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UCSD Winter Smash II - January 12-13 - FULL RESULTS 146 Entrants


Smash Champion
May 25, 2005
San Diego, CA
- Singles Bracket -

1: MaNg0
2: HugS
3: Zhu
4: DSF
5: LuCKy
5: Azn_Lep
7: St. Patrick
7: Kira
9: Snap
9: Zelgadis
9: Rosalina
9: HydroKirby
13: Futile
13: DarkMike
13: Pnoy
13: 62
17: Rickety
17: Blitz
17: Bone
17: Anto
17: Mikehaze
17: Gonzalo
17: WayChu
17: Koryu
25: Hyuuga
25: Zephyr
25: Death
25: Dread101
25: ResidentWaffle
25: Lee Land
25: Edwin
25: Ferr
33: Araknophobik
33: Roy
33: Boogoloo Mark
33: TheBOSS
33: ISB
33: Teet
33: Nabil
33: Jfk
33: Jesse
33: Patsu
33: MCP
33: Fratman
33: jtb
33: C-sau
33: HugQ
33: Yloh
49: ycz6
49: Ivan
49: Nicky
49: LHG
49: Kevin
49: Mark1
49: SK
49: Daniel
49: Santi Montoya
49: Smak
49: Festizzio
49: Anthony
49: Zoap
49: Hitori
49: Dodger
49: Juice

- Doubles Bracket -
1: Four Leaf Mango (Lucky + Mango)
2: BFF (HugS + Zelgadis)
3: Happy Feet (Zhu + DSF)
4: Fury of Sticks (Edrees + Bone)
5: Kira's the Boss (Boss + Kira)
5: The Death of Mike Haze (MikeHAZE + Death)
7: Ernie Rays Jr. (Pnoy + LHG)
7: Orange Juice (Antonio + Leeland)
9: Oh Snap! Don't drop the Zoap (Snap and Zoap)
9: White Babies (JTB + Fabian)
9: Ahhh my DI is terrible (Hugo + Ohpistachios)
9: Donkey Punch (Daniel + Anto)
13: Tag Team (Hitori + Roy)
13: Lobsters of Amazing Manliness (DarkMike + Padst)
13: Blitz talks **** (Blitz + Claire)
13: 3 hits 80% (Saint Patrick + Gimpyfish)
17: The Bored Breakfast (JFK + Juice)
17: Kazumi Tricks (Festizzio + ResidentWaffle)
17: MCP+JFlo (MCP + JFlo)
17: Rickylep (Rick + Azn_lep)
17: Too Goosh (Ivan + Jesse)
17: Sun Bayers (Dread101 + HydroKirby)
17: Indefeatable (Hyuuga + Patsu)
17: True Friends (Gonzalo + Edwin)
25: I don't care (KO-M + Zephyr)
25: Chubby Chaser (Awex + Nicktendo)
25: Death Cancellers (Seige + PH)
25: Hall and Oats (Oats + Hall)
25: Cookies and Cream (Fratman + Kigo)
25: Team Manly (NT + YNOK)
25: Zensanti (Zen + Santi)
25: Team Got'ems (ISB + WayChu)
33: Juan and Shawn (Juan + Shawn)
33: Apples and Oranges (Nabil + Steve)
33: Pair of Domination (Jack + Scott)
33: 703 (Albert + Johno)
33: Team Random (Dodger + Henok)
33: Smash Assasins (Josue + George)
33: Clock Crew (AMPM + PinkFloyd)
33: Invincible Apples (Jaime + Ray)
33: Dream Team (Brian + Anthony)
33: Holiday Sheiks (Ferr + Todd)
33: Best in 818 (Simon + Paul)
33: Salo (Michael + Soloman)
33: Intense Scandal (Mark1 + Engdrew)
33: 706 (Greg + Justin)
33: Beej+Sang (Beej + Sang)
49: Steven Seagal (Ari + Pheonix)
49: Reefers (Broome + Max)
49: Alan+Jose (Alan + Jose)
49: Chocolate Starfish (CTV + B)

- Singles Pools -
1 = 1st Seed; 17 = 2nd Seed; 33 = 3rd Seed; 49 = 4th Seed
1: MaNg0
1: LuCKy
1: DSF
1: Zhu
1: Rosalina
1: Snap
1: Zelgadis
1: Azn_Lep
1: Bone
1: 62
1: DarkMike
1: HugS
1: St. Patrick
1: Mikehaze
1: Blitz
1: TheBOSS
17: HydroKirby
17: Rickety
17: Dread101
17: Zephyr
17: MCP
17: Futile
17: Jesse
17: Hyuuga
17: jtb
17: Yloh
17: Lee Land
17: Gonzalo
17: Araknophobik
17: Kira
17: ResidentWaffle
17: Hitori
33: Pnoy
33: Ferr
33: Fratman
33: Festizzio
33: Jfk
33: Edwin
33: Anto
33: Boogoloo Mark
33: Death
33: Koryu
33: WayChu
33: C-sau
33: Ivan
33: HugQ
33: ISB
33: Dodger
49: Daniel
49: Patsu
49: Anthony
49: SK
49: LHG
49: Mark1
49: Juice
49: Teet
49: Zoap
49: Roy
49: Nabil
49: YCZ6
49: Smak
49: Santi Montoya
49: Kevin
49: Nicky
65: Todd
65: Ohpistachio
65: Awex
65: Jflo
65: Kigo
65: Chang
65: Seige
65: Hall
65: Kyubi
65: Hugo
65: NT
65: BenC
65: Henok
65: PNaleek
65: Michael
65: Manu
81: Alex
81: PNTY
81: Curtis
81: Eric
81: Taylor
81: Derek
81: Kbbq
81: Shawn
81: CTV
81: Johnny
81: Zenblatchly
81: Tracy
81: Tony
81: PH
81: Sark
81: Rene
97: YNOK
97: Amon Amarth
97: Sir Wang
97: Engdrew
97: Juan
97: Brian
97: Nicktendo
97: Radical Dreamer
97: Upgrade
97: Claire
97: James
97: Dreakhack619
97: Brandon
97: Oats
97: Steve
97: Just 9
113: 8-Bit
113: Soloman
113: Albert
113: Chaoin Chein
113: Derren
113: Bryan
113: Vader
113: Padst
113: Michael1
113: AMPM
113: Painter
113: KO-M
113: George
113: Ashwin
113: Ryan
113: Nick
129: Pablo
129: Branton
129: Jarred
129: Antonio
129: Victor
129: Katz
129: T-KC
129: PinkFloyd
129: Alan
129: White Matt
129: Asian Matt
129: Apollo
129: Nice
129: Mike
129: Andreas
129: Gabo
145: Nguyen
145: Broome


Smash Champion
May 25, 2005
San Diego, CA
Shout Outs

Monster Shout outs, here we go, this is gonna take a while...

Gimpyfish62 - Ohhhh man! This guy makes every tournament that much better. It was awesome having you around for stories, videos, and Bowsering. You have to go to Pound 3 man, WC's gotta represent. Thanks for finally coming to San Diego.

Mango - New power rankings: 1. Mango Jiggs/Falco/Falcon/Fox - dead serious haha. You really are too good man, been playing for only a few months and you're already this good? GTFO Mango you need to calm down. Good **** in doubles and singles man, gratz on 2 first place victories. You need to get on top of your ticket for pound also. Thanks for helping out on the mic, even if things became a mess. No wrong TV johns!

