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  • I like Bowser Jr and have been playing him a lot. His projectiles are great for zoning out. My biggest issue is that his side air hitbox is wonky when used in quick succession low to the ground. The bowling ball literally goes through the enemy without causing damage. Just seems like bad design by Nintendo.
    I've given up on Little Mac but have found new hope in Meta Knight. Might be my new main, he's so badass.
    I think I'm going to main Little Mac but his arials suck so hard. Trying to main both Little Mac and Jigglypuff is like trying to play with fire and ice
    Deleted member
    Main who you wanna main. Ive mained a mediocre character for years.
    I suppose Mewtwo is a Pokemon antagonist, right? I'm honestly surprised there's no Gengar or a dark Pokemon trainer yet. We need a real antagonist like Boss Giovani or "rival" Pokemon trainer.
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