announcement was really hype for me. Was an instant main for me. (Since he's also one of the best in the game it was easy to keep him as a main tbh)

:ultroy:-Was one of my best in Melee. Always prefered his more aggressive style compared to Marth. Actually quite excited to play him in Ultimate since he's looking really solid.

There's quite a few other characters I'm looking forward to using or at least trying out but since we're only allowed 6 I'll go ahead a pick the two newcomers I'm most excited for.

:ultridley:-He finally made it! And he honestly looks fun as hell. So long as he's not completely terrible he'll definitely find his way into my rotation.

:ultdarksamus:-Been a big supporter of Dark Samus since Brawl and I'm super excited she's in the game now! While her moveset isn't too different from Samus since she's an echo fighter that sort of works in her favour since I do use Samus. We'll see how both of them play once the game releases tomorrow!


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May 27, 2009
:ultike: Because :ike:

:ultshulk: Liked him in Smash 4 and have a gut feeling I will like him more in Ultimate once I've acclimated.

:ultpichu: Because **** you, that's why.


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Sep 11, 2014
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There are two types of characters that I prefer to use in Smash: Swordfighters, and Heavy hitters. My list of current and potential mains should reflect this.

Main 1: :ultmarth:I always have a blast playing with Marth and he has been my primary go to guy since his introduction in Melee (not counting the first months of Smash 4 before he was patched.) I've gotten really skilled at spacing thanks to Marth, and can more often than not land those satisfying tips.

Main 2: :ultike: I consider Ike to be tied for 1st place with Marth, but since I technically have more time put in for Marth (if only by a tiny bit) I've placed Ike at number two. Ike is one of my favourite video game protagonists, he's a common mercenary who's blunt, badass, and who doesn't give two damns about royalty; a very much needed breath of fresh air when it comes to Fire Emblem protagonists. He also falls under both my preference categories, so I instantly picked him up in Brawl. Been loving every second ever since, and I'm so happy he's finally getting the attention he deserves in Ultimate with all of his buffs.

Main 3: :ultganondorf: Although not the best of characters, Ganondorf more than makes up for it in sheer entertainment. I have so much fun playing Ganondorf that he ended up being my third most played fighter in Smash 4. So happy to see him buffed and using a sword in Ultimate.

Main 4: :ultlink: Link was my main in Smash 64, mainly because I'm a huge Zelda nerd, but I also liked his reach. Link is the sole reason why I like using swords in Smash and I've used him in every subsequent game since. Plus, Link himself is one of my favourites and BoTW Link's design is great.

Main 5::ultlittlemac: Never played Punch Out!!, but I'm a big fan of boxing and liked the look of Mac's speed and power in his game trailer. His moveset just sort of clicked with me. It's a simple play style, but you also have to stay on your toes and be patient in order to be successful. My kind of fighter.

Main 6: :ultroy: My first Melee main. I preferred Roy over Marth in my early days with the game because of his design, epic voice and fire attributes. (Little did I know at that time. XD ) Even once I switched over to Link and Marth, I'd always pull out Roy now and again for some fun. I was pretty sad when he didn't make it into Brawl and was really hyped when he finally came back in Smash 4. I didn't use him as much as my other 5 guys, but I still have fun using him time to time. In Ultimate though, he's looking like he's going to be pretty strong, so I'll definitely still be using him, and maybe even more now.

Since I have not yet played Ultimate as of this post, I'll list off the newcomers that I'll be trying out and may eventually come in somewhere on this list.

:ultridley:: Love him as a villain in Metroid, and he's got some interesting moves from what I've seen. I love high risk, high reward type characters, so I'll definitely be giving Ridley a try. So damn happy he's finally a fighter in Smash, given he's technically been in every Smash game. XD

:ultrichter:: This was originally going to be Simon...until Richter showed up and stole his spotlight. XD Rondo of Blood is one of my favourite Castlevania games and I just prefer Richter's personality and design over Simon's. (Not to say that I dislike Simon the Barbarian, I still think he's cool, but Richter's cooler IMO) As seen with Marth, I like out spacing my opponents, so the Belmont's whip is right up my alley. His projectiles also seem really good and can cover many different situations.

:ultkrool:: I love King K. Rool. The crazy eyes and expressions, the extra thicc belly, his wacky weapons and equipment, everything about him is what I like to see in a goofy villain archetype. I loved him in the DKC games and in 64 and ave been greatly missing him in the new DK games, so I'm really glad that Sakurai put him in. (Thank you, ballot) But even without my nostalgia towards the Kremling Kommander, his kit is looking really intriguing. He's heavy, but also mobile and decently fast and with a good recovery to boot. I'll for sure be putting in the hours labbing the heck out of him.

:ultincineroar:: The more I learned about Incineroar, the more I wanted him in the game. Beforehand, Decidueye was my pick for Gen 7, but come on, he's a macho Cat wrestler that's on fire; I just can't say no to that. XD People are giving him a hard time due to his slow movement and less than great recovery, but I main Ganondorf and Little Mac, so I'm used to bad recoveries. XD His power is looking mighty juicy though. Revenge and Alolan Whip look pretty busted, so I'm looking forward to using them. XD