Lucky - Dear god man, your Fox really needs to calm down in teams. Some of the **** you pull off still leaves me thinking "yeah, it's waaay too late to try and pick up Fox." Sorry that I had to cheer for Edrees in your match, but MikeHAZE was getting a little over the top, which brings me to...

MikeHAZE - You've definitely improved more rapidly over the last month or so than any smasher I've ever seen. Plus you're the loudest most offensive trash talker in Cali maybe. haha? We're gonna need you in full force for Pound 3 that's for sure, just make sure you take it down a notch when it's just SoCal.

Rickety - Thank goodness you could come. Imagine if the Rickety missed out on the biggest San Diego tournament of all time. Sad times for everyone! Definitely glad you could make it man. You're too nice and always fun to have around at every tournament. You should go to Pound too.

Edrees - It's too bad that things didn't really go your way this tournament, but look on the bright side. I think this might be the first time that a Peach hasn't taken me out of a tournament EVER. Wait... that's my brightside. Uhh... the Chargers won, haha. It's always a pleasure having a personality like yourself around, especially when you can empathize with running a tournament of this size. We'll get the whole Pound thing settled soon.

Saint Patrick - is garbage. That is all. Haha, you've really came a long way since I met you at Comp101, I mean wow. Who'd have thought in just under a year of awesome San Diego training you could be taking out people like MikeHAZE Zelgadis. Glad you could make it before I had to DQ you man. Props to your placing and the people you took out. You'll be ranked for sure.

Boss - Campy foxes are gay and really hard for Jiggs man. Don't take it too hard though, and try to not take out your frustration on poor Zephyr. He's just trying to win. So singles didn't go your way, you're still the most **** Jiggs in SoCal (well next to Mango) Not to mention you and Kira freakin wrecked in teams. Hope you don't get too down about this, you're too cool a guy to not see around.

Bone - Goodness gracious Bone, you and Edrees had some crazy teams matches towards the end. I can't wait to see what double Peach can do on the east coast. Although I have to admit I'm glad that we didn't have to play in tournament, you guys still give me Peach vs IC nightmares. Can't wait till Pound.

Kira - You were my hero for this tournament. Taking out Bone and Edrees in singles, wtf man too good. You probably should have stayed Sheik for that third match. I wreck Foxes pretty badly if they don't know the match-up well. You and Boss make a pretty **** team too. Good job all around for that tourney, pools, singles, and doubles.

Dodger - Camping a 9 year old, have you no shame! Haha, gotta do what you gotta do I guess lol. It was great seeing you at SD again, we should team sometime in the near future. I remember last time we did that we got third lol. Kirby and IC makes the cutest team, no questions asked. Congratz on making it outta pools with Kirby, definitely no easy feat. Don't worry about the bracket, Kirby did good. 'Till next time.

Pnoy - Underdog of the century right here. Freakin A dude your surprised the crap outta me. Ernie Rays Jr. came in at full force on their home turf for sure, 7th place?! You also had some crazy freakin rush in singles, JTB, Waffle, and Haze? Gotta say man you deserve to move way up on the SD rankings and should start being considered for the top 25. Impressive run to say the least.

LHG - I have no idea where you and Pnoy got that kind of momentum for teams. I mean dag yo, beating Dark Mike's team and JTB/Fabian is no easy task. I gotta say you guys were pretty clutch. Congratz making it outta pools too. You really need to start believing in yourself in singles though. You're a really good player and it shows in doubles, just don't doubt yourself when it comes to the 1v1's trust me man.

JFlo - Gets the coolest name award from Mango haha. You probably had the hardest pool man, it's a tough break to not make it into the brackets by one match. I know personally. Zhu, Zephyr, Festizzio, and SK are all pretty good players though so don't be discouraged. It's always good to see SD players around especially at major tournaments, even if it is on our home turf.

Yloh - You guys really failed on getting there on time for doubles, haha. It was fun watching your pool, especially you losing to a Bowser, even if it was THE Gimpyfish. Good job though. I was really rooting for you against Koryu but you know how those Peach dittos can be. Hope to see you around at more SD tourneys.

Amon Amarth - Same goes for you on making it to the tourney on time, c'mon guys 12 isn't that early haha. You've really gotten a lot better since I first met you, I remember when you had troubles wavedashing and l-cancelling. It really is too bad that you got into the smash scene so late in the game, but don't worry about it too much. Brawl is right around the corner.

Gonzalo - Your without a doubt San Diego's best Falco man. Your first pools match with HugS was pretty close, foward B spike man. You guys really impressed me in teams too. Congratz on your singles placing, 17th outta 146 isn't too shabby haha. Right up there with all the others considering to be ranked in SoCal. We need to smash more often, UCSD is pretty shallow as far as talent goes.

Edwin - You are simply put, THE BEST smasher I have never heard of period. Your Marth is pretty **** frightening man, I'm not gonna lie. I really enjoyed our set, sorry that I had to wobble you once or twice but you were beginning to scare me. Good job all around though, just don't lose your patience when you're down in a match.

Zhu - Falcon was a dumb idea haha. Silly Zhu I **** Falcons (save Mango's Falcon). But in all seriousness man, your Falco put out a crazy amount of shield pressure. I had a lot of fun in our set, probably the most fun set I had in the tourney. I really hope that I get to play you some other time before everyone makes the huge Brawl transition. SoCal welcomes you anytime man.

HydroKirby - Wow, I underestimated you so much before our set. NorCal spacies > SoCal spacies (except Lucky, Larry, and Luigi, they'd **** you guys haha.) Seriously though, I don't know how all you guys are so good with Falco, out set was crazy close man. You have amazing tech skill and pressure, like a mini Zhu... except your bigger than he is. Anyways, it was great to meet you, loads of fun.

Dread101 - Freakin' NorCal groupie right here haha. I swear I get so nervous whenever a good SoCal player is playing someone from NorCal cuz I hear is "Good **** Zhu!" from a distances. Your too funny man, glad that you could make the trip.

Zoap - Wow sorry that you had such a rough bracket, I was too focused on separating all of NorCal I didn't even realize that you had Lucky first round. You should have placed much higher man, your place doesn't accurately show your skill. It was a real pleasure having you around though. You NorCal guys are "hella" funny. I have to take a trip up there with the rest of SD one of these days.

Snap - Your Game and Watch is amazing in so many ways. Your set with Mango was probably one of my favorite highlights of the tournament. I was glad to see that you were still **** at this game even after such a long period of inactivity. Although I gotta say I'm really bummed that we didn't get play. I haven't played you since second round of pools at OC2, good lord that was a long time ago haha. Hope to see you around sometime.

Zelgadis - Hey man you're probably not gonna see this shoutout since you're never on the boards so I'm not gonna waste my time haha. In short, you made shined blind, you ****.

HugS - Nice shot Hugo, your Samus never ceases to impress. I swear though, I haven't seen you at a tournament since SCC or something, where the hell have you been!? Congratz on 2nd in team and singles freakin **** dude. I can't wait to see what you're gonna do with the WC team at Pound, it's gonna be so awesome. We should work on the hotel rooms too, make sure that you bring the Evo Worlds DVD, I've gotta see some of those matches.

DSF - DSF for the 2 spot. You're seriously the most consistent placer, well next to Mango. Especially with Hugo's inactivity, you deserve that number 2 spot. The SoCal community owes so much to you for coming to virtually every tournament and helping us all get that much better at the game. I really wanted to beat Zhu so I could another shot at you, especially since we've played in the last 4 tournaments or so. Always a pleasure having you there.

