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  • phil you and brandon are freakin hilarious!!

    I have 2 questions

    What is that song you guys all sing when waffles gets some crazy backair edgeguard? DUN DUDUH DUN!

    and why do you guys sing "im on a boat" whenever boback gets a wobble?

    The first time I saw a video of brandon singing it while boback wobbled i laughed so hard i almost fell! You gotta tell me man
    I play Melee because of you and HMW. You two are the Joe Buck/Chris Collinsworth of are community. :)

    And I also completely weaned myself off of Brawl as a result.

    That's how good you are @ commentating. ;)
    Hey man I really love your commentary lol, to good seriously. Hope to meet you one day, hopefully I'll be able to make it to the states soon or perhaps you to Europe.
    yea its the right phil! dude im really glad you enjoy the commentary we do it for you guys. And yes! for sure see you at genesis =)
    If this it the phil I think it is, I must say that your guys videos made me pick up melee and now i play it way more than brawl and i'm so happy for that. You guys better all be at genesis so I can meet you all.
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