Spirit Battle ideas


Olimar And Toon Link are nice.
Mar 1, 2019
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Since I can't find my old post on here, i'll make a new one. Here's one more.

Spirit: Diamond Armor Steve ( Minecraft )
Type: Ace, Attack, Primary
Effect: Majorly Increased Sword Damage

Opponent: Link x2
Stage: Xenoblade Chronicles Omega.
Music: Bein' Friends.
Conditions: Opponent is hard to make flinch or launch.


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Feb 16, 2019
Spirit: Tyrantrum
Spirit Type: Ace Shield
Spirit Effect: Increases smash attack damage
Spirit Battle: Giant :ultbowser:(grey skin)
Arena: Guar Plains
Rules: Stamina Battle (has 180 hp)
Bowser is giant
Bowser prefers using Down Special
OST: Battle: Trainer (X/Y version)

Bumping the thread back (it's been weeks since I posted there)

Spirit: Iron Golem
Spirit Type: Ace Neutral
Spirit Effect: Increases defence
Spirit Battle: Giant :ultrob:
Arena: Town and City
Rules: Stamina Battle (has 100 hp)
The enemy has super armor, making it hard to flinch
The Enemy is Giant
The Enemy prefers up throw (It's stronger too)
OST: Fourside (Ultimate version)
Sep 24, 2018
Spirit: Jazz Jackrabbit (Advanced)
Opponent: Bunny :ultsonic: (Green) (x2)
Spirit Info: Support Grab that gives you Shooting Attack Up
Stage: Green Hill Zone
Rules: The 2 :ultsonic:s has Uncontrollable Speed. The Enemy is Distrated by items. The Only Items are Shooting Types
Music: Quick man Stage.
Origin: Cuz, Why not!


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Nov 25, 2018

OPPONENT: Bunny :ultluigi:

RULES: The opponent has increased move speed. The enemy can damage you by dashing into you. The enemy heals by dealing damage

STAGE: Mushroomy Kingdom (Battlefield)

MUSIC: The Legendary Air Ride Machine

ORIGIN: The dash and healing is a reference to Rabbid Luigi's "Vamp Dash" move. The stage chosen is based on Kingdom Battle's 2nd world, and the song choice is an orchestrated piece that sounds similar to Grant Kirkhope's works


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Jul 14, 2014
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Found my TF2 battles:

Got bored so I came up with Spirit battle ideas and skills based on the other classes:
Scout - Ness in Blue alt costume with Home Run Bat Equipped. Primary Attack Spirit that increases Battering Items Damage.
Soldier - Snake in Red alt costume that prefers Side B and Forward Smash. Primary Attack Spirit increasing Foot Attack Damage (think Mantreads).
Pyro - Samus in Blue alt costume with Superspicy Curry permanently active. Primary Attack Spirit that increases Fire Attack Damage.
Demoman - Ganondorf in his Grey alt costume that uses Smash Attacks more often and resists Explosive Damage. Primary Defense Spirit that increases Sword Attack Damage (this one was hard to come up with).
Engineer - Mario in Builder Outfit with an increase in ranged Damage and a Heavy that appears after a while. Primary Defense Spirit that increases Electric Attack Damage.
Medic - Dr. Mario in Blue alt costume with a Heavy teammate. Dr. Mario heals over time and tends to avoid conflict. Support Spirit that gives Critical Immunity.
Sniper - Link in Red alt costume that primary uses neutral B and has increased Damage with Ranged Weaponry. Support Spirit that increases Projectile Damage.
Spy - Invisible Shulk in Blue alt costume that prefers Side B. Also starts with a Poké Ball that always summons Ditto. Support Spirit that Jams an Opponents Final Smash Meter (basically Sapping it)

I chose not to use Heavy for any of the Battles (except as a teammate) simply because he didn't fit any of the ideas I had in mind.
I'm gonna keep looking for the B-K and Minecraft ones.
Aug 29, 2018
You know what would spice up this thread?

If there was some kind of tool that allowed people to throw together splash images like this of their imagined spirit fights. I don't have good skill in image editing, so it's not like I'm able to offer a solution, but it would certainly make this thread more fun and popular.