Nezumi - Claire we should play Halo sometime. I just checked to find out what my suites gamertags were. They're GTizZAG and fnepjjdgneps. It was good to see you taking on singles again, even if it didn't really go too well. Kind of a bummer that you had to play Alex in teams, but I could only do so much. You're another on of those people that I just love to have around at tournaments. Oh yeah thanks for the compliments on my hair too. :D

Blitz - Where's the **** is a skateboard when I need it haha. Lil' Jefferz crashes at every tournament I see him go too, funny stuff. You had the world's easiest pool, no lie. I'm glad that Steve managed to **** you one game though, no johns. As far as brackets go, seems like we always have to play in tournament, good set though.

Futile - Breakout player of 2008. To think that I'd never heard of you before the "Best" of '07. Man you had some intense matches with Blitz, Falcon dittos are too fun to watch. I'm really glad that you got to make it, get the rest of Palmdale here too. I miss those guys. Hope to see you around more often.

YCZ6 - Glad you could rep gamefaqs. Amazing video, period.

Seige - Hey man thanks for all the support during the tourney, it helped out a lot, especially the food supplies. We oughta play more often as long as you're in town. It sucks that you had it rough in pools, those last matchers are always a let down, but good job nonetheless. See ya around sometime.

JTB Thanks for all the help during pools, it really helped things run along way more smoothly having someone who knew what they were doing. I just realized that I don't think you and I have ever played in a tournament set, let along a singles friendly, something has to be done about this before brawl rolls around. I'll see you at some San Bernandino tourney most likely.

Fabian We finally almost played a match haha. You're a fun guy to have around at tournaments with all your stories and shenanigans. Pound 3 is gonna be dope man, looks like we're probably teaming. We should team up in some tournament before then to try and work out all the kinks before bringing it to EC. 'Till then man.

Santi Montoya - is freakin amazing. Don't say he's 13 I refuse to believe it. Amazing Yoshi tech skill dude, you're going to be a freaking monster in brawl if you keep play seriously. I really hope to see you at more San Diego tournaments, amazing.

Just(n)in(e) - I love this kid. He comes up to me all innocent and cute looking and stares me down, puts 10 bucks forward and says "I'm entering the Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament" So I'm thinking woh, this kid means business. Loved watching your Marth, you're also going to be one of those guys who tears it up in brawl after the fogies have to go to the real world, ugh...

WayChu - Hey man long time no see, it was great finally seeing you back in good ol' SD again. You're Falcon has improved a lot since the last time I saw it. You had a pretty intense match with Edwin too, I was rootin' for you all the way. You need to lemme know the next time you're going to be in town so we can smash it up.

Roy - I've got to admit, you have gotten much better since Evo West. You and Hitori really surprised me in teams, you guys had really good sync in a lot of your matches. I'm not sure if you're going, but if you are we should play some friendlies at Pound 3.

Anto - Cripes man when did you get so good. When I heard Anto beat Zephyr I was like woh... Anto is good now, then when I heard you beat Dread101 I was like WOH! Anto is beating outside competition now. Freakin amazing man. I'm glad that you got to place so well too 17th is no joking matter man, congratz on a well placed effort. Catch you around sometime in good ol' SD.

Zephyr - Man I hope Boss was just frustrated and didn't mean the things he said, you really don't deserve that man. You're a really fun guy to have around and have really good insight to a lot of things even top players don't notice. If only you'd stop playing with campy lasers and random up smashes though haha. Oh well I chaingrab so I guess anything is fair game. Nice having ya around.

Hitori - Hey we didn't get to play any matches, but from what I saw you're a pretty solid player. It's always a bummer when you burn out on day 2 in these long tournaments, but hey atleast you got see what all the rage was about haha. Nice performance on day 1 though, hope that we can play sometime in the future.

Ferr - I'm disappointed that we didn't get to formally meet, but I can empathize with your bracket. IC v Peach is the most one-sided match in this game period. What can Peach do against our unstoppable air game. LOL I feel your pain...

Sorry if I didn't mention you, this was all I could think off the top of my head, which is almost comparable to the amazing Steve, I think. Great tournament load of props to our sponsors: Microsoft, Bawls, Steel Series, N.E.R.D., and Office Gaming. Special thanks Tio for making my life easier, and Neal for making Tio. Amazingness all around.


Smash Ace
Jan 1, 2005
san francisco
wow. that was so much fun.

gimpyfish, i really appreciate your kind words about my game and watch. I feel the same about your bowser. Maybe my game and watch and your bowser can have low tier sex.

thanks schmooguy for the compliment too. and radical dreamer.

I seriously has tons of fun.

bone you are amazing and i am glad we finally met. you are my hero <3. visit norcal with rickety plzzz!

rickety it was so nice to see you! it sucks that we had to play each other in tournament. oh well. at least we didn't have each other in pools. your sheik is very nice! you and bone should come visit norcal.

st. patrick: it was great to meet you man. you are really fun. our friendlies were awesome. great job in the tournament!

edrees: you are so nice man. i loved playing you. it was definitely a pleasure. I'm glad we were able to actually finish a couple sets. Next time we will have to play more. i love your peach <333333

mango: you are too good, omg. seriously. it was really awesome playing you in tournament. i was kind of hoping to play your jigglypuff, but your falco is still amazing. great job winning the tournament.

hugs: it was great to see you, hugo. great job getting 2nd! perhaps i will see you at pound 3.

paul: thanks for housing me bro. you are truly amazing. i love your couch. omfg. like 100 times more comfortable than my own bed. thanks so much for your hospitality and for driving me around san diego. i had such an awesome time. seriously.

waychu: great job in tournament dude. you did really well. i am impressed.

zhu: you did so well in the tournament man. great job. we didnt get to play each other! oh well, maybe next time. gg.

zoap: it was fun teaming with you bro. you owe me 5 bucks. LOL.

dread: thanks for cheering me on, you are HILARIOUS, LOL!!! GO SNAP!!!

ian: it was fun screaming for microsoft to give us free games. did you win anything? i cant remember. great to see you.

lucky: i cant believe how much stuff you won. two xbox 360 games and TWO AMAZING BAGS. WHAT THE HELL!!!! no but seriously, it was so much fun playing your fox. you are truly talented. i hope i impressed you with my game and watch =). you were really coooool! great job in the tournament and i hope to see you again!

alex: sup dude. good job owning me. i couldnt touch your marth. it was great to see you.

nezumi: thanks for the complimentsss!! you are super nice. it was nice to see you <33

sheridan: it was fun conversing with your regarding topics of modern physics. good luck with getting your phd! i know you can do it =)

pikachu guy: you had a nice pikachu. i thought we were going to play a set or something but you left after one game. thanks for complimenting my game and watch! <3

big ben or something: it was nice to see you man. you are a really cool guy. perhaps i will see you at another tournament. take care!

CJ: thanks so much for the prilosec dude. i really appreciate it. i can't really explain how much i appreciate it. you are awesome. it was great to play you and im glad to have met you. take care dude! <3

glenn: thanks for taking the time to record all those matches! it was really nice to see you. i hope you like it down there in socal (you moved down there right?) anyways, thanks again and take care! <33333 glenn

hydrokirby: great job in tournament dude. sorry for confusing you with frozenserpent. i never really met you. you started going to tournaments after I had already quit smash. anyway, great job dude. maybe i'll see you at an ncb or something.

alan jenn: your marth got a lot better dude. im serious. keep playing and i'll keep snapbagging =)

hugo: it was great seeing you at the tournament man. your samus is pwnage. keep playing =)) <3333

mike haze: it was nice to meet you dude. i wish we could have played some more. i wanted to unleash my game and watch on you. oh well, maybe next time. =) <3

azn lep: thanks so much for hosting dude. it was such a great tournament. i loved it. and great job man, yo u did extremely well. we didnt get to play! maybe next time. take care dude!!! =)

anyone else i might have forgot: gg. i will edit and add more if i can think of anyone else.


edit: oh yeah, i forgot one person:

Futile: those were some close matches in pools man. your falcon is very nice. you had my falco worried. it was really fun to play you with game and watch in brackets too. good stuff man! keep playing. ^_^


Smash Ace
Dec 4, 2007
I already sent my shoutouts in the UCSD tourney forum so I'll save myself the trouble and not repeat myself.

Anyway, I did not think I would place in the 17 spot in this tourney considering how horrible my tech skills were that day. I'm actually quite pleased. And also, if I knew about the fact that the brackets were determined based on how well we placed in pools, I would've actually tried to get the second seat (I only gave it my all against Gimpy. Our matches were too intense).

But man, this was such a fun tourney.

Also, on the side note; Kira, WTF! You took out Bone and Edrees!?! That's insane! Now your another player I should add on to my list of players I should pray to avoid in tournies:

1. St.Patrick (He would practically four-stock my Peach)
2. Lucky/Haze (I can't take campy Fox's!!! :p)
3. Futile (This ******* knows me all too well. I hate his Falcon! :()
4. Kira -newly added-


Smash Legend
Jan 20, 2006
North Hollywood, CA
pat, futile is from Glendale, about 5 minutes from me, not palmdale :p.

first of all i want to apologize to edrees for trash talking him, i didn't mean to get you angry or really frustrated, and i took it too far, i'm sorry - i owe you a drink next tournament, okay? :[


Note: Make sure zephyr doesn't use the color GREEN anymore, we had a color match and I won.

azn lep
- dude, thank you so much for everything. for housing me, for making me breakfast, for letting me use your shampoo. This tournament ran really smoothly and i'm glad it happened, and look forward to more.

Rickety - good matches but you need to stop sandbagging in friendlies. :'[

Zephyr - lol good matches man, it's nice to see another fox who has somewhat of an idea of what he's doing. There not very many decent foxes left in socal, so it was cool playing you. PS, i hear you're a band kid, i am tooooo.

St P - "mike we're gonna **** you guys so hard." BAM GET ***** PAT. lol but nah good **** in teams, they were fun matches, and i know you loved that double rest lol. We'll play more next time i see you.

Bone - ^_^

DETH - Wow, you're an amazing partner, we had really good chemstry (which is odd i still haven't taken that class yet), we should team next tournament we both go to man.

- lol your falco is too fun to play with marth man. I think you left early on saturday which sucks, i wanted to chill with you more, but yeahh.

Little Fumi aka Santi - good matches man, you're really good lol, i was really impressed!


Lucky - wowww lol good **** getting gears with me.

mango - i thought you were gonna lose to snap but you came back and i was like "oh snaps" so good ****.

GIMPY - dude my bowser is going to pwn your fox next time i'm practicing my tech skill.

- thank you for the rides and thank you for dropping everybody off, you're a champ man, getting home at 5:30 am after driving all night. (i wish i returned the game i bought man, lol i didn't think of that)

Kira - dude that bird IS flying pretty low... but hey good **** picking brinstar on me..lol. it was so gay playing you, we play often. but congrats on doing well man.

waffel - i remember to give you a shoutout this time.


HUGS - lol you know you liked my green greens map select mindgame.

Glennn - lol wowww not believe i got first seed in poolios

Fabian - dude i totally beat you in friendlies.

Blitz - Hey man you've grown quite a bit, it's been really nice knowing you all these years and seeing you grow up. You're too cool zach.

Claire - lol want to buy superbad ? :]

JTB - see fabian lol


Zoap - lol are you going to pound 3? it was tooo goood hearing your **** talk lol.

hydro - dude play me in friendlies :]... good games, it's always fun to play you.

zhu - i think we only played once, and i played your sheik, but yeah good matches man, hope to play you again soon.

phil - lol woww you ***** me so hard in those matches :-(

hyuga - haha teaming with you in friendlies was fun. it was cool playing youo.

zelwadgis - i don't think we played, but it was cool watching shined blind with you lol. "if it cuts early that means i died or he came back."

Snap - good games vs your falco, i wanted to play your GAW

darkmike - too bad i didn't get to play you man, you looked like a really good samus




Smash Lord
Nov 7, 2007
San Diego, CA
65th out of that many in pools really makes my terrible record seem less terrible.. At least me and Nicktendo did alright in doubles.

Guess I should give out some props

Rickety: Thanks for coming over to Leeland's and practicing with us. And for the tips. (Even if they went through my head like a sieve.. as evidenced by my playing..) You're a really nice guy. We need to practice some more.

Mango: You're super cool, and super good. And you signed my Jigglypuff plush, which has somehow made my Jiggs like 100x better. Congrats on your winnings. Hope to seeya around, keep in touch. =)

Gimpyfish: You're an awesome guy, and your bowser is so cool to watch. I've never had so much fun getting ruined by bowser. Come to the Artifex monthly next time. :D

Nicktendo: Mah teammate. Yay! We pwned a little bit. :D

Azn Lep: Can't say I talked to you, but thanks for running the tournament. =)

Santi/Justin/Zen AKA the child prodigies: Man you guys are getting popular. Justin has me to thank for taking that video I think. ;D But Zen. Dude, you need to stop getting careless and killing yourself. You can do way better in tournaments than you have. As for Santi.. You don't need any help, your Yoshi is too good!

Zelgadis: Watching you moonwalk bair, then falcon punch Leeland's ICs was stupid amazing. Too funny.

Hugs: Your games are crazy to watch. Awesome stuff. :D

KyubiKirby: Good to see you again. I'm gonna win my dollar back from that money match next time I see you though. ;)

Leeland & Antonio: Way to pwn in doubles. Antonio's rests are sick. And Leelands solo 1 to 3 stock comeback was intense. Good job guys.

Vader Rue: Thanks for giving Schutte those chips. You're a cool guy. Let's practice sometime. =)

Everyone in my pool: Sorry if I johned a bit.. I was really down about my losses. But I've learned from those games. Thanks for the whipping. ;p

The guy from Get Your Tournament: I never caught your name.. But thanks for recording all the matches you did. =)

The guy who listened to me when I yelled "PICK POKE FLOATS!": Really, I have no idea why you picked it, but that was funny, and you won. :D

And one last one just to everyone in general: Thanks for making this tournament so enjoyable. I don't exactly have the best social skills, so I'm glad you were all so nice and made me feel comfortable. It's relieving to know the best players aren't elitist, and are just good people in general. I hope I can see all of you again and become good friends. It really was fun. <3


Smash Journeyman
Mar 11, 2006
San Diego, CA

Azn_Lep - Thanks for everything man, from running this huge tournament smoothly with all obstacles and such presented to you to the advice and props you're always giving me. I'll try and take everything into consideration, bottom line though, thanks a lot. I've even learned some IC's tricksies from you :laugh:

Pnoy - WOW, what is going? Congratulations on your singles run, I was freaking yelling "Katsumagi" for you the entire time against JTB and all this jazz. Considering how short our run in Melee has been, you've gotten too good really fast, leaving the 5 of us behind. And what can I say about our surprising doubles run? It surprised us, as well as a lot of the people aware of Ernie Rays Jr.! We've really changed from that team at Triweekly XI who went against Team Menstruation LOL.

J-Flo - Sucks what happened in your pool after you got placed into 5th seed, we all know you would have bracketed for real dude. You and MCP had a pretty good run, especially for teaming for the first time and not doing doubles regularly.

Rosalina - I remember telling all the people I was with when looking at the pool "Rosalina... that person is probably really really good." AND OH SURPRISE, WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT IT WAS YOU EDREES LOL. It was cool finally talking to you for real, and we finally played in tournament since my first Triweekly almost a year ago (Tri X). Best part of the ballroom though... CHARGERS WON AND GOING WILD. :chuckle:

Anto and MCP - Chillin with you guys was the best, especially when doing random crap out of smash, like making fun of the football players and trying to win free headgear from that slot machine thing. CHULA VISTA-SAN MARCOS CONNECTION.

Rickety - Thanks for running my pool! I WASN'T GOING TO WOBBLE I SWEAR LOL!!!

Zephyr - I think, despite everyone saying otherwise, picking Icicle Mountain was the funniest thing that's happened in our many, many sets playing each other. Something random always happens, that's why our matches are pure entertainment. And as much as you hate playing Links, I seriously hate playing Foxes LOL. I'm getting closer to a win though.

Nor-Cal - Parking lot structure + Snacks + you guys walking to your car = me laughing the whole time. I don't know why, I guess my friend was making me laugh the whole itme. Phil still trash talking is the greatest, Zelgadis' fame and everyone watching Shined Blind. You guys ****, thanks for coming down to SD!

Mango - Best part: "Go Colts... oh crap that guy *points to me* is gonna beat me up... him and J Flo." You on the mic was hilarious. Congratulations on winning.

Everyone else - I didn't really talk to that many people even if I had already met them, but all of you who went still rule. Hope to see all of you guys at another big tournament, I can't get enough of the diversity of different people coming together to play and just socialize and have a good time.

The Game II

Smash Champion
Mar 5, 2004
Northern California
The tracking on my vcr is dead, so I will have to buy a new vcr to finish encoding. :(

Seven more matches will be posted today, and I'm going to put those on my site.



Smash Journeyman
Jul 30, 2007
MaNg0-amazing puff amazing falco! what dont you have!? pound 3 mess up some people for west coast! HugS yoyo best samus? haha good **** in teams and singles ggs! norcal had fun cheering against you and for you
Zhu great job you sure have develope into a great player you held it down for norcal. And yes please don't try to get cocker we know your great.
DSF dude watsup alex! i think thats the first time ive ever played you fun talking to you stop by norcal again soon!
LuCKy first time i think ive ever spoken to you. Your a cool guy nice fox we cant let you play snap anymore you were figuring it out lol
Azn_Lep great job running the tourny good seeing you after so long. Hope we can hang out at pound!
St. Patrick nice ganon you handled business for all ganon players across the nation Mr.ganondorf better tho sorry
Kira man your kool like i dont know what else to say good job in bracket and nice hair
Zelgadis Im glad you did well it teams keep on with the sheik its getting up there
Rosalina your peach omg so sexy what can i say and im sure you'll do better next time in bracket your to good
HydroKirby good **** kris! **** um up!lol
DarkMike friendlies till 5:00 am? to good i hope i get to see you more often your samus is simple the best
Pnoy watup! nice kicking *** on the big screen!
Rickety Your really nice! like sd!
Blitz your good!
Bone double peaches so dominant! dont worry about the bracket you keeping getting better! it'll show!
Anto good job your marth good! ggs!
Mikehaze good job holding down the **** talking you definitely gave me and zoap and run for our money! dont worry there just friendlies! i expect you to return the favor at pound!=)
Hyuuga SHERIDAN! wow how would the trip in the car been without your detours! and **** talking to zoap deep norcal is norcal!
Febian Im sorry we laughed well you were on the phone it would have been truly an honor to team with you good sh*t taking me and hydro out im glad you got outta pools i dont think you'll be known as just an average player for much longer
Roy Your good now lol
gimpy! wow your bowser so fast i just had fun watching it! you make me wanna get better with him! your funny as hell to!
heBOSS Shake hydro kirbys hand! good friendlies!
Patsu/ian your good! wtf when did it click your falco means serious business!
HugQ Good job cheering with the rest of norcal! i like your samus!
clare good friendlies! stop resting me!

Zoap Aw yes zoap gets his own section? why you ask!? because peter is the **** the bread and butter of norcal the one that keeps this show running not just sometimes all the time! thanks for being the man and driving us all that way must have been hard! but you pulled through like a champ! your the man pete! ZOAP>WORLD


Peace and Love
Nov 2, 2003
San Diego Love! ♥
Man We Was Lonely

What an awesome tournament, with such lovely people. I'm really glad I got a chance to go to this :]
Technically, we can say that this is the biggest tournament of 2008! (Until Pound :-P )

Anywho, Shoutouts!

MaNg0 - Master of the microphone, thanks for helping us with the tournament, and for being such person in general :] But psh! I'm not that skinny!

LuCKy - Yeah, we didn't talk as much as we should. I was busy helping Pat, and you were busy winning the tournament, winning games, and winning bags. WTHeck.

DSF - Alex is always pulling tricks out of his sleeve. Too good and too nice for his own good :]

Zhu - Is a nice person :] Thanking for going easy on me during our match :]

Rosalina - Hmm, I wonder who this can be? <3 Edrees.

Snap - LOVE LOVE LOVE. Why do I have this strange urge to apply to Berkeley? <3

Zelgadis - SHINED BLIND Fry Combo.

Azn_Lep - Aren't you glad I convinced you to enter the singles tournament? Thanks for all your hard work and support in getting this thing off the ground. Our teamwork is amazing(ly not there LOL), Now get to work on Cheapness Outrage II!

Bone - We didn't get to fight each other this time! yay! :] Stop being so skinny-muscular.

62 - GIMPY! We partied like it was Summer '06. Oh Man!

DarkMike - finally comes to a San Diego tournament <3

HugS - Is too nice :] I hadn't seen you in SD since In-N-Out and Evo West!

St. Patrick - Can thank me for that Sheik training. <3 hee kidding! You're too good now :] Next week: PATRICK v. MAPLE II

Mikehaze - Oh Man, Oh Man! I don't sandbag! What are you talking about? heeeeee You are SoCal's cuddly huggy person :] Zephyr still wants to use green!

Blitz - I BELIEVE. Blitz > Walkie-Talkie people.

TheBOSS - Keep your chin up! 5th in teams is amazing. And Zephyr is like the 4th best camper in SD, he's *Blitz Voice* too good now.

HydroKirby - Nice to meet you! Me: "Did you hear, Wayland? ____ lost to HydroKirby before losing to ______..." Hydro: "He lost to him???" ;) ;) ;)

Rickety - stop hanging out with Patrick, you're not camping anymore!

Dread101 - Phil is amazing.

Zephyr - 4th best Camper in SD. R***.

MCP - Future star of SD!

Futile - It was nice to meet you! Your Falcon is very nice! I got lucky in that friendly. We should play more!

Hyuga - Our set was too fun! I'm sorry that I had to go into campy overdrive on that last game. Sheridan is still number 1 in my book :]

jtb - Too cute! Don't feel so down about your losses, you'll get your revenge soon enough :] Corneria > Jigglypuff.

Lee Land - When I played you guys the night before, I knew you and Antonio would do well, But 7th place in teams in your first tournament? TOO GOOD.

Gonzalo - Finally, SD has a Falco. :]

Araknophobik - I wanna reinvent Sheik with you and...

Kira - ...Kira! Too good! Your Sheik is amazing :] Please teach me! I won't think I'm better than you after asking you questions! :]

ResidentWaffle - Nice friendlies, and nicer jacket :]

Hitori - I will try to visit Reno, you guys are wonderful to be around :]

Pnoy - Dang Pnoy, keep playing like that and who know's where you'll be :]

Ferr - It was nice meeting you! Remember the best Sheik advice: "Keep it dirty!" --TheBOSS

Anto - Anto is amazing. The heir to Jon619 and Romeo619. TOUCHDOWN!

Deth - Way too good. I'm telling you, Oceanside is amazing at doubles. (BOSS, Maple, Deth). You are a machine! <3

WayChu - Mr. I-don't-wanna-enter-singles. Get that out of here. You're too good.

HugQ - Too funny. Always a pleasure hanging out with you. That laugh is contagious!

ISB - Don't squander leads!

Daniel - is too technical, and inspires me not to sandbag.

Patsu - Friendliest rivalry ever!

LHG - wobble wobble. ;)

Zoap - I didn't get a chance to really get to know you :(

Roy - it was nice to play Evo West's man of the hour! I'm sorry I didn't have any other Sheik advice. Remember the best Sheik advice still remains: "Keep it dirty!" --TheBOSS


Santi Montoya - Little Fumi! You are too good :]

Nicky - NICKY <3 You made it out of pools! you'll get your spot back on the power rankings now :]

Ohpistachio - It's always nice getting to play you :]

Awex - I gotta go to Mira Mesa more often!

Sir Wang - Come to tournaments more!

Nicktendo - Too many Nicks :-P ;)

Claire - It's always nice getting to ply with you and hang out :]

Just 9 - JUSTIN! the sensation!

Antonio - 7th in teams on your first tournament, imagine what would have happened if you came on the second day for singles!


Smash Champion
May 25, 2005
San Diego, CA
my favorite part about Justin is even next year he's just going to change his tag from Just(n)in(e) to JusTEN haha.


Smash Apprentice
Oct 19, 2006
San Diego//Berkeley
Hey, I had a great time at this tournament so extra props to Azn Lep, Rickety, and St. Pat for making it run so smoothly. (Again really sorry about that one delay Azn Lep :p)
Wayland-**** good **** in singles. That's the best I've ever seen you play before, gotta teach me better mindgames haha. Anyways, we gotta work on teams bake in Berkeley haha.
Danny-Dude stop sandbagging. Seriously that was some awesome stuff, almost took out DSF with G&W haha. You should've pulled the same come-back against him in the third game like you did against me at my place :p.
Paul-Always nice to see you. Try to get an easier pool next time! Thanks for rooting for me in singles on Sunday.
Hugo (HugQ)-Way to represent Berkeley haha! Good to see you, we'll play more in Berkeley; I need more Samus practice.
Rickety-Too good! I'll work harder on keeping my leads, thanks for the Sheik practice...definitely helped.
Blitz-It was fun playing you in pools, your Falcon really does **** Marths :laugh:.
Resident Waffle-Nice Sheik, I guess I should have banned Rainbow Cruise haha.
Araknaphobic-That was a close first match! I guess you didn't need to warmup against me after all; looks like I still need some training for that matchup though :p.
Kevin-Nice Ganondorf, close sets all around.
Bone-It was really fun playing your Peach in friendlies. Good stuff ****** everyone from Berkeley on that one TV. Looks like ISB>WayChu at Bone friendlies ahha.
Gimpyfish, Hugs, Mango, DSF, Zelgadis, Zhu, St. Pat, Edrees-Watching you guys play is amazing. 'Nuff said.
Sorry to anyone I forgot :p


Smash Apprentice
Nov 12, 2006
UC Berkeley, San Diego
This tourney was waaaayyy fun, my favorite of the ones I’ve been to. Major thanks to everyone who was involved in setting it up and running it: Azn Lep, Rickety, Mango, Glen, and whoever all else was involved (I feel bad for not knowing ;[).

St. Pat – Hey it was good seeing you again. It was fun watching your team matches, and wow @ 7th place. Beating Zelgadis? Holy crap, too good. Hope to play with you again soon.

Edrees – Good seeing you again! Wish I got to play friendlies with you, but never found the opportunity. My favorite quote of the day was when I overheard you saying “And I was jumping so high too!” hahaha. And you WERE, I can vouch for that.

Ferr/Derek – Hey it was good meeting you! Good matches in pools. You should definitely come to some of our events at Cal! Join the facebook group (Super Smash Bears) if you haven’t already so you get notices about the events.

Rickety – Thanks for being cool about pools and explaining the rules to me and just being nice in general. I really enjoyed our teams match and our pools set too. You’re waaaayy too good against falcon! I think I’d be better off going Bowser, even against your sheik haha.

Azn Lep – You probably can’t say the same (you guys probably weren’t playing your best), but our teams set with you and Rick was my favorite set of the day. Why didn’t you go ICs =o?? Anyway, thanks a LOT for setting up the Smash tourney, I had an awesome time.

Ian – Hey it was good meeting you and playing you in pools. I’m glad that you made it out of pools, having come all the way down from norcal =o. Maybe I’ll see you up there sometime after Cal starts.

Phil – Good seeing you again, you’re too cool. Our teams friendlies were awesome. And your ****talking is hilarious to listen to: “RING THE DINNER BELL SNAP!” hahaha.

Zoap – We didn’t really meet but fun teams matches haha. (I was the pink/white falcon teaming with the roy).

Araknaphobik/Nezumi – Hey fun teams friendlies! I was the falcon teaming with the roy.

Pnoy – Oh man, every time I come back to SD thinking I’ve improved, I get shut down by you haha. It’s always a pleasure playing friendlies with you, and **** you did really well in the tourney. Tooo good.

LHG – Hey! We didn’t play any friendlies, but it was good seeing you. Seventh place in doubles man that’s mad impressive.

Daniel – Hey man good seeing you again. It’s too bad we didn’t get any friendlies in. Good job in teams getting 9th (hey I realized we actually tied with you guys :D). We should team sometime in the future for sure.

Soloman – Hey good set in pools. Your Ganon with his wizard foot was surprisingly effective against my Falcon that second match haha.

PNTY – Good stuff on that second match on Poke Stadium, you really brought it back to win. And just for future reference, Samus definitely isn’t a falcon counter :). (Whereas I hate playing Foxes).

Branton - I don't really remember our matches but ggs anyway.

Mango – Wow you ***** me in pools. “Wow,” not like I’m surprised, but “wow” like you **** too much. Thanks for rootin for my falcon in those teams friendlies =D.

Amon Amarth – Hey, good pools matches! I didn’t know you had a fox, it was pretty good! Looks like Brawl is gonna be a bit longer, so stick it out. Hope to play you again when I come down to SD next.

Ben – Whoa reunited a year after OC2. You’re really cool, I’m glad to have re-met you haha. I guess we didn’t really play any friendlies, but it was fun talking to you. Hope you go through with the Washington plans and have a good time there, it sounds like it’ll be an adventure.

Kira & Boss – Man you guys demolished us in teams. Tooooo crazy with the grab to rests, and I felt way overwhelmed in general.

Leeland & Antonio – MAAANN our teams set was intense. Antonio you got off some crazyass rests out of nowhere, that really impressed me. And Leeland, your playing at the end of our last match was clutch, and good stuff in friendlies too. Andrew told me you were really good and now I know from first-hand experience.

Intense Scandal & Too Goosh – Hey I gotta admit I don’t really remember our teams matches too well, but good stuff anyway. I remember both sets we randomed Dreamland, which is actually our counterpick, so that was a bit unlucky for you guys hehe.

Bone – Fun friendles  I didn’t really introduce myself but I was the pink/white falcon you played. Your peach is really awesome, especially your fairs haha.

Other Peach dude – Hey fun friendlies too, I got ***** by your peach pretty much as badly as Bone’s, too good.

My Berkeley buds – Wayland you ***** singles it’s a good thing you ended up participating. Alan good stuff too, seemed like you weren’t playing your best, but you played pretty **** well considering you were in like 5 tourneys haha. Hugo, your DI was amazing. DANNY YOU DID AWESOMELY, way to represent (also, thanks for entertaining me over the few days you stayed over haha). Andrew I hope to see you back at Berkeley, and don’t be discouraged by your placing in pools, keep smashing. Oh and honorary berkeleyan Rene, your Roy is really good it was fun playing friendlies with you – keep playin!

Hope I didn’t forget anyone. Hope to play with SD people again next time I'm down, you guys are too good.


Smash Bros Before Hos
Mar 15, 2004
confirmed, sending supplies.
First of all, although all my star bits were not recovered during the tourny, I had a lot of fun!

Bone: Our brackets are always identical. Great teaming with you as always. We are FINALLY ready for pound. People not knowing our styles is going to get them ***** at Pound!

Paul - LOL you heard me say that AWESOME. My jumps did not go un-noticed! Great seeing you as always, such a nice guy.

JoEy - (tried to spell your name the same way you spell LuCky with the caps) It was great playing you as always, and great times at the tourney and at TGI's later. You are a super nice guy and your Fox is sooooooooooo good.

Joseph - Great job first as usual but your luCkY your falco didn't face Rosalina ;) jk eheheh. Awesome job ion the mic.

Gimpyfish - you are a really cool and REALLY funny guy, i love being around you and your positive energy. you'll play better next time i swear.

Dodger - you're a great guy very pure and dedicated to kirby i admire it!

Snap - Super great guy and VERY fun matches ! I love your Falco.

David/Kira - Good matches man, I don't want to make johns - u've gotten alot better, congrats!

Azn Lep - THANKS SOOOOOOOO MUCH for all your hard work. You are such a great guy and VERY funny, you're humor always cracks me up bigtime. Good **** showing me that jiggs resting video from that yc guy hahaha. Great job at your 5th placing, it helped console me in my loss. Haha.

Claire - I'm so glad I've gotten to know you better you are a SUPER person and WTF was up with the donut guy on the road. Thanks for going with me to get my Wiimote ..oh wait, u still have it..LOL. I'll get that back from you sometime.

JEFF - This i will call you from now on. Or I'll try!

Alex - Too good, too good...i hope u dont go on a serial spree anytime soon hahah jk. awesome hanging out with you i'm glad we drove together!! There's no way that driver was drunk.

Saint Patrick - You are amazing now and always have been and THANKS for letting us stay over. Tell Jake i said wsup dog.

Rickety - Always love talking to you and hanging around you, I hope you get better against Falcos!

Nikki - I love your cute drawings!

Dark Mike - man you are really good, caught me by surprise for SURE. Hope everything works out with you and your gf, best of luck , and sorry you had to hear my sappy speech outside I was in a strange mood haha.

Hugo - Your GF is so quiet, LOL.


Smash Lord
Apr 30, 2006
This tourney was crazy fun

Azn Lep is too good

Real shoutouts after finals week and Solo & Ensemble Festival XD


Smash Ace
Feb 25, 2005
Wow this tournament was incredible. I'm so glad I went. I did make it out of pools but I should clarify: I used mainy fox in pools. I know, I'm sorry. But I had really bad placings the last two tournaments I went too so I wanted to see if it would make a difference. I honestly expected my fox to get wrecked because I don't think my fox is that great, but in pools I kep managing to edge out the victories so I stuck with it. Still went two and out in the brackets (using mostly kirby) but, hey, I made it out of pools, and I'm happy.

Azn_Lep: Dude it's always great to hang out with you. You ran, and seeded the tournament very well. We definitely need to team again! Teaming with you was the only time I EVER won money in a tourney ;-) Way to go on 5th place.

Edrees: That really sucks about your controller man. Glad I could lend mine for that one match you had. Be sure to get a new one before Pound! Thanks for the compliments.

St. Patrick: Dude, you took out Zelgadis. I kind of know how you feel, I actually split with Zelgadis in Pools at a UCLA tourney and I was ecstatic after that. You're Gannondorf is simply amazing, congrats!

Nikki: We had a great set in pools. I'm sure with the top notch SD training you'll crush me easily next time we play :-) And that Bowser picture you drew was awesome! You made Gimpy so happy.

Just 9: I had fun in our pool set. Your marth got me on Yoshi's story. SD could probably form a pre-teen crew that would own most of socal ;-)

Festizzio: Haha I know, we played a ton of friendlies. But that's ok, I love low tier battles. I can't believe how many times I had a stock lead and then lost it. Man I hate those dsmash to thunder combos. I pulled off some pretty cool edge guards though.

GIMPY: Haha I think the reason I was able to handle your fox is because I'm still quite noobish and I don't react "properly" to your fox's mindgames. And thanks to your suicide I can finally say I've beaten your bowser in a friendly :-P.

Lucky: Yes! I finally finished a match with your ice climbers! And I still got rocked. Oh well, better that than getting 4 stocked by your fox. I was watching you and mango fox ditto I couldn't believe how fast both of you were. Congrats on winning teams and 5th place overall.

Mango: Haha yeah we do rock in teams, so long as I'm playing Kirby anyway. CONGRATS on winning, like, everything lol.

HugS: Watching the finals with you and mango was a lot of fun. I don't know how you keep up with space animals playing samus but you manage somehow. Congrats on second.

Zhu: Wow! You knew who I was. How did that happen? Hehe. I know we only talked briefly, but still it was really cool meeting you.

All the rest of Norcal: Thanks for coming down guys. I hope you guys had fun.

Ben: It's too bad we didn't get to play. Oh well, I'm sure you would have killed me. I hate luigi's...

Pnoy: Wow. I literally couldn't touch you. And I didn't even play your main. Way to go man.

Claire: I'll give you a call next time the UCI people get together. I hope you can make it.

TGIFs was seriously good times. And Steve made it all the better.


Smash Champion
Jul 2, 2007
Philadelphia, PA
Zhu: Wow! You knew who I was. How did that happen? Hehe. I know we only talked briefly, but still it was really cool meeting you.
ahh, i remembered seeing you at SCC or something. not sure why, i just remembered what you looked like ;D

i'll do shoutouts sometime. this tournament was too good.

J Flo

Smash Journeyman
Jan 20, 2007
UC Riverside//San Diego, CA
****, my shoutouts were on the other thread that got shut down.

MCP: Thanks for teaming with me. We got sooo much farther than I thought we'd go at first. We're definitely teaming from now on. Go to more tournaments!