Anyway, I'll make my submission now that I've read every post and didn't catch anyone do my idea yet:


Pokémon Trainer Red

Legendary/ Primary/ Attack

Puppet Fighters: Pikachu, Giant Squirtle, Giant Ivysaur, Charizard, Ice Climbers, King K. Rool

Defeat an army of fighters
Reinforcements will appear after an enemy is KO'd
Strong winds are blowing
The fighter will suddenly have a Final Smash
Only certain Pokémon will emerge from Poké Balls (Eevee)

Stage: Summit Battlefield form

Other notes:
Characters are fought one at a time, so this won't be as daunting as the Geno fight.
Only Poké Balls spawn.
Unlike other spirit fights with their Pokémon, this time the Pokémon Trainer is present in the background as long as Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard are out.
Venosaur, Blastoise, Lapras, and Snorlax are represented through their existing spirits, like how the Champions in Zelda (Breath of the Wild)'s spirit fight uses the spirits of Revali, Daruk, Mipha, and Urbosa that were already in the game. However, King K. Rool is not giant this time, due to Red's Snorlax and not the one blocking your path, and as such actively attacks you.
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Sep 24, 2018
Actually, I have a few ideas for MHA spirits:

Spirit: All Might
Opponent: Captain Falcon
Stage: Battlefield New Donk City Hall
Conditions: The enemy favors neutral attacks, which has increased power, and likes to taunt. Stamina Battle
Type: Ace Attack-Type Primary Spirit

Spirit: Izuku Midoriya (Normal version)
Opponent: Mii Brawler in Bionic Suit and Captain Falcon
Stage: Battlefield Saffron City
Conditions: The enemy's neutral attacks have increased power, the fighters start off at 300%
Type: Advanced Neutral-Type Primary Spirit that can be enhanced into him in his hero outfit (Renamed as Deku)

Spirit: Ochaco Uraraka
Opponent: Kirby
Stage: Omega Onett
Conditions: Gravity is low
Type: Novice Neutral-Type Support Spirit that will grant you floaty jumps.

Spirit: Mt. Lady
Opponent: Zero Suit Samus
Stage: Saffron City
Conditions: Stamina Battle, the enemy is giant
Type: Advanced Attack-Type Support Spirit that will make you giant at the start of a battle

Spirit: Katsuki Bakugo
Opponent: Ken
Stage: Battlefield Wrecking Crew
Conditions: Explosive items will appear, the enemy is easily distracted by item and likes to taunt
Type: Ace Attack-Type Support Spirit that will have you equipped with a Bomb-omb.

Spirit: Tenya Iida
Opponent: Fox
Stage: Saffron City
Conditions: The enemy starts off with a Rocket Belt and has increased defense
Type: Ace Shield-Type Support Spirit that will grant you super armor

Spirit: Tsuyu Asui
Opponent: Greninja
Stage: Great Bay
Conditions: The enemy has increased jump
Type: Advanced Neutral-Type Support Spirit that will grant you the Swimmer ability
Music for the Characters
All Might: Guile Stage
Izuku: Fist Bump
Ochaco: Gravity Man Stage
Mt. Lady: Chun-Li Stage Type A
Katsuki: Crash man Stage
Tenya Iida: Corneria (brawl)
Tsuyu: Hard Man Stage

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Mar 24, 2019
spirit: morgana
spirit type: ace, technical
opponent: sonic (black fur alt)
effect: assist trophy enemies will appear (kapp'n)
stage: castle siege (battlefield)
stage effect: floor is sleep inducing
item held: beam sword
music: last surprise (probably)


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Feb 16, 2019
In case the Ender Dragon does not appear as a boss

Spirit: Ender Dragon
Spirit Type: Legendary Attack
Spirit Effect: Increases Arial Attack
Spirit Battle: Giant :ultridley: (Dark Pallet)
Arena: Final Destination
Rules: The enemy is Giant
Stamina Battle (has 200 hp)
The Enemy will regenerate, slowly
OST: Final Destination (Brawl)
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Sep 24, 2018
Spirit: Xander (yes, doesn't have Battle)
Opponent: :ultike:(Black), :ultcorrinf:(Black), :ultisabelle: (Pink), :ultrobin:(Green)
Spirit Info: You already Know!
Stage: Castle Siege (2nd Part)
Rules: Reinforcements will Appear after an Enemy is KO'd (Order: :ultcorrinf: > :ultisabelle: >:ultrobin: > :ultike:). The Enemy's Melee Weapons have Increased Power.
Music: Lost in Thoughts All Alone (SSB4)
Origin: Like Eggman and Isa Jo, :ultcorrinf:, :ultisabelle:, and :ultrobin:are possessed by Another Spirit being Camilla, Ellise, and Leo (Respectively).

Spirit: Shoop Da Whoop (Ace)
Opponent: :ultsamus: (Blue)
Spirit Info: Support Attack that Gives you Chance of Double Final Smash
Stage: Wii Fit Studio Omega
Rules: The Enemy will have a Sudden Final Smash. The Enemy's Energy Attacks Have Increased Power.
Music: Still, move Forward!
Origin: Samus is Known for her Zero Laser. Still move Forward is like the ima Firin mah Lazer song.
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Sep 17, 2017
In honor of Joker being fully revealed today:

Spirit: Vincent Valentine (Attack Primary Legend)
Fighter: Joker (Red Jacket alt)
Stage: Luigi’s Mansion
Rules: Opponent prefers to use Neutral B. Special attacks increase in power with each use.
Music: Let The Battles Begin!
Luigi’s Mansion as the stage is a reference to how you find Vincent in the Shinra Mansion in FF7. The rules are a reference to how he uses a gun, as well as his strongest weapon, the Death Penalty.
Sep 24, 2018
Spirit: Derek Bum (Advanced)
Opponent: :ultjoker:(White) x3
Spirit Info: Primary Neutral that gives you Shooting Items Up
Stage: Tomodachi Life Omega
Rules: The Enemy Favors Neutral Specials. The Enemy's Neutral Special has increased Power
Music: Wrecking Crew Medley
Origin: Yes Indeed Joker...

Spirit: Iggy (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) (Advanced)
Opponent: :ultduckhunt:(White), :ultrob:(Red if you're American or Grey if you're Japanese)
Spirit Info: Support Balanced that gives you Critical Health Stats Up
Stage: Mushroomy Kingdom Battlefield
Rules: Stamina Battle (You have 120 HP while Duck Hunt has 90 HP and R.O.B, has 160 HP), Reinforcements (:ultrob:) will appear after a while, Defeat the Main Fighter to Win
Music: We're Robots
Origin: R.O.B. is his Stand
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Jan 8, 2019
Spirit: Light Yagami (Legend)
Opponents: Joker (School uniform alt.) and a giant Dark Pit
Spirit Info: Support Attack Spirit that grants you Poison Immunity
Conditions: The enemy is giant (Dark Pit), the enemy (Joker) starts with a Death's Scythe, You occasionally take sudden damage
Music: Stalker/Wicked Child
Stage: Battlefield Fourside
Apr 20, 2019
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Spirit: Zero (Kirby's Dreamland 3) (Ace)
Opponents: Kirby (gray), Kirby (red)
Rules: Stamina Battle. The gray Kirby can deal damage by dashing into you, and the only Special he can use is his Down Special. The red Kirby starts off with a Ray Gun, and is easily distracted by items. The red Kirby can only attack with the Ray Gun. There are item tidal waves, in which the item is the Ray Gun. The red Kirby can't be damaged until the gray Kirby has been defeated.

Origin: The gray Kirby represents Zero's first form, and the red Kirby represents Zero's eye.
Spirit: Missingno. (Legend)
Opponents: Pokemon Trainer
Rules: Stamina battle. Each time Pokemon Trainer uses a Special, he/she must use the Down Special right after. Down Special cannot be used consecutively. Pokeballs are the only items that can appear, and the opponent is easily distracted by items. The enemy can also suddenly get a Final Smash.

Origin: I wanted to make a cool Pokemon super OP
Sep 24, 2018
Spirit: Light Yagami (Legend)
Opponents: Joker (School uniform alt.) and a giant Dark Pit
Spirit Info: Support Attack Spirit that grants you Poison Immunity
Conditions: The enemy is giant (Dark Pit), the enemy (Joker) starts with a Death's Scythe, You occasionally take sudden damage
Music: Stalker/Wicked Child
Stage: Battlefield Fourside
I think it should be more like "Poison Heals"?
Dec 22, 2018
Spirit: Maui (Legend)
Opponents: Gray :ultkingdedede:
Spirit Info: Strength Main Spirit
Conditions: Bring Your Strongest Team into this No-Frills Battle
Music: You're Welcome
Stage: Tortimer Island
Origin: Tortimer Island represents the beach, And Maui is incredibly powerful.
Apr 8, 2018
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Spirit: Cuphead & Mugman (Ace)
Opponents: :ulticeclimbers:
Attack Type Spirit; Neutral ^
-Stamina Battle
-The enemy favors neutral specials
Stage: Fourside
Music: Studiopolis Zone, Act 1 (Lights, Camera, Action!)

Spirit: King Dice
Opponent: :ultjoker: (purple)
Info: Assist Killer
-Hostile Assist Trophies (Arcade Bunny and/or Devil) will appear
-The enemy is giant
Stage: Pokémon Stadium Ω
Music: Simian Segue/Bonus Room Blitz (New Remix)