LHG + Pnoy: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, son! Quit ****** so much...you guys are making me look bad.

Anto: Always good seeing you, man. Thanks for letting me team with MCP.

Fabian: Where were your cheerleaders with matching sweatshirts second day? LOL!

JTB: Where's my R'side practice? Hit me up if you ever wanna play.

Mango: Coolest name award to me? Don't expect to get any awards from me, though...you've gotten too many already lol

Azn_lep: Nice job running the tourney. Didn't look like it was easy at all.

Rest of SD: Good **** everyone. Sorry I couldn't keep up (for singles at least)!


Smash Apprentice
Apr 12, 2007
San Marcos, CA
single-handedly the best ****ing time ever, no lie! from the moment i got there playin some friendlies with dodger to the end where kira kicked my *** n i had to go.

Azn_Lep-pat dude, freakin COOLEST GUY EVER! haha thanks for organizing the tourney n always rootin for me n LHG. wanted to play u too since i get like no IC's training. had to get u back from that wobbling @ SCC! haha jk. simply TOO GOOD!

LHG-MANG! doubles woulda been NOTHIN without partnering with u. Ernie RAYS Jr. has come SO far. makes me wonder how would it've been if we woulda started more than a year ago...SAN MARCOS IN UR IZQUIERDA!

J-Flo-once i heard ur bad news, i was pissed off too cuz how hard u worked. **** son, u n MCP are a scary team. good thing we're SM bros!

Mango-GOOD **** with all ur tourney wins n jus being crazy cool in everything from announcing to cheering. gotta admit, Godly as a mother-****er.

LuCKy-dam son, had to kill me in pools AND in the bracket! haha ur fox freakin amazes me. WE GOTTA PLAY HALO!...once i get my ethernet cable back ><

Boss-**** baby, we freakin kicked A$$ in halo! didnt know u were THAT good. ay thanks for cheerin on MY side against evry1 else. O-Side/San Marcos connection HAOS!

Alex and Claire-we were SOOOO CLOSE in our second match in halo. we lost our momentum after that n then we get called back to play all out of the blue n we play like sheeeit. haha real good meetin u guys n playin with both u. thanks for cheerin me on too and the advice DSF.

Paul-a tourney aint the same without me n u playin endless friendlies! haha. it's always sick jus chillin with u n no matter what u say, i still say we're like even n ur falcon's a crazy mo ****a. AND ur bowser. bust that SHEEEIT out SON!

Wayland-come back to SD or get owned by us again...HAHA JK. so sick seein u again. i saw a freakin sexy falcon n i look at who was playin, n i was like, "OH DAM!" we shoulda played more friendlies where u didnt SD! come back to SD now n then, aint the same since u left.

JTB-F'IN MOST INTENSE SET I'VE EVER PLAYED! ur jiggs is TOO crazy with like one of the best mixes of comboing AND rest set ups. i think u jus got too mad at urself after i started comin back. we GOTTA play more friendlies if u ever come back to SD. nice matches G.

Rickety-RIIIIIIIIIICCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!! ur too mean kickin people off the TVs! JK. you ARE the spirit of SD. SD LOVE FOREVER!

Fabian-dude freakin SO SICK meeting u. our friendlies were fun n it was funny wen u came up n actually thought i played link. i jus fool around


Smash Journeyman
Jul 30, 2007
Phil – Good seeing you again, you’re too cool. Our teams friendlies were awesome. And your ****talking is hilarious to listen to: “RING THE DINNER BELL SNAP!” hahaha.

haha ya it was great seeing you to! your captain falcon reall good! i wanna play with some of you berkely guys!


Smash Apprentice
Jul 30, 2007
**** i guess i'll do real shout outs now.

ISB: nice comebacks against that ganon. but wtf! step it up agianst sheiks! i know you can do better. thanks for all the support, it definately helped a lot. but we got ****in ***** in halo haha. i'll play more now that i have live.

danny: stop ****in sandbagging. too bad you had a bad bracket

Paul: you fricken ***** in teams, good ****. bad luck in pools, but you'll get'em next time.

Pnoy: **** you *****. haha good **** in our teams match. but i ***** you in our counter pick. and we both played against JTB and Jesse in bracket haha.

Azn Lep: Thanks for the support in my match against Edwin. and thanks again for running such a great tournament.

Rick: what can i say rick? thanks again for convincing me to stay in the singles haha.

Darkmike: ****ing **** i had that **** in our last match. haha nice gimps.

Lee Land: wtf. first tournament and ******? **** we should play sometime.

Bungalow Mark: god **** i suck at halo FFA. nice pools match against armando. sooo intense

HugQ: awesome job in teams man. and thanks for the samus practice, definately helped out.

Andrew: good seein you again man. i'll try to make it out to more events.

Blitz: nice dittos.

Mango: wtf, stop getting better. and stop messing up the TV's

Jesse: i falcon pawnched you. haha good set.

Edwin: god **** our set was tense. i almost had you in the marth ditto.

JTB: tough luck in our set. but wtf why does everyone counter pick brinstar. dam.

Hydro Kirby: i dropzoned you. so i win. come to berkeley sometime man.

Zhu: ****, you tore it up.

DSF: i know you liked my technique in the Dragonforce song haha. another amazing placing. good ****.

Bone: **** i really suck against peach.

Edrees: tough luck at the tournament. don't worry, you're still amazing.

St. P: wow good ****.

Ferr: wow you are good. why have we not seen you around.

Kevin: you are **** good at teching.

Araknaphobik: nice friendlies at the end there. you have ******** character selection sheik peach? i ***** your falco though.

HugS: i don't even see how anyone can beat you. good stuff.

Nicky: Great job making it into bracket!

that is all. great tournament. dam now i want to play more again


Smash Champion
Aug 20, 2002
Irvine, CA (SoCal)
Kira - You were my hero for this tournament. Taking out Bone and Edrees in singles, wtf man too good. You probably should have stayed Sheik for that third match. I wreck Foxes pretty badly if they don't know the match-up well. You and Boss make a pretty **** team too. Good job all around for that tourney, pools, singles, and doubles.
Haha thanks, I didn't think I could win with Sheik since I lost on Stadium and FD was next, so my character choice was more based on who I felt like playing at the time, although you're right, I should've had more confidence and tried with Sheik anyway.

Also, on the side note; Kira, WTF! You took out Bone and Edrees!?! That's insane! Now your another player I should add on to my list of players I should pray to avoid in tournies
You and Ryan are too cool man, you guys improve really fast, keep it up.

Kira - ...Kira! Too good! Your Sheik is amazing :] Please teach me! I won't think I'm better than you after asking you questions! :]
Haha, no worries, you're right up there in terms of skill i think, you're just a lot more humble that's all. Ask me anything! People who play Sheik are automatically cool.

David/Kira - Good matches man, I don't want to make johns - u've gotten alot better, congrats!
You probably have the most legit john though. I mean, controller johns are usually looked down upon, but you probably would've had that second game; your controller was really ****ed up. But as for Dreamland I'm going to have to say no johns =P


Smash Master
May 30, 2006
edrees.....its LuCKy lol but joey is fine haha

pnoy we gotta play halo lol

umm ill copy past my shout outs from the other thread later hehe


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Dec 25, 2002
Modesto, CA
wow <3 finally

glenn, i still can't view the videos at your main site from my home

i'm even at these vista computers at school and i can't watch em =\

welll... i'm glad they're going on youtube xD